Diamond Radeon HD 4870 Video Card

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. . . . . . . . . . . . . Sexy box for a sexy card, that’s right, check it out. 4870, the one gigabyte version, this is from Diamond. This has been coming for a while now and you’ve all have been waiting for it, and it is here, and you know what, it was worth waiting for. This card, it’s performance going from 512 to 1 gigabyte has been.. What’s the word? How can I not be cheesy? Great? Fantastic? No those are cheesy. What’s a good word to describe like awesome? – Phenomenal? – Phenomenal! But I say that a lot. What else can I say? I don’t know. – Awestruck. – Awestruck. I am awestruck at the performance from this card. Doubling up the memory made it very impressive. If you were to remove this cover, the memory still looks exactly the same. It’s not ’cause they added more memory chips, it’s ’cause they went to high density RAM. So, if you were to take this off it looks exactly like a regular 4870 and you know … released the Core 216 to complete with the 4870, well AMB fired right back, with the 4870 1 gigabyte version as it did beat the Core 216, in the majority of the games that we tested at. Again, adding 1 gigabyte is going to give you better performance, and higher resolutions. You’re frame rate’s not going fall off as your resolution increases, it’s going to keep your GPU fed with all the data that it needs. It’s going to buffer all that. It’s a frame buffer that’s what you use a memory on a video card for. So it added a lot of performance, especially to memory intensive games. Some games not as much as others. Quake Wars only got a 5% increase, but Crises and the Age of Conan got 10 and 15 percent increases respectively in their perofmance So, just like the 4870 it’s pretty much all the same specs, but in case you’re looking at this video from the actual product, let me go over them so you know what you get. Starting off, there. That is your two dual link DVI’s right there they’re going to be 2560 by 1600 you’re buying cards like this for high resolutions. So don’t buy this before you’re 17, because you’re going to get too high of a frame rate, it’ll be crazy. Here’s your output for your S-Video, which included in the box, is included this breakaway cable, breakaway cables go to components 1080i, from this 7 pin digital VG-S video cable, that will go out to your system. You also get included in the box this really sweet HDMI to DVI adapter, and if you want to know, this will transfer sound. This will transfer 8 channels of lossless audio. That’s 7.1 over the HDMI cable it will do 1920 by 1080p as you guessed it. Now for those of you still looking at the card and everything else, You do get DirectX 10.1, that uses Shader Model 4.0. You have a 750 MHz Core Clock, 800 shaders on this card. Also at 750 MHz, you get 1 gigabyte of GDDR5 which is clocked at 900 MHz on a 256 bit wide interface. Now this is GDDR5. So GDDR5, when you clock it, when you’re doing the effective data rates, since it’s quad pumped, nine times four is thirty six. That’s like 3,600 MHz effective data rate. Very very fast, and what does it mean to you? Well let’s find out. Benchmarks. Let’s get right to it. Take a look at Age of Conan. Very impressive, not as much of a processor game, but definitely a memory and video card game, on your GPU. Looking at the highest resolution 2560 by 1600, the 470 was at 21, we got an additional 4 frames going to the one gigabyte version, which both of them work faster than the Core 216 at 20 frames for second, 1920 by 400, we’re up by 31, to 35. Again, another four frames per second, and that’s beating the Core 216 by 4 frames as well. Now that was on 4 times …. 16XAF. So, everything cranked up, high resolutions, Maximum settings. Pretty much owning that game with this card. Let’s go to the next game, it’s going to be Crisis High, no filters, so no AA no AF, just high DX9 but high resolutions. Check out 1920 by 1200, we went from 30 frames per second, to 34. So finally beating out that Core 216 which is optimized for the in-video architecture. Looking at 1680 by 1050, we went from 37, to 40. So a modest 3 frames, is still impressive seeing that, just the original 4870 is still beating out the Core 216 or actually it’s 1 frame below, but it’s right there matching it. At a more affordable price. Moving on to the next game: Quake Wars. Maxed out everything. Crank. Crank crank crank Everything, crazy. 4x anti alias thing, everything else maxed out, highest resolution possible, 2560 by 1600, you’re looking at 59 frames per second for the 4870, the 1 gigabyte version added another 5 frames. That’s a big increase in performance, at such a high number already. The Cord 216 did at 61, and look at the.. Look at this, this is crazy. 1920 by 1200, 95 frames per second for the 4870, 98 frames per second for the 4870 1 gigabyte version, versus 88 for the Cord 216, so.. Both are extremely impressive benchmarks, now don’t go cry to me when you say that my computer didn’t get these. Just so you guys know, I’m using a QX9770 it’s usually clocked at 4 GHz but it’s factory clocked for this one to see if we have any how do you call it? Bottlenecking with the GPU, if you lower it, you can tell if your GPU limited sorry, CPU limited. It’s got 4 Gigs of 1,800 MHz DDR3 which is not running at that, it’s running at 1333, it’s got two VelociRaptor in Raid 0, and it’s in a benchmarking… Skeleton case, whatever you call them. Those are the results. Awesome card man, you’ve been waiting for that 1 gigabyte version, another good thing about these 4,800 series cards, is they are all, how do you say? You can use any 4,800 with any other 4,800 and crossfire. So if you have this 4870 1 gigabyte, you can use it with a 4870 X2 2 gigabyte, or with a 4850 5.12, whatever you want. It’s all compatible, they all work together in Crossfire X, you do get a crossfire.. Regular crossfire bridge.. You know.. It’s good. You know Crossfire’s good. Even get Composite. I don’t know who would use this. Really? I don’t know. This is going to do regular TV resolution, but if you have a really old computer, it’s perfect for that. You also get a DVI to VGA dongle, and that is it with that, I leave you. Go buy this card. It’s awesome. If you have any questions email me, I’ll see you guys next time. The Diamond Radeon HD 4870 1 gigabyte PCI express video card is available from the retailers listed here. Or for more information you can type in D10-4874 into any of the major search engines. For Computer TV, I’m Albert. . . . . . . . . . . . .
Captions by www.SubPLY.com

