Diamond Radeon HD 4850 Video Card

Diamond, Diamond, Diamond, my girlfriend asked me for a diamond, and I gave her a video card, she got pretty upset. Check it out, we’re looking at the new 4850, and this one is from Diamond, as you can tell, Radeon. Awesome card, non-reference cooler, with a cool design on it, that is a robo-sapien, I believe, robot thingamajig. Very cool card. Now, the 4850, you guys know this already it is an awesome, awesome, video card. It’s got more than what you need and it will play just about every game on the market on a decent sized monitor, without any problems or exceptions, including Crysis. It will play Crysis at some pretty high settings, it will definitly play Call of Duty 4 and it will play Fear and BioShock and all those great games. These are absolutely awesome cards, and Diamond’s great, they actually make some really awesome cards, and they like the graphics they make too. They’re responsible for producting the XOC black edition cards and their cards always seem to bent a little, they always seem to overclock a little better, I don’t know–maybe it’s just– I don’t know, maybe I’m just guessing, but I always seem to have good luck with Diamond cards. So let’s talk about the 4850 specs in case you’ve never heard of it. Now the 4850 has 800 stream processors, which are what doing– are doing the majority of the work on a video card. It does have the RV770 GPU on it, and it has 512 megabytes of GDDR3 memory. Now, let’s talk about some of the frequencies, core clock: 625, all the 4800 series, all the core clocks and shaders are matched, so same thing for the shader, they are also clocked at 625 megahertz, all 800 of them. That 512 megabytes of GDDR3, it is clocked at 993, which effectively, it’s double pumped because of GDDR3, is 1986, the year that my editor was born– Really? Dude, I just guessed that. [Yeah.] I was just throwing that out there, awesome. You have 256-bit memory interface, which gives you 147 gigabytes per second of throughput, which is fantastic. You also get a bunch of extra features on this. Let me give you a tour of the card real quick. First of all, you already saw it, but take a look one more time at the robot, nice fan, which looks kind of cool. We’re going to move into right there. Those are two dual link DVIs, they will do 2860 by 1600, you can do dual monitors with this video card. You can also run CrossFireX, but that in turn destroys you dual monitors, no big deal though, who cares, let’s get some performance out of one monitor. This is your digital S-Video output, and with that you can do several things. You could do an S-Video out, but no one really uses that, instead, they use this. This is a S-Video, seven pin digital, to component breakaway cable, or dongle, whatever you want to call it. And this will do 1080i out to your high def TV, no problem. Even better than that, you get this fabulous product right here. This is HDMI to DVI adapter, and guess what? These video cards come with UVD 2.0, which is ATI’s video processing and audio processing software, and pretty much, it’s not the software, it’s on the board, but that lets you stream 7.1 channel, live, loseless audio out to your HD TV, through this dongle, through the HDMI cable, so you don’t have to worry about extra, you just plug it up, and you’re good to go. You also get a VGA to DVI adapter, in case you’re using an older monitor. And let’s talk about power a little bit. Power’s over here, six-pin PCI express power adapter, you’re probably going to want a minimum 400-Watt power supply on this, but hey guess what? If you’re kind of unsure, let’s say you have a really small power supply, and it’s weak and you might have to upgrade it, I’ll tell you what, get the card first, see if it runs, and if it doesn’t run, then go get the power supply. I actually got this to run on a 375-Watt power supply, no problem, full tilt, played Crysis for hours on it, and it had no problems. You get these adapters, let’s say you have an older power supply, and you’re trying to upgrade, this is the four-pin molex to six-pin PCI express power adapters, included in box, which is great if you have an older computer. Alright, now this is a PCI Express 2.0 video card, but it will also work in PCI Express x16, which is great if you’re running an older motherboard, you can definitly use that to throw that on there. You also have, check out this little– this is for older users. If you have an older television, and you want to get some video out to it, this is a composite dongle, or adapter or whatever you want to call it, pretty much you just stick it there, and you have composite out to your television. The only thing then is you don’t get any sound. Now these cards, all the 4800 series do support CrossFire X, so you do get a CrossFire X bridge, which is really pretty and yellow and let’s people know that you mean business. Keep in mind that CrossFire, when you’re talking about ATI cards, it works with anything in the 4800 series, so 4850s, 4870s, 4870 X2s cann all be put into CrossFire together, which is awesome, and man, it’s great. You also get HDCP, which is High bandwith Digital Content Protection, that’s going to let you stream Blu-rays to your television or to your big monitor, no problem. You get DirectX 10, you get OpenGL 2.1, what else do you get? Can you remember anything else you get? OpenGL 2.1, Shader Model 4.0 obviously, that’s a bunch of good stuff right there. What more do you want? This is a great video card, at a great price and despite the fact that it doesn’t look too crazy, it’s extremely powerful, it has 800 stream processors, that’s a lot of power; and they are clocked very, very fast. So, this is going to play just abou every single game on the market, it’s very affordable and right now, it’s doing a little bit better than those NVIDIA cards out there, even though they’re pretty close to each other, this is doing a little bit better. So keep this mind if you’re looking for a video card in around the 200 dollar range, this is right up your alley. This is the 4850 from Diamond, very cool-looking graphic and it does not balance well, but I got it. Alright, if you have any questions on it, email me; and I’ll see you guys next time. The Diamond Radeon HD 4850, 512-megabyte video card is available from the retailers listed here, or for more information, type in D10-4852 into any major search engine. For ComputerTV, I’m Albert. (C) 2008 SYX Services, Inc. All Rights Reserved
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94 thoughts on “Diamond Radeon HD 4850 Video Card

