Dell XPS 15 (9570) Review – The Problem Persists

In late 2015 Dell came out with the first good-looking XPS 15 This was a time where most laptops were pretty unsightly. MacBooks looked good, – but most Windows laptops looked honestly quite bad They were plastic, they were thick, and if they were made of aluminum, they didn’t look particularly good That first XPS 15 was something special: it looked good, It was thin, It was pretty powerful But it had thermal limitations, and then the year later they came up with a 9560 same design -but the same issues: It had thermal limitations. Three years later in 2018, we have this: the 9570. And… This is a different market right now. In 2018 There are a lot of good-looking thin and light powerful laptops. So it doesn’t really stick out as being the obvious choice for someone that wants something like this. Is it still good? It is, but there are some issues that I have with it. Now I’m not going to look a regular review on this, but I will give you kind of like a one-minute overview It still has the best-in-class exterior build. For a 15-inch Windows laptop, I still think the XPS 15 is the leader It has an awesome exterior, carbon fiber stuff feels nice. It’s soft touch. It’s durable holds up well over time There’s a decent port selection and the Thunderbolt 3 port finally supports four lanes of PCIe So if you want to connect to port external GPU you’re getting full bandwidth It has an excellent track pad, good keyboard with white backlighting. It only has room for a single SSD slot There is room for a secondary drive It’s like an optional kit, but it’s a SATA drive And you also have to use a smaller battery if you use that. The speakers are ok They’re also not in the best position, they are underneath the laptop. The webcam is still a nose cam It’s centered this year, but it still has that unflattering angle. It has an awesome battery life. With the screen at 215 nits It’s I’m getting a full eight hours of battery life. That’s better battery than the previous generation. The screen This is the 4k panel and I really like it. It’s bright, its color accurate It’s excellent for content creation or for anyone that enjoys a high-res high-quality screen. I think this is its best feature now I’m going to focus the rest of this video on what I think is the most important feature about this device or both of these devices It’s the performance So these devices have been upgraded from the previous generation By a significant amount both the CPU and the GPU are strong performers There’s a few configurations for the CPU: the i5 and i7 are fast The i9 is faster The GPU in this one is a 1050 Ti and it pushes out really respectable frame rates for most modern titles right now at 1080p And it’s also great for Adobe content. The new XPS 15 is quite a bit faster in Premiere than last year’s model Now I want to talk about thermal performance and I think this is a topic that I think really defines this whole product line the XPS 15 from even three years ago if You push these devices hard for extended periods of time You will run into thermal throttling. The i5 and the i7 throttle occasionally the i9 throttles a little bit more it honestly questions why they even put the i9 into the XPS 15 because the thermal limitations of this chassis are quite pronounced and just when you stick in a very powerful chip like the i9 into this it just You know You’re losing a lot of the value of that chip because of the thermal design of this laptop So this brings up the question of whether or not this thermal stuff is a serious issue. So this is my take on it there’s basically Two… well three ways you can kind of look at it. One way is to look at this thermal limitation and be like You know what if thermal throttles? Deal-breaker forget about it. Let’s look at a different brand. The thing is I don’t feel like that’s a legitimate thing There aren’t really obvious alternatives to the XPS 15 There are devices that are similar like the Razer Blade the aro 15 GS 65 But none of them are quite like the XPS 15. This really is in a class of its own None of them are built as well as this and none of them have the super long battery life like this It’s a unique product. So if you want to find something that’s like this without the thermal throttling it doesn’t exist So there’s really only two Realistic options: number one, you deal with it by repai stting it and under vaulting it. I’ve done a video in the past It’s not the easiest thing in the world It’s a bit of a pain but it is a way to get better thermals on the 9570 if you want The other option is to understand that the XPS 15 was not built as a gaming device It’s not built to run stuff at Full Tilt full-bore 24/7 It is a work oriented device. It’s a thin and light quiet laptop And if they wanted to they could crank up the fans it could this thing louder and have better thermal performance But it would sacrifice a lot of what makes the XPS 15 what it is So depending on what you want to do with this device, you kind of have to choose one of those two realistic options. Now that being said I Don’t think that Dell gets a pass anymore When they first launched this in 2015, sure. Last year is a little bit of annoying, but sure. Three years later I feel like they should have found some kind of engineering solution to make this issue not even be an issue and There are other devices out there now in 2018 that have very similar performance to this like without thermal issues and That’s the thing. Now if you still want that really amazing build quality. You got to stick with this But if you’re just looking for raw performance, there are other options I’ve done reviews I’ll link them down below. But this is what it is. It does have thermal issues yet again and It’s getting a little stale Dell It’s getting a little stale

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  1. The new XPS 15 is an excellent laptop but it still has the same thermal issues. If you're considering one, do the thermal limitations bother you?