100 thoughts on “Diamond Radeon HD 4870 Video Card

  1. crysis is kind of old now anyway, its not really the best looking game anymore. just the laggiest. there are better looking games that run better on any system wether it be a gameing system or a regular system.

  2. grid , runs much better too. seriously thats the only one i can think of ofhand but really , its looks better even on crappy systems and runs better too. Codemasters really do a good job programing graphics.

  3. GDDR5 (FIVE!!!!!), this is crazy! However, I can't WAIT to see what is in store for 2009, and better yet, 2000+TEN!

  4. Yea but the point is , crysis can look like shit on one computer while grid looks great on the same computer. Nowon can get the game running faster then 60fps and have it look good. Its not much of a game as it is a benchmark.

  5. To Manunca: the first videogame that appears is Age Of Conan, delvoped from the Norwegian gamecompany Funcom. Sorry for bad English, but hope this did help!


  6. W0000000T- I got a question. Right now i own a 8800GT Superclocked from EVGA and then its highly overclocked. It runs at around 23FPS at 1680X1050 on my 22" WideScreen LCD. Im buying a new motherboard and i could either buy an EVGA 780i Tri-Sli and a second EVGA 8800GT SuperClocked to SLI them or go with a CrossFire motherboard and a single ATI Radeon HD 4870 1GB card. Its alot more expensive for the 4870/mobo than a 2nd 8800GT/Mobo for less fps. PLEASE REPLY!

  7. Well, you say 23 FPS at 1680X1050… but what is it doing? Playing a game? But if I understand your question, you want to know which is faster? Two 8800GTs or 1 Radeon HD 4870. Now, as much as I don't like ATI, compared to NVIDIA, the Radeon HD 4870 drarfs EVERYTHING! If price is no matter, the get the Radeon HD 4870 over every other card!

  8. Yes, i agree the HD4870 Rips on Nvidia right now, But the thing is i ALREADY* own a single EVGA 8800GT SuperClocked ATM. So if I were to buy a second EVGA 8800GT SC- then i would be gettin more FPS than the 4870 for less money seeing as then i would have 8800GT SC in SLI. So i could have more FPS than the $300 HD4870 for $135 bucks. See what i mean, but the HD4870 is newer hardware period. That is huge. SO i dunno. Although the 8800GT isn't Super old.

