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Welcome to Gamer Glossary, where we break
down the phrases and memes seen throughout the gaming industry. Today’s episode: Dive Comp One of the most commonly heard terms in games like League of Legends or Overwatch, Dive Comp or Diving is mentioned during almost every stream, but what does the term actually
mean? Dive Comp is shorthand for Dive Composition, and refers to the lineup of your team. A character that is set up to Dive is highly
mobile, and able to speed past or over the enemy front line, to “dive” into their
back-line support heroes and kill them. The poster child for this in Overwatch is Winston, a
highly intelligent talking ape. As an added bonus, you don’t have to sit
through three movies of James Franco mumbling his dialogue at you to see him. Winston, and other dive heroes in Overwatch can either speed by or leap over enemies’ front-line tanks to dive onto the more vulnerable support heroes that hide behind them. In League of Legends and other MOBAs the concept is similar. You build a lineup including aggressive, highly mobile heroes to rush down the enemy’s support heroes and take them out instead of just creating a large engagement between front-lines in the middle of a lane somewhere. The reason for making a Dive Comp in any game is simply to kill off vulnerable support heroes before engaging the actual heavier targets. Without access to their support while they wait for them to respawn, the heavier targets become much easier to manage, and it can often easily swing the fight to the diving team’s favor if successful. So hopefully, the next time you hear an announcer call out a Dive Comp, you can just sit back and enjoy the
salt as the heroes blitz past the front-line engagement to and tear apart a team’s back-line support heroes. That’s all for this episode of Gamer Glossary! Thank you for watching, and as always another
entry is on the way!

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