Dell XPS 15 Review (9560) – GTX 1050 + Kaby Lake = 💙💙💙

Hey, how’s it going? This is Dave 2D, and this is the new XPS 15, the 9560. So the previous generation, the 9550, was my daily driver for over a year. I used that thing a lot. So when this new one came in, I was pretty excited to give a good run. Now looking from the outside, not much has changed from the previous generation. It’s still one of the best built Windows laptops. So a lot of devices that use aluminum are pretty to look at, but they’re delicate. This laptop is less focused on aesthetics I mean It’s still nice to look at, but it’s also a tank. The exterior surface holds up well — The hinge holds the tension perfectly after a year, and the soft-touch Carbon [fiber] finish — when I first looked at this stuff I thought for sure it will wear down, or at least get scuffed over time. But it doesn’t at all. The build quality on this thing is awesome. Another thing I really like is the 4K screen. It’s probably the best part about this laptop 15.6 inch IPS touch panel, amazing color gamut, amazing color accuracy, great viewing angles super thin bezels, and it’s got good software to switch between the color spaces I consider this to be the best screen on the market for what I do. And if you’re a professional gamer And you need crazy-fast refresh rates Then maybe not. But if you’re a content creator, or if you just want an awesome display, this one is really really good The webcam still looks up your nose, but if this is the price for an ultra thin bezel, I’ll take it any day It’s also easy to open for upgrades and when you’re in there You can do your standard stuff, like adding more RAM or swapping out drives. The stock RAM is faster than last year It’s still DDR4, but now it’s running at 2,400 megahertz. The stock drive speeds are great, better than last year as well The battery has been upgraded, it’s now a 97 Watt-Hour battery, which is actually near that 99 Watt-Hour legal limit. And if you take this big battery and you combine it with that Kaby Lake chip that’s inside here, you get really good battery life. You’re comfortably hitting seven and a half hours of battery life with the screen at 250 nits It’s pretty awesome. That’s a full day battery. You can bring it to work, leave your charger at home And then just charge it when you come back home And if you want to, you can actually remove this big battery, get some parts on Amazon, and replace it with a 2.5 inch drive, and a smaller battery. I’ll link these stuff below, but I didn’t know my older XPS 15 could have two storage drives. So other stuff that I like — the keyboard is pretty good. It hasn’t changed I like the layout a lot. Backlighting is white. There’s nothing I really dislike about it And it’s pretty easy to get used to, but it’s not a keyboard that you’ll fall in love with. It’s good It’s just not excellent The trackpad is unchanged. Glass surface performs really well because of the Windows precision drivers and the button mechanics are nice Now, if you’re coming from a Macbook, and you’ve never used anything other than Apple’s trackpads You’re probably not gonna love this one. But seriously, this is as good as it’s gonna get for Windows trackpads It’s really good, but Apple’s trackpads are better So those are some things that I really liked about the 9560. But there are some things that I didn’t like in the previous generation that haven’t changed. So first, I know this is really petty, but the color of the device — I wish it came in more colors It has one of the best looking interiors with that carbon fiber finish. But the exterior is silver, and you can only get it in silver You can get skins, I’ll link this one below But it would be cooler if Dell made a dark grey or a black version of this laptop The second thing are the speakers. They have good volume, but they don’t have the best location. They’re underneath the keyboard Even though they kinda face the user, the audio isn’t as clear as I’d like it to be I wish these were repositioned, maybe up to the top or something. The third thing is a little more important It’s the ports. The port selection is decent. There’s a bunch of USB ports, audio jack, HDMI, and an SD Card slot I think it’s a better selection than some other pro laptops I do wish it had more USB type A ports, like when we have a mouse plugged in, there’s only one of those ports left And it can be a little bit cramped. The other thing is that the Thunderbolt 3 port only uses two PCIe Lanes, not four. So instead of the full 40 gigabit per second pipe You only get half: 20 gigabits per second. So most users won’t be affected by this at all But because it has two lanes, you can only run a single 4k 60 Hertz display from the port and if you want to run an external GPU, the speeds will be about ten percent slower than it should be. The new Kaby Lake CPU gives a bit of a performance bump. This system feels snappier when opening apps and games, same with Adobe Premiere. Stuff is just a bit quicker Partially due to the faster clock, and partially due to the new speed shift tech The GTX 1050 is a nice performance upgrade from the older 960M It’s a faster GPU And now it has 4GB of RAM instead of just 2. On benchmarks we’re looking at a 25% increase in graphical performance From the 960M. Render times in Adobe Premier aren’t that much faster, but I’m noticing smoother playback and editing using the GTX 1050 Light and moderately demanding games will be able to comfortably hit 60 frames per second with a GTX 1050 if you want to see more details about gaming performance, I made a pretty comprehensive gaming Benchmark video, which I’ll link below It’s a quiet laptop on idle, often silent. Fan noise under maximum load still isn’t that loud There’s a bit of thermal throttling during benchmarks, so when I’m playing games or if I’m editing video It doesn’t happen. I’ve never noticed actual in-game throttling. but when i run benchmarks for long enough we do see clock speed reduction. Thermals on the surface look good There’s nothing uncomfortable to use. The carbon fiber deck really helps with keeping surface temperatures down. Alright, with the new 9560 XPS 15 you’re still getting amazing build quality from the aluminum and carbon fiber materials. The 4K touchscreen is unchanged from last year, and it’s awesome It’s literally my favorite laptop screen right now The backlit keyboard is easy to get used to, and comfortable to type on. The glass trackpad is one of the best in the business On the inside, the Kaby Lake i7 and the GTX 1050 are nice upgrades from last year’s models. Cooling could be a little bit better The stock RAM and the SSD have good speeds But if you want, they’re easily replaced, and there’s a 97 Watt-Hour battery that will last you around seven and a half hours Now the XPS 15 starts at a $1000 But once you add the GTX 1050 And the 4K panel, which I highly recommend, you’re looking at $1600 dollars and up. It’s really not cheap But it’s a fantastic machine. Is it perfect? No. I mean, there’s other machines that are really good in this price point, like the Razer Blade comes to mind That’s equally awesome in its own kind of realm But if you’re looking for a machine that has great build quality, like really really great build quality Fantastic screen, and you don’t need like a super powerful video card, take a look at this one I think you’ll like it. That’s the end of this video, thumbs if you enjoyed it, sub if you loved it. See you guys next time.

