Does AMD Crossfire Work On Different GPUs?

Hey Gear Seekers I’m Nick I decided that I
wanted to go down the rabbit hole and explore something that I’ve never really
done before because I’ve been using and video GPUs for pretty much the longest
time ever you can read articles blog posts and watch countless YouTube videos
about AMD’s crossfire but none of it means
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this week yeah so yeah make sure you’re subscribed now the only problem I had
with this whole crossfire thing was I didn’t have two identical AMD GPUs and I
didn’t know whether or not I could still do crossfire without having two of the
exact same GPUs so yeah let’s find out what happened spoiler alert it works
you’re gonna want to watch to see how it all works also before you lead stupid
comments watch the whole video first this video is brought to you by cooler
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500 M at the link in the description ok let’s talk about how we’re testing this
now we’re using a similar system to the one that we used when we tested that
asrock phantom gaming iris 580 the motherboard is the asrock x 470 fatality
gaming k4 with the risin 520 616 gigs of team group t force memory at 3000
megahertz now I threw in the odds rock phantom gaming RX 580 AG OC that we
tested a few weeks ago you can check out that video right now in the top right
hand corner as well and along with that we chuck in a gigabyte or SRX 584 gig
and to be honest I didn’t know what to expect and I thought that it probably
wasn’t going to work but to my surprise it worked without me even having to
enable anything so yeah I’m guessing most people in the comments will say
that I should have known that it would work but seriously I never even thought
about trying this at all until like Saturday afternoon you know when you’re
like tinkering your stuff on a Saturday and you’re like oh I wonder if that will
work or well that’s basically what happened anyway we tested the crossfire
set up with two titles that I know should technically scale pretty well
with crossfire and yeah I just wanted to see how big of a difference it would
actually make if you could run crossfire so in every single test the GPUs were
running at their factory settings just keep in mind that both of these cards
are factory overclocked as well but only by a little bit so yeah it doesn’t
actually add to the performance at much so yeah let’s start off with the rise of
the Tomb Raider benchmark we did single card testing in our a drop phantom
gaming rx 580 video so we’ll use those results again so we don’t have to retest
the first set of tests we did everything set to high in direct x11
with the single card at 1080p we saw an average frame rate of 75 frames per
second and a maximum frame rate of 116 frames per second in crossfire at 10
we saw an average frame rate of 85 frames per second with a maximum frame
rate of 217 frames per second that’s a lot of frames already we’re seeing a
trend and we’re only one testing because we’re using multiple GPUs we decided
that we wanted to add some 4k tests in as well in 4k we saw an average frame
rate of 48 frames per second with the maximum frame rate of 141 frames per
second so that’s not too bad I mean that’s act playable anyway from tests
with some other titles in DirectX 12 with cards above 4 gigs I found that
dx12 performance is usually better than its dx11 counterpart but again it’s
dependent on the game so yeah we tested rise of the Tomb Raider in DX 12 as well
just to make sure with a single card with DX 12 in 1080p we saw an average of
75 frames per second with a maximum frame rate of 117 frames per second
that’s actually pretty close to the dx11 result with the single card with DX 12
in 4k we saw an average frame rate of 26 frames per second with a maximum frame
rate of 40 frames per second now here’s what I actually wasn’t expecting with
crossfire enabled with DX 12 in 1080p we saw an average frame rate of 114 frames
per second with the maximum frame rate of 225 frames per second with crossfire
enabled with DX 12 in 4k we saw an average frame rate of 59 frames per
second with the maximum frame rate of 94 frames per second that’s a pretty solid
increase that’s almost double the frame rate and I think it’s because crossfire
generally scales better in DX well I’d like to visit this again in another
video there cuz I’m still not quite convinced ok let’s get into the quake
champion test new was coming come on it’s me everything needs to be tested
with quake but the reason isn’t just because I love quite champions it’s that
it actually it’s quite champions as being optimized
for AMD GPUs whereas we know that in truth it really isn’t we did a video
about that and you can check that out in the top right hand corner right now so
yeah let’s let’s let’s see the numbers going off the results of our asrock
phantom gaming RX 580 benchmark video we also know how it should perform with a
single card so let’s go over those results to quickly refresh our memory
with a single card in 1080p we saw an average frame rate of 114 frames per
second with a maximum frame rate of 134 frames per second with a single card in
4k high with 90 percent extra scaling we saw an average frame rate of 62 frames
per second and a maximum frame rate of just 73 for a second what do you mean
just that’s that’s pretty good okay now we upped the ante and did the rest of
all of the tests in ultra and not high because well why not like we’ve got more
video memory we’ve got more GPUs why not with crossfire enabled in 1080p ultra we
saw an average frame rate of a hundred and sixteen frames per second with a
maximum frame rate of 119 frames per second now to me that’s telling me that
the frame rates are actually bit more stable with crossfire enabling 4k Ultra
we saw an average frame rate of 56 frames per second with a maximum frame
rate of 61 frames per second now given that that’s not a direct comparison
between single card performance you can get an idea of how well crossfire
actually scales we up the texture quality and the texture scaling and
technically it performs better than the lower setting if you do the math in your
head and that makes sense anyway overall crossfire perform better than I expected
it to in fact it worked without me having to
switch AFR modes like I have to do with SLI although you can do that if you want
but I didn’t need to we got the best results in all of the testing from using
the default settings so yeah just keep that in mind if you’re thinking about
doing a crossfire setup if you right now should you buy two irx 5 ATS and put
them in crossfire instead of vine like one really good powerful GPU
probably not but if you have one rx 580 and wanted to take the power up another
level with the out forking up for a whole like top level GPU it’s an option
but yeah I probably wouldn’t do it because yeah it’s still money that you
don’t have to spend but it’s pretty it’s pretty cool like for testing anyway I’d
love to explore this a bit further if you can think of some titles or
benchmarks you think we should use that scale well with crossfire let me know in
the comments and yeah we’ll we’ll play around with them I’m actually pretty
keen to play around with this a bit more it was one of those like I am bored on a
Saturday afternoon type of videos around just I just needed to test something
anyway I hope you enjoyed this odd benchmarking video didn’t make much
sense let us know in the comment section down below if you think we should make
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once again thanks there very much for watching I’m Nick with gear seekers you
Pig we seek and the only problem with this crossfire setup is listen how loud
this thing is I think we should more to call it you