  2. Please review MSI ps42 8rc with GTX 1050!, That's like Dell XPS but with powerful GPU and what's not….

  3. Putting the macbook pro aside, the only other real option specially if you want it to run windows 10, is xps and only xps!
    razer could start competing with them but for that they will have to lower their prices, until then apple and dell will get most of the market allocated for pros!

  4. Undervolting and reposting thermals rly helps with thermal throttling. And if u wanna upgrade the laptop, get some better storage (the default is not the fastest) more ram and replace wifi card

  5. Why don't you mention the DPC latency issues that this Laptop, and all previous version, are victim to? Has anyone managed to run a latency checker like LatencyMon and get a pass rather than a fail? I have returned my laptop to HIDEvolution due to this problem, and they have subsequently found that all the xps 15's they have in stock have DPC latency problems related to ACPI.sys (power management) which leads to audio clicks and pops.

  6. is it worth buying the i7 version of this if I use it primarily for heavy photoshop and illustrator work with some occasional gaming like once in 2-3 days for an hour maybe?
    Can this last for next 3-4 years?
    Currently I have dell 5447 and it has been trouble free for over 5 years now.

  7. i was not able to find any numbers on the amount of throttling…. it is reducting its power by 20% 30% 40% ….. would great to see which laptop laptops in this category throttle the least… Like XPS 15 – X1-Extreme -razo blade….!! Would love a video or article about that! thanks for ur great content!

  8. You said and I quote "So if you want to find something that's like this without the thermal throttling it doesn't exist", What about MSI ps63 and I should mention it's 2019 model ?

  9. 4:08 You need abit more thermal past to the processor for better and quieter throttling. Not too much but abit more that what you did there.

  10. DON'T BUY DELL!!!

    I've bought Dell XPS 15 9570 1 month ago with i7-8750H , 16 GiB RAM and GF 1050M. I've paid 2500€ for it and it's garbage.

    Wifi is slow @ max 35 Mbit. My iPad pro gets 70 Mbit easy, my Thinkpad gets more than Dell.

    I've connected the laptop to external display and closed the lid, then wifi drops to 0,7 Mbps!!

    When connected to external display via USB-C it does some weird noise constantly, which isn't present on other laptop.

    Often it is stuck at 790 MHz. It doesn't gives a [email protected] which power mode is chosen, when it wants to run @790 Mhz it just runs slow. It isn't hot, not even warm.

    I play only 1 game, Dota 2. I play it on medium graphics and it still can't keep constant 50fps. CPU and GPU are chilling at 50% usage, laptop is cold, but game is not smooth.

    All of this is with updated drivers and it drives me mad. I owned different brands of laptop, and this is the first one with such [email protected] performance.

    Google Dell wifi card problems, or Dell stuck at 800mhz

  11. I live the computer overall… I had it for awhile. About half a year. My only complaint is the performance. It's not bad by any means. But if your into gaming, dont get the i5. It won't be able to handle something like FortNite very well. I do have a question though. I am curious if anyone can find me an SSD to put in my computer so I can have a little more storage. If someone can find one for me for a lower price, that will be helpful.
    (I did get the lowest cost version which means only 1080p screen and it processor. Basically the lowest specs you can get on the computer.)

  12. I regret my purchase of the XPS15 9570. Lauded as the ultimate media laptop for video editing and photography, it has been nothing but problematic for me. I don't see an inkling of the performance I should from a laptop with these specs. It also has completely affirmed that all review sites are paid off and don't bother looking at actual stats in real world use. A complete joke. I should not have gone for the i9 variant, since as you said the chassis is incapable of handling its output. I gave up trying to edit video content on this laptop. Even with the use of proxies it struggles with any kind of effects based editing. Such a shame because compared to its direct competitor, the Macbook pro it was over £1700 cheaper and I loved that it actually gave me an SD card and usable ports.

  13. Got mine two weeks ago. It is definitely NOT SILENT. Not even undervolted. Not even idling. My 5 years old acer is quieter. It feels like going back to the old days.

  14. You can replace the thermal paste along with adding thermal pads for about $20!! ive done it to mine and i havent had problems since!

  15. I've had the 9550 and 9560 (or whatever the model numbers were)…. Two versions of this laptop, only paid for one because the first was getting so hot the touchpad started to warp and stopped working… warranty replacement/upgrade.