  1. lol the gtx 260 is about 80 bucks more expensive than this. if u get that, then i would rather get the 4870 for only 20 bucks more than the gtx 260 and the 4870 pwns the 260..

  2. better go with the hd4870, it will still hold its value, because it is more technologically advanced then the nvidias. hd4870 has dx10.1 and tessellation which makes the x360 very successful in running games

  3. hrm i heard that diamonds run very hot and the area my PC is in isnt very well ventilated heat is sometimes a problem for me (i have a AMD 6400 that is uber uber HAWT! lol)

  4. Which should I get for my computer? I have a PCIExpress 16x slot on the motherboard I have a sempron 3400+ on a 754 socket and 2gigs of ram. the Radeon 4850 or the Geforce 9800GT?
    (I am only upgrading the video card)

  5. tough call, this card has a bigger fan than the refference but the stock cooler has a slightly bigger heatsink. I'd try to stick with the refrance since you can simply up the fan speed.

  6. I got one of these.. its incredible.. 4 GB of ram 2.4 GHZ quad core and this.. running far cry2 max settings. 50 FPS.. going crossfirex in the near future!

  7. I would go with the 1gb sapphire 4850 from newegg have one with my q6700 works wonders it will run crysis warhead easily with power to spare

  8. i have a 17 " an a 8800 gt i max all my games out at 1280 resolution, i dont fancy a new monitor so would it really be worth an upgrade, which would be a 4850.

  9. I had bought this card for my computer i'm building for christmas and wasn't sure what i heard was true, is it true this card overheats like crazy?

  10. dude ru serious a 15in lcd, u dont need this card man, with that monitor u can get a hd 4670 and run all games on high. My integraded videocard which is an hd 3300 can run half life 2 maxed doom 3 and bioshock in high settings in 1024×768

  11. lol, why does it suck? You truely cant handle the truth? The 9800 GTX+ beats the 4850 in most game benchmarks, atleast by 5 or 2 fps

  12. and yes, i just did some reviews, i went on multiple websites, the GTX+ beat out the 4850 in most games, including Company of Heroes, Bioshock,Crysis, World in Conflict, S.T.A.L.K.E.R, but the 4850 beat the gtx+ by 2 frames, still dont beleive, go check gpureview(dot)com and here i quote on another site "The GeForce 9800 GTX+ was faster in the majority of the benchmarks we tested it on and it had a tad more overclocking head room than the ATI Radeon HD 4850 did" and its cooler and more efficient

  13. $20? ur going nuts over $20? how cheap are you? I doesnt matter about the cooler, on the benchmakrs the gtx+ ran cooler then the 4850, and i dont know about you, but for my motherboard its fine.