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  1. I just spent £2128 on this… which is $2850. Is the hike for a reason? I took the i7 configuration with the UHD display and GTX 1050.

  2. I want this to edit video’s but I know damn well that my parents won’t spend $1.6k on a damn laptop for a 13 year old girl;-;

  3. I see the difference between the gh4 and the scarlet 🙂 not that it matters though Dave lol gh4 videos looked great as well, most people wouldn't really care 🙂

  4. Dont ever buy a Dell, XPS Laptop at least, mine stopped working right after warranty ended. Repair cost is very expensive to a degree that you can buy a new one. Very disappointed in Dell.

  5. Bought 4 of these for colleagues and myself. 2 of them have had motherboards changed, one had motherboard changed twice (ones TPM chip died 6 months in, one just crashed right out of the box when installing Intel graphics drivers, any version you liked). 2 have worked with no issues.
    Absolutely love the build quality and looks, screen etc.

    You just need to buy about 8 of them for 4 people, and return the 4 that don't work. fucking bullshit Dell..

  6. what would the best stylus/ pen for 4k version ??? for some sketching but the better the best/ learn about specs etc

  7. Awful Sales / Customer Service Experience
    I attempted to purchase the new 15" XPS 9570, fully loaded. Apparently, you can't do that from where I live. I'm an American living in Thailand. I spoke with Dell US sales. I was directed to their international website. After making no progress on the website, I called Dell US again, with questions. I was bluntly told that Dell US would not assist me in any way, accept to send me to their website. Awful. That said, Dave Lee and his information is excellent

  8. Jusy bought my dell XPS GTX laptop it's a very good machine I like the 4k resolution the size the look the track pad the keypad its it's really a good laptop just the battery is my problem it does not last give it about 5 hours of just browsing the web and battery gets low so not so good for traveling

  9. Hi Dave! I'm really a big fan of Dell XPS 15 and I'm in in between buying the 2018 over the 2017 version. Of course the 2018 is a lot better but having the same gtx 1050 cards is it really worth the upgrade? I'm into gpu rendering and cpu power is not an issue at all. Will the 2017 suffice? I kinda also hoping you'll do a 2017 and 2018 comparison. Cheers!

  10. Dave, the mouse lagging and stuttering is killing me. Do you have any idea what it's going on? The trackpad is flawless, but when using a mouse, the pointer is stuttering a lot.

  11. Can u help me with thermals on my dell xps 15 9560

    its package temperature is at 70degree centigrade with no background process

    its too hot

  12. hey quick question
    can you use it without the battery
    i mean so its charging all the time without the battery

  13. Could you explain how this preforms compared to the XPS 15 (2018) model? Are there any issues you had with this laptop that were solved in the latest model? Cheers

  14. My friend cloud you suggest me a dell laptop 13/15 inch with nvidia graphics,8gb ram,1tb/500gb memory,(128gb SSD optional)

  15. The 99 watt hour limit is so stupid. It stops innovation is so many products. Obviously there are cases but if they just doubled it, battery capacity would innovate so much.