32 thoughts on “Does AMD Crossfire Work On Different GPUs?

  1. I have a Radeon R9 380 4gb nitro Sapphire and I bought a 580 8gb Sapphire. Can I crossfire them or is it better too just use the 580? Have 700w PSU.

  2. I have a 4gb AMD R9290 Radeon and an 8GB AMD Firepro w7100 for workstation graphics. They say W7100 also works with gaming, but I would like to crossfire it with the R290 for the memory boost and swappable usage in video editing and 3d gaming if they will work together. I like to play Tom Clancy's Division and I am installing Division 2 in mid-March . Division 1 is a 2016 game and in legendary settings it is taxing on the R9290, so I run it at 1280×768 at 60hz on my UHD screen. My video and photo editing software programs are all by Cyberlink. Does the crossfire cable need to be plugged into the cards ?Some say no, I hear.I am presently running an office-grade Intel m.b. with my I-7 4770 CPU and 16gb of DDR3, but I am going to order a new gaming and graphics m.b. with crossfire matching capabilities and DDR4 16GB, so that should help a good bit with either card. Thanks ahead of time.

  3. wondering if crossfire would work for an AMD Radeon Vega Frontier Edition Liquid and the new Radeon VII to be double as a workstation /gaming set up. do you think it would work and be worth it? thanks in advance

  4. was hoping this was about crossfire with a 580 and like a R7 360 R9 270 actualy different cards? this is somethigni have been wondering and was going to try

  5. I bought a Asus matrix 5870 2gb 35 total on offer up gust for fun wat best card get crossfire with it test gameing and all cant figer out wich AMD GPU get go crossfire with beast with 2 GPU for fun

  6. Will a rx 560 crossfire with a rx 580? Also is it worth it or should i just stick the rx 580 i've already got?

  7. I've literally almost the same setup. MSI X470, 16GiB Corsair Vengeance @ 3,000MHz, Ryzen 5 2600X, XFX RX 590 Fatboy, HX850i 850W PSU, 2TB Intel SSD6 M.2, 4TB HDD, 1TB Crucial MX500 3D NAND, and I've paired my GPU with a 240mm AIO x62 Kraken with the G12 Bracket fitting most Nvidia/Amd GPUs.

  8. A: Bait Click
    B: Why u say that?
    A: Look at the Title "Does AMD Crossfire Work On Different GPUs?" Watched the video contect, he didnt mention anything about mixing Gpu's. By looking at the title, i was hoping to see rx 570+rx 470 in crossfire, rx 460 + rx 580, or rx 470 + rx580 or vise versa. Well im dissapointed!


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