Donation Campaign PCB design of the PowerPC Notebook motherboard

Hi, one of the main points when you are
designing a laptop is the relationship between the motherboard and the enclosure.
It is not a good idea to design a motherboard without having the chassis but at the same
time you have to know how the model will with your creatine electro so now we are
happy to announce that sliggoo will provide a toast to our
Power PC naught cube systems under sling book her collaborating since the
beginning of this year sorry information about components
disposition pinups thermal dissipation and so on a cube system is a one-note
company with experience in signing our oscilloscope computer as the moon is
having great success singing high notes notebooks a mini disease now we have
almost everything we need to achieve our world the only thing we still need is to
support I will like two facts of the dollar will
be possible to finance the design of the litical schematics by donating more than
12,000 euro now we have the slim book no bushes see the electrical schematics has
been concluded and publish it so we can start the design of the PCB which the
goal of this PCB donation campaign of ours to have everything’s we need to
make prototypes of the new book for the PCB that this PCB design the nation goal
is around 24,000 you reach many more people the key point to succeed in this
new campaign we ask everyone to become posada of the project to permit too many
their friends to learn about it it is welcome to reach the goal donation in
record time to realize the PCB media to remove the mask and patronizing
prototypes we are not in the competition to make a book more powerful than others
thousand people to keep buying you have the problem make the point cut down our
progress community is a non-profit Association Hara Haines is to
democratize and digitalize the production electronics and software it
will soon the Kinect is distributed all community were not as a factor of
benefits for for us happen either in we soft fully to realize this goal the
project is intended to be a demonstration of how this is possible
so our project will be to have control the hardware and software in to realize
and move to pollute which was much worse usually our project is a small step
forward it’ll be a New York future TV proof
thanks to the patient intelligence of Banaras we will support our nutrition or

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