  9. Still- the 1 GB ATi 4870 beats the GTX260 core 216 and damn close to the GTX280 Crysis- if not tying or beating it.

  10. yes you right i just ordered my 4870 ;].. i think that the 1 gb ati 4870 maybe outpreforms the 280gtx in grid but im not sure 😛 but its nice and i dont think the drivers is the best for ati yeat maybe they will even be stronger later on :]

  11. i'll buy this for a 17" monitor this will be lol in crysis !!!! LOOL !!

    BUT what do you think? my specs will be : Phenom X4 9950 AM2 – processor
    GIGABYTE GA-MA790FX-DQ6 – motherboard
    ATI HD4870 1 GB GDDR5 – VGA
    4GB DDR2 RAM
    1000GB SATAII hard disk
    550W power supply
    17" LCD monitor(not widescreen)


  12. LOL loserrrr lol u think havin a good computer makes other jealous? it just makes you look like a fag who is spoiled. even if u make ur own money u should use it for charity not a expensive gaming rig..

  13. One I'm not spoiled and when I said "Rip your Own face off." I meant me as in the owner because the performance will be amazing. And BTW telling people off on YouTube doesn't make you cool. 😀

  14. i can't belive that some people have over 80 degrees on a 4850 i think they have summet wrong wid it coz my two 4850 powercolor pc-s extreme in crossfirex i have about 39-46 degrees idle and load stay around there just dawdling around tht temperature

  15. guys i got this card (xfx 8800 gtx) from my friend after he bought a new graphics card, but i get the same FPS as with a much older graphics card (7600 GS)
    i have 2 gb ram and a amd athlon 64 3200+
    is my processor bottlenecking?

  16. maybe the 3870 x2, but 1680*1050 is a pretty close cut for memory intensive resolutions, so what im trying to say is that the 3870 x2 is probably better on 1680*1050 or lower resolutions, if 1680*1050 is your monitor res, get the 3870 x2, im a nvidia boy anyways

  17. really it is a difference of opinion. personally i like ati more cause it gives a clearer more detailed picture normally, also their cards are made for high resolution moniters (which i have)

  18. I bought the core 216 because I can overclock past this one but I shouldve looked at this one. Good job ATI

  19. thats what i just said. i said ati is better at a higher resolution for the price. in games that are equally optimized for each the ati cards are generally in the lead.

  20. since it was released it was lowered over 100 euro's(300 to 200 and still dropping)
    thats only in the netherlands tough

    it will probably lower in price again when a new series of cards is released

  21. crazy the 4870 came out in 2007 and it took 2 years for any card to have high scores so you can say amd/ati rly made a brilliant card

  22. i have a GTX 260 core 216 i run crysis at full at 25-27 FPS DX10 all max 2x AA PZ Go Nvidia!!!! (granted i have a Core I7 :P)

  23. i'm not buying this one because i have an nvidia chipset… sadly can't crossfire… well it's pretty most the same as the gtx 260

  24. b…b… i play crysis with this baby running 25 fps dx10 high (Radeon HD 3650!)
    what do you mean fucking this cant run crysis on high
    i better get 65 fps + on source (running everything on high) if i dont im going to fucking kill someone

  25. do you think a
    Corsair TX750W 750-Watt Power Supply
    And a
    Diamond Radeon HD 4870 Video Card – 1GB GDDR5
    Will work ?.

  26. What about when im recording with Fraps, but isnt the pretty much if u have more then one core fraps will rune well b/c it puts all of the strain on one of them and not the one that is processing the game.

  27. Nope, the work just fine on intel, but because ATi IS AMD, they are sold together often.
    Ive seen 4870 X2s in crossfire being ran off Core i7s working great.

  28. Back in the day the tech press was more fair with Ati/AMD products.
    Right now they are pretty much shilling Nvidia by default and anything from AMD that doesn't crushes Nvidia its a piece of garbage

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