  16. If I'm going to be doing music production, video production, and gaming, would you say this laptop would work well for me or should I look into another one?

    The last Dell I had was a desktop XPS 8900 and it broke down on me in a year, so I'm hoping their laptops aren't as terrible as their desktop computers…

  17. Hey, I'm trying to find out if it's worth spending more money for the newer XPS 15 9570 when right now there's a really good deal for a 512GB 4K 9560. The only problem is that it has no Windows Hello support, plus it has an old i5 7300HQ. I can live with typing in passwords manually, but is the 7300HQ powerful enough for gaming and video editing? I'm upgrading from a MacBook Air with a Core i5 5250U, which can barely handle iMovie and can't play a game made after 2008.

  18. No comprar!

    Tengo un Dell xps 15 del 2015 y mi decepción es total.

    Cuando compras un producto de casi 2000€ esperas calidad y en este caso es muy mala. Tengo dos problemas. uno de los cuales proviene de una mala elección de materiales por parte de Dell.

    Problema 1: salen burbujas en toda la superficie cerca del teclado. es como si se degradara por dentro.

    Problema 2: una mancha blanca en la pantalla que impide y molesta retocar bien las fotografías.

    Los dos problemas van en aumento. y he tratado el portátil entre algodones…

    Como esta fuera de garantía pasan de todo.

  19. yang mau compare sebelum beli / cek harga tipe Dell XPS 13-9360 – i7 8550U /16 /512 /13.3 cek aja/belinya di tokopedia >>

  20. I read that if you change the battery to the smaller battery on a 4k screen, the computer will tell you to go basically screw yourself. I kinda wish i could get a 2TB mechanical HDD in mine.

  21. PHENOMENAL job
    That animation (IF you created that? MUST have taken hours and hours!

    Can this laptop take 32 GB of RAM?
    What are the hard drive (M.2) speeds?

    I'd have loved a comparative analysis of Adobe Premier rendering identical project to benchmark this vs. the 2017 Retina i7-7700HQ …

    Still — excellent job!

  22. Hey DAVE LEE…..

    I have a question : How did you done the animation of outline of Dell XPS 15 in your video (link :
    .The animation of outline is from 5:15 to 5:50.
    How you do that ? It's AWESOME …Can you PLEASE TELL ME……….

    By the way nice and decent videos …….. I like your channel…..and watch your videos before buying some expensive electronic gadgets……..

    And also I like your WHITE THEME ………

  23. If your still responding to comments, i would like to ask if this laptop will last long. I spent 800 on a hp envy i5 x360 and it completely died with one year of usage. I hope that spending more money on a i7 will last me longer.

  24. I only get less than 2hrs of battery, i mostly use it for music production on FL Studio. Also noticed that the fans get too loud even on startup, CPU tends to clip A LOT (All optimized options activated in FL Studio).. Tried playing Gears of War 4 on it, throttling and lag kicks in like 15mins, yes I also optimized it for throttling issues… IDK I feel like I got a bad PC

  25. Fk You Asshole on your recommendation i bought this peace of junk. This is the most crapieest laptop i ever had. It gets slow and gpu stoped working within 6 months. Stop spreading lies you use only for two days but we don’t have that much money to change fast.

  26. Hey! Thanks Dave, I love the content you're making. However, I have to tell you that I relied on you to buy my XPS 15 and here's the problems:
    – Motherboard has been replaced once after 3 month of normal pro use;
    – The i7 core reaches 100°C (!!!) when playing SC2 in full hd with medium details;
    – The battery has already 11% wear after only 6 months using it.
    I know that you are not responsible of that but I strongly suspect DELL to provide you with specific units, with better build than the one we get normally.

  27. yep, emphasis on "if you don't need a super powerful graphics card", more like, "you don't really like playing games at all"

  28. As an owner of this machine for 14 months now I want to express my thoughts about it for potential buyers. First: I think it is a really great laptop. I am a developer in my free time and I play some games on it and it really holds up well. The battery is also really amazing as it lasts me for at least a full day.