    ANYWAY, you commented on "If they wanted to, they could turn up the fans and improve performance…"

    This isn't possible from a consumer perspective and thus we're left with a Laptop that under any load for any period of time, will throttle itself to almost unusable levels.

    If I load up a windowed version of Path of Exile, running 1080 on low settings AND hardware limit the FPS to 30, after about 10-15 min max it will throttle and start to be almost unplayable. If you keep going, the rest of the laptop will become unusable as well. IE, if you're running a game in a window and trying to multi-task by switching to check your email, Chrome / Outlook will become unusable during the throttle periods and you have to shut down the game or wait it out….

    Literally the only way I can do any meaningful level of gaming on this laptop is to be in a Hotel that has an AC unit in front of the window and I set the laptop on top of it like a table…. my arm starts to freeze while playing games but it never throttles!

    The design of this laptop is very pretty looking but Dell has sacrificed any level proper design and construction for making it look pretty.

    Like you pointed out in the video, putting the i9 in this thing only to have it throttle even worse is just a marketing stunt to say "yes we have i9's give us your money if you're stupid enough to not know better!"

  16. Hey Dave, my XPS 15 9560 1TB 32GB ram laptop burst into flames a while back. Does this relate to the overheating issues?

  17. everybody knows that this laptops have thermal issues, but is there an aftermarket "bottom case" with an enhanced/bigger/better heatpipes/fans? like one can have with desktops. I would not mind having 3mm more at the bottom but with better heat dissipation

  18. If a company like apple still struggle with there thermals after 4+ years, we have to just admit that its too early to have good thermals in a thin laptop.

  19. So I wound up getting this model of the XPS recently and I've noticed the audio is REALLY muddy. The bass is super loud and undefined and makes everything sound like it's under a pillow. I've messed around with Maxx Audio and updating drivers and all that but I can't seem to fix it. Basically, I'm commenting this because I want to give customers a heads up AND I'm hoping someone around these parts might have a solution. I've done all the Google Fu I know, but I still cant seem to crack the case

  20. you got this wrong matey , speakers are not ok they are shit , there is a crackling sound when u crank up the volume up above 50% , battery life is really good just like u said but there s no thermal limitations at all. i do own a xps 15 9570 I7 16 gb 512 ssd about 4 -5 months now and i had no issues regarding that and i m using adobe CC , Corel Draw , Acdsee 9 Ultimate

  21. This is so dumb. I have an xps 15 and I cannot do anything to take it below the max boost clock. I have run prime95, ida64, a whole slew of games, blender renders, back to back cinebench and it never dropped below 4.2 ghz. It never even dropped its turbo at all. Thermal throttling. Give me a break. Even if it did drop its clock speed a bit it is not considered thermal throttling as long as it goes beneath the base clock. You have lost all your credibility with this video.

  22. My (2018) i9 Dell XPS 15 is the best laptop I’ve ever had, and I’ve had a few. I use it for 3D model graphics (Inventor & Solidworks). The image quality of the touch screen is awesome! It’s compact and light. Battery lasts long enough that I’ve never come close to having an issue. I don’t use it for gaming – I have a PS4 for that.

  23. I bought this laptop (i9 32gb 1tb) and my only gripe is the screen is WAY over saturated. I have a screen calibrator coming in, but I was shocked how bad the saturation is on this laptop. I bought this for content creation, the performance is great, but the screen is gross compared to what it needs to be at.

  24. Anyone with this laptop, have you tried video editing/after effects/photoshop how has the performance been? Looking in to getting it for creative work

  25. Looking to purchase a new laptop for when WoW Classic is released. Would the thermal limitations even be an issue if I was playing games such as WoW and League of Legends?

  26. Hey Guys, thanks for this review. I don't plan to have a lot of gaming on the XPS. (2/3 hours max a day).
    Can the thermal issue be resolved by placing a cooling pad while gaming on it ?
    I will have it connected to external monitor/keyboard/mouse too. Thanks

  27. I hope Dell replace current keyboard with Precision m4800 or Dell Studio 1557 for Engineer Users. XPS 15 is excel but it's keyboard is a nightmare – typing feeling so bad, button travel so short. Dell should learn from Apple but shout learn the keyboard quality like Thinkpad as well, something to learn and some thing must be maintained!

  28. I like the review. Another thing that’s getting a little stale is the garbage audio that this thing puts out. I had an XPS 14 some years ago before this body style and it had JBL speakers that faced up from the keyboard where it meets the screen hinge. The speakers sounded so good you got the experience of stereo headphones just from playing audio on the unit. They can do it. They have the technology.

