Different Ways to Shuffle Cards : The Riffle Shuffle for Playing Card Shuffling

I’m Joe Marshall with expertvillage.com and
today we are going to discuss shuffles and cuts. This is called a riffle shuffle it looks
like this and essentially the proper way to get into the and out of it so it is one continuous
move in motion you could do it with a table or without a table it is the same exact moves.
Only that it holds a little different. The way to properly do it is to hold the deck
on the top with your ring finger and middle finger. On the other side hold it with your
thumb. Your first finger goes on the back so that could push and give it a bow. You
hold the deck like this. You other hand comes across. You fingers two middle finger want
to go here and as you push to divide up the deck that is going to prevent the cards from
shooting out. So you would do this. What you are going to do is drop them into the hand
and lever them up with your other fingers. So that they mirror each other so they are
ready to go into a riffle. This is a riffle you just bring it down on the table riffle
the cards together and this is usually where most people stop their shuffle and just push
it together as I said earlier. But, since you are on this type of setup your fingers
are here you divide up the deck you are going to tumble it over into the other hand and
you set it down. Since you are going to hold it you are in this position where your first
two finger are still on the back and your fingers are underneath still you could dovetail
it and that is that where you hold it in the position. You release and as you hands separate
it would give it that cascading waterfall effect. It looks like that. As long as you
are in this position where most people stop you dovetail it up by holding all the fingers
underneath your thumbs stay on top because if your thumbs let go the cards are just going
to split. So it is important to keep pressure on top of the deck and then you could actually
hold there in this position cause the pressure is still great until you move your hands apart
slightly like so and they would just fall down. That is the actual riffle shuffle and
again as long as the fingers are on top the thumb divvies out. These fingers are here
you can flip the pack up and you are right in that mirror position. This is call a get
ready, every magician that is going to riffle shuffle need to understand that get ready
cause it is going to separate them from the people that just play poker regular shuffles
that take time like so. So the get ready, flip over, riffle, apply pressure, keeping
the fingers underneath, thumbs on top and move the hands slightly apart and the waterfall,
that is the riffle shuffle.

100 thoughts on “Different Ways to Shuffle Cards : The Riffle Shuffle for Playing Card Shuffling

  1. note to self: do not follow advice from expertvillage on how to encode a video for youtube.
    the crappy quality of the video and annoying ads overshadow what was otherwise a good card shuffling demo

  2. When I was a kid I could NOT shuffle cards at all.
    It wasn't until I started playing Magic the gathering, a collectable card game that I HAD to learn how to shuffle correctly.
    It wasn't my hands, just some part of my brain, did not have that skill, had to learn it by trying over and fricking over.

  3. The first few cards always rifle into each other but then when coming to the top they just bump into each other and get stuck..

  4. None of these complaints in the comments make any sense whatsoever. 
    This was a very clear tutorial. I just think the end could've been used for tips. 
    like; what if your cards fall in packs and not singular. 
    What if they clash etc. 
    Now I know what to do in these cases but some don't.

  5. I have weak fingers should i strengthen my fingers with the rubber band technique to make it easier to use my index finger?

  6. nice tutorial on ways to shuuffle cards. would be good if you use our playing to your future playing cards game videos. http://kck.st/1WBbeZ4

  7. Why would you do that last step?!
    It only bends the cards even more.
    Rifle shuffling on it's own is already painful enough to look at.

  8. If you don't want to throw your cards in the garbage, use 100% pvc cards as i did. They are professional cards.

  9. The laminate on my cards appears to make them too thick to shuffle. I can't even bend them for the first stage.

  10. I can only shuffle corner to corner like a V. When I try end to end they just make a clump and hit the table. Maddening.

  11. I'd love to improve my (poor) shuffling skills. But when I practice the technique you use in this video, the tendon sheaths in my wrists immediately start hurting (like after only 10 minutes of practicing). It comes from the force I have to apply with my thumbs to bend the cards. I use Bicycle card decks. For me they feel very hard to bend, and I have to use a lot of force with my thumbs. Is anoyone experiencing the same problem, and could you give me some advice on how to do it with less force?

  12. This makes me finger joints hurt even after stretching. My proximal interphalangeal joints and wrist hurt the most. What are good exercises to prevent this.

  13. this guy isint explaining anything important at all. he dosent explant how to let the cards drop so thay dont all fall at once, and gos in to how to cut the deck in to 2 rather then what helps people. DO NOT do what he says, he is a bad teacher


  15. I am new in TCG, can you shuffle like this during a match, I am just worried that if I do like this I will bend my oppenent card and they get mad because a few cards Worth over 50$

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