    My main points of critique are:
    1.: Some minor issues with build quality, especially with the screen.
    As Dave already said the build quality is really good but I found three main problems. One issue is that the screen touches the keyboard when it is closed. This might not sound like a big issue but if you are thinking about buying the 1080p version like I did the display has a plastic surface. If there is only a little bit of pressure applied while the laptop is in your backpack or something similar, it can actually happen that you get some small scratches in the screen. I got them after about 5 months and I messaged the support and they told me that this is not covered under warranty.
    The second issue with build quality is that there is a little gap around the edge of the screen. I again don't know about the 4K model but in the 1080p model the plastic panel is recessed by about a millimeter and the bezels sort of go over it. I have noticed that it happens quite often that dust gets caught underneath those bezels. What I would like much better would be a sheet of glass or plastic that goes across the whole front panel, including the bezels, like it is for example in macbooks.
    The third issue I have with the screen is that the panel does not have the same brightness everywhere. There are some darker spots which are especially noticable when the whole screen is white. I have also seen other people complain about this so it seems to be a common problem.

    All these issues are very subtle and I would personally not decide against the XPS 15 9560 because of these, but I think it's good to know about them.

    2.: Sound quality
    Dave already mentioned that the speakers are in kind of a bad position. I would like to add to that, that the speakers are utter crap. They really are bad and if you want good laptop speakers you should definitely look for something else.
    Also, the audio driver is not very good. First of all, it always takes some time after plugging in something until a dialogue pops up asking you what you plugged in. This is not really necessary but I really like it as it automatically adjust the audio level. This means: I can turn audio to 80% on my headphones and if I pull those out and plug in my speakers I select "External speakers" and it sets the audio level to what I had the last time I used the speakers, which is about 20%. Leaving the same level for every external source would have probably hurt my ears a few times already. BUT: There is an issue with the audio driver. If you dont have any sound for some time (like 15 seconds) it will turn off the chipset, possibly to save on power. You can hear that as a very silent hissing stops after that time. The problem with this is that when it turns back on when you have a sound again it has a very brief moment where it does not adopt the audio level you set. In that time. It is full blasting at a 100 percent. As I use this laptop for sound on a big PA system with 500 people in a room it really is not acceptable for me to have it at full blast for the first ~0.1 seconds of a song. My solution for this is now that I always turn on the music before I unmute my laptop on the mixing console but this really should not be necessary.

    3.: Throttling when not plugged in
    I guess this is something most laptops do. You should be aware that you don't get the full power when the laptop is not plugged in. Games for example get throttled to 30 FPS by the NVIDIA driver (I think this can be turned off).

    All in all the XPS 15 9560 is a great machine with only some very minor issues. I would still buy it today if I wanted a new laptop and didn't have the money for the latest XPS 15.

  29. My xps 9560 is thermal throttling even If I am playing light games like DOTA 2. It didn't happen for the first month when I bought it but now it's happening even after I did a clean windows installation

  30. Hey, can anybody answer here? I'm trying to rig my 9560 with an external mic (Rode VideoMicro), bought a TRS-TTRS adapter – nothing. Can it be done at all? Works fine with my Samsung Galaxy Note8, but no go with the laptop…

  31. hi, im a student.i do a lot of reading books and pdf in presently having 1368 resolution laptop. in this resolution, letters dont look crisp and sharp.for better reading experience of pdf and documents, which laptop will be best. i heard that letters become much smaller in 4k laptop

  32. Is buying this laptop now worth it? Or should I get a newer model? I want both good specs but especially a great, 4k screen

  33. would you know a fix to set Nvidia GTX 1050 as default GPU? I'm running Premiere Pro and Premiere Rush and it's laggy, when I checked task manager, the laptop was running on Intel HD Graphics 630 100% and 0% on GTX1050. I've googled around and seems like this is an ongoing issue and have not been fixed. I have 9560 4K, 32GB, 500GB version.

  34. playing games like GTA V and tomb raider doesnt raise any throttling but playing online games like DOTA 2 (seriously?) throttles this laptop. Pubg is not even working for 5 mins

    How is this happening?

    PS: It didnt happen for a month when I bought this laptop (GTX 1050, i5-7300HQ, 8GB). Dota 2, Pubg was working fine.

  35. Got the 13" model a few days ago but swapping it for this because the screen was a bit too small for my liking and usage (IT engineering studies starting soon, a lot of coding) and the iGPU just wasn't enough for light gaming like This War of Mine. It sure did run the game at 30fps but I would take 60fps with the dGPU over 30fps any day.
    I also didn't benefit much from the 4K resolution on my XPS 13 because the screen was so small, so it's still an upgrade for me to go for the XPS 15 with FHD display and dGPU.

  36. This laptop is really cool but the voltage chips on mine get really hot and start throttling the CPU and my fps in games drops a lot. Anyone have the same experience?

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