  29. What would your recommend for a decent video editing laptop? I can't find any which are kind of decent with good thermals (living in a hot area), with a decent screen

  30. A shame, its my favorite laptop line, all they need to do is have a powerful graphic chip and better cooling… and they would reach new heights.
    Right now its still excellent as a work laptop (great battery, great performance, great portability) and is good at playing your favorites on the go but its far from a dedicated gaming laptop.

  31. Have the new XPS 15. It is junk. SD Card reader does not work. Heat vents on the bottom blow air on your lap (bad design). Mouse pointer pad is vague and just plain un acceptable. So much hype. So little tech. Sad.

  32. Dave Dell xps 7590 or 2019 model is out and it's reviews are also out, requesting you to please upload your review becoz many of the people around the world is waiting for your review.

  33. How are you getting 91 FPS on Rainbow Six Siege on High Settings?! I've bought the newest 7590 model and I'm barely getting 25 FPS on LOW settings…. I'm wondering whether I should return it as it seems that my laptop might have some throttling issues….

  34. Problems are still there. DONT BUY THIS LAPTOP. 7 months into new laptop. ITS FULL OF ISSUES. they did solve ovehearting By LIMITING CPU and Its not using Nvidia card now. from fast laptop its now a sloooow laptop. im talking really slow. i have on site service and still have problems with Dell. Never again. all and all it had different issues almost every month.

  35. i hate how you pass saying it has a touch screen .. some people are looking for thin and powerful laptops with touch screens in them

  36. The laptop I'm looking for is an excellent battery life, good sounding speakers, 4k oled maybe or led, huge screen like 17.3 inch

  37. why is mine so different my laptop i have a different heatsink on mine . i have dell xps 15 9570 i7 8750h gtx 1050ti 512gig ssd i have the 97 wat battery

  38. It is crazy to me that everyone has known for YEARS that these Killer cards are terrible and Dell keeps putting them in these machines. This isn't my first Dell XPS 15. I love the design. I love all of the other components.

    With that said, DELL, PLEASE STOP USING THESE KILLER CARDS. EVERYONE KNOWS THEY ARE AWFUL. Break the contract. Throw out whatever is left in the warehouses. Just stop already.

  39. Hi, does anyone here have a serious banding issue and bad mid-tones in Dell XPS 15? It was a recommended laptop for photo and video editing, 4k display, awesome colours hurray, but stuff like that happens. I have BIOS and drivers up to date, downloaded Dell PremierColor, intel graphics settings and nothing works. Does anyone know how to fix this or have better laptop in mind? Thanks a lot

  40. thank you – brilliant commentary. I'm in the middle of looking for a pc laptop to run EEG data analysis which means a lot of data running for a considerable amount of time. Very difficult choice of what to go with as have been a MAC user for years and the switch to PC laptops is a big one. The main thing for me is performance and the decent life span of computer – have read about the Dell burning out after 2 years which is definitely not worth the amount of money it costs.

  41. This is an amazing laptop. I have repasted and undervolted it. It was still running a bit hot during gaming so, I have decided to disable turbo boost while I game. Now gaming and cpu and gpu are running in mid 70s. No more throttling issues. I recommend disabling turbo boost for anyone doing heavy gaming, as it reduced my temps by 20 degrees.

  42. Been using my Dell XPS 15 9570 for more than a year, my mouse cursor keep jumping around in my screen randomly at the first 5-10 mins then it will settle down a little afterward, it is annoying. I tried to disable the touch screen, mouse pad and only using wireless mouse but non of them help to deal with this problem, is anyone experiencing the same problem as me ? PLEASE HELP!

  43. I am looking for a 15 or 17 inh laptop, I photo edit and design websites, I wil use the laptop only in my house (have a 13inch to take with me) so I can use a power outlet whenever. I will not play any video games on it and a 2 in 1 laptop Is not my thing I just don't use it in that mode. So which laptop/laptops should I buy. A HP ENVY 17 inch? Razer Blade, XPS, Spectre? A gaming laptop for the power? I have €1500 to spent and it doesnt need to be new, but it has to be 15 or larger and runs Windows. Please help me.

  44. Hey Dave, have you experienced the screen flicker? This is usually at the lowest brightness settings and usually after the computer wakes. Connecting the power aswell makes the screen flicker. This is a super strange issue since they replaced my motherboard aswell as the screen unit and it still persists. I heard very little in your review about this issue that seems to plague the XPS's.

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