  14. For some reason, my HD4850 doesn't let me play crysis on high settingd very well…Heck, it doesn't even let me TOUCH the Very High quality settings (they're greyed out). I've got a dimension E521 duo core processor (I'm guessing 1.8 GHz?) with a 550W power supply…and I see here on youtbe people are playing it high and VERY high no problem…anyone have..you know, remedies? To make if work… better? (I also have 3 gigs of RAM, and I play on 1024 X something resolution… . . . ..)

  15. coz u r using windows XP which doesn't support Direct X10. That is why the 'very high' option is greyed out.

    You need windows Vista. Anyway, last time I play Crysis with a single HD4850 card and on Windows XP just like you. With a resolution at 1280×1024 or lower, you can play it on High Settings plus 8xAA, without lagging, and which is already so so satisfying

  16. uhm, and probably it is because of your processor, which I think is quite low. Your GPU wouldn't be able to show its maximum performance when you have a weak processor.

    MSI 7388 K9A2 CF
    AMD Phenom 9950 Black EditionX2
    4GB Corsair XMS2 DDR2 800
    WD6400KS 640GB HDD SATA
    Dual GeCube Radeon HD 4850 512MB

  17. the proccesor is boltnecking your gpu for sure get a amd or intel cpu and motherboards (pstpst amd phenom 850 and a gigabyte 790x motherboard ;D)

  18. Since u hav a dimension e521, here's what you can do. If u are willing to upgrade the pc more. Get a windsor athlon x2 5600+ or better. If you have issues with the cpu heat. then get a Noctua NH-U9B cooler. Fits perfect with a E521. OR u could get a new system.

  19. Maybe you actually do play on Very High.

    But I doubt that Diamond 4850 can run Crysis on Very High & 8 x Anti-Aliasing.

  20. The Diamond 4850 is an amazing card, but actually the Nvidia GeForce GTX 295 1gb is superior to any other card on the market.

  21. owh. okay. you want full satisfaction with the HD4850, dont get a bigger monitor than 20 inch. hd 4850 can play most games at highest sttings at a resolution of 1280×1024. thats already an eye-candy jaw dropping graphics for me. if you crossfire it thats even better.

  22. you need a crossfire certified motherboard, which basically has 2 PCI-E 2.0 slots. then buy 2 crossfire certified graphic card. recent cards from ati mostly are crossfire certified. well actually you can google for the instructions. lol

  23. can i play on a 350 watt power supply. Its literaly a new power supply i got like 1 month and a half ago , and had no probs with it.

  24. Probably, but If you use USB devices like printers and scanners, and have a quad core processor you MAY need a 450 w. Good luck!

  25. I'm new to ATI cards. Did he really mean to say 800 stream processors?

    The comparable nVidia cards have between 100 – 250 stream processors. What's up with that?!

  26. thanks, I did some looking and found out that ATi uses a mixture of 'complex' and 'simple' processors (in a 1:5 ratio I think). Whereas nVidia uses just 'complex'.

  27. Hey i was just wondering….Is 79 degrees celcius normal for this card? Im playing EVE online, which doesnt have crazy graphics or nething and it's 79 degrees.

  28. HOLY MOTHER FUCKING SHIT. 97C? Seriously? You know that it's near boiling water temp., right? Water boils at 100C. I think it could be possible that you leave a permanent burn if you touch the card while it's running in stress.

  29. Put a good aftermarket cooler on it. That'll get the temperature at least 10C lower and you won't have to fear breaking it.

  30. the hd 4850 ,
    i have it and i love it (i got mine from sapphire and it can run cod4 everything maxed out so very good card,much better than the g9800gt. You can compare it with the 9800gtx(+)

  31. I think I'm gonna get this card this weekend, its £80 and everyone really loves this card, I heard lot of good things, and its £10 cheeper than 4670

  32. Thermaltake TR-800P 800-Watt Power Supply

    Ultra LSP750 750-Watt Power Supply

    Thermaltake TR-700P 700-Watt Power Supply

    Will any of the PSU's above work with this card?

  33. @saikimimaru haha nice i have an athlon ii x4 running @ 2.99 and 4gb of ddr2 ram and I just picked this up at ascendtech for $75 shipped. It was a smokin' deal but I almost got the 5770 but that was twice as much for only dx11 support.

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