Don’t Buy The Wrong Gaming Laptop CPU in 2018!

Hey ! How’s it going ? Dave 2D here. So traditionally when it comes to buying gaming laptops, The CPU is a pretty easy decision. I mean There’s just not that many choices to choose from. So, last year It was the i7-7700HQ, and if you couldn’t afford that You’d get the i5, and the year before that it was the 6700HQ, And it’s just always been really few options which was a kind of a good thing, ‘Cause it just made the process a lot easier, But right now, in 2018, for whatever reason, There’s so many good CPU options for gaming laptops. We already have the 8th-gen U processors, the Kaby Lake Rs, And those are quad-core 15-watt packages, And if you pair that up with an MX 150, which a lot of laptops do, You actually get a pretty respectable gaming laptop. It’s not like a hardcore gaming laptop, But you can play a lot of games with really respectable frame rates. And as long as the laptop is cooled properly, which not every company does, But if it is, you’re good to go for, like, light to moderate gaming. Now the H processors coming out are more exciting. The i9 is gonna be nutty, but the two more common ones are these two : The i7 and the i5. That i7 looks ripe. 6 cores, strong turbo, And it’s in the same 45-watt package as the previous generation, So you don’t have to have any kind of crazy thermal solution. And we’ve seen some preliminary benchmarks pop up, and it really does look promising. Compared to the current i7-7700HQ, It’s like 30 – 35 percent better for multi-core benchmarks. Now, in the past, A lot of developers haven’t put in the time to optimize their games for just more than 4 CPU cores, But because of Ryzen last year, and just the state of the industry now, Where core count is kind of creeping up slowly, I think companies will put in the time. So there’s another batch of CPUs made by Intel, the Kaby Lake G, And there’s five of them. These are kind of a collab between Intel and AMD. So they’re running Intel CPUs with an AMD Vega GPU. There’s two different GPUs : The Vega MGL and the Vega MGH. GH being the stronger, more powerful one of the two, The performance is good, like, really good for the wattage. And I think that’s its biggest advantage, efficiency. It’s energy efficient, It’s space efficient because they’re packing the CPU the GPU and the vram all into one chip. It’s still not an APU, it’s a CPU and a dedicated GPU, But it’s just packaged into one thing, So you can build something that’s smaller thinner and lighter Than a laptop that uses a discrete GPU from Nvidia. Now, the preliminary benchmarks have been pretty interesting, We’re looking at something between a 1050 and a 1050 Ti for the GL, And then for the GH, the better one, the performance is gonna be something around a GTX 1060. And they’ll both be quite energy efficient, But the big disadvantage I see with these is pricing. The GH model in particular is gonna start at like 1,200 bucks, maybe even more, And you’re getting… Remember, GTX 1060 performance, for $1,200. And I feel like at that price point, you can get something that’s like a 1070 from Nvidia. It’s gonna be thicker, it’s gonna be louder, it’s gonna be bigger, but You’re gonna get better performance for your money. Um…The last ones are the AMD chips. So they have eight-core and six-core Ryzen laptops that are using these desktop CPUs, Which are really powerful, but I mean they’re desktop CPUs, So that doesn’t really count in this conversation. They’re also just stupidly expensive. The ones that are most interesting to me are there new Ryzen Mobile APUs, And their integrated GPUs on these things are so much better than the integrated Intel GPUs Like the HD 630, or even the UHD 630, It’s just… miles ahead of the Intel integrated GPUs. It benchmarks well, but the games are just so poorly optimized, With these drivers that just looks like a crappy card. If they can fix those drivers – and they will, But if they can fix it quickly enough, It’ll be a strong competitor for casual gaming. And if you see what devices are putting these into, Like we’re talking ultrabooks and just really thin devices, It’s pretty cool, you can bring something like this to school to work, And just kind of kick it for some light gaming at home. So, this video has been filled with tons of, like, nerd numbers and stuff like that, I’m just gonna break it down really simple : Right now if you’re looking for a CPU for a gaming laptop, There’s obviously a lot of choices to choose from, It’s obviously harder this year to choose one than last year. If you want something that’s like the best of the best and you have the money, Then, the i7 and the i9 that’s popping out from Intel soon will be a good bet, But if you have something like a smaller budget, And you’re just looking for a thinner device That gets decent gaming performance, Take a look at the Kaby Lake G from intel. So these are the intel cpus combo’d with the AMD Vega GPUs, It’s good performance, and you should comfortably break 60 frames per second for most games, And if you don’t care too much about image quality or resolution, You can drop down to U processor paired up with the nvidia MX 150, But if you want something that’s like really budget And you’re looking for something that’s like thin and light that doesn’t cost too much, Those upcoming Ryzen Mobile APUs should be pretty good. Some of them are already out, is just that the drivers aren’t great, And if you just give it some time from the flash out, I think they can be great for just the casual gamer, with a smaller budget. Okay, hope you guys enjoyed this video, Hope it clarified some things, Thumbs if you liked it, Subs if you loved it, See you guys next time.

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  1. Ryzen 2500u have been less then great price wise they end up either equal to or more expensive then a i5-8250 with a mx-150 which has better performance then ryzen. I wish they were cheaper then a better performaning Intel set up as I have no brands loyalty and just care about bang for buck when I buy things

  2. 🙂 i recomend looking for a cheap laptop that has a gtx 1050, skip the mx150 cause its slower but still costs the same as the 1050

  3. What would be better? A i7 7500u + mx150 a i5 8250u+mx150 or wait to the intel+vega laptops? I have like 800 bucks to spend

  4. where the gtx 1050 /1050ti laptops here ? , the acer nitro 5 (i5/i7+gtx 1050ti) is the best budget laptop I saw , D2D got a review on but that was back when it was 800$ if I recall , but I got it at 700$ and it rocks

  5. Why has AMD driver updates been so bad? As long as I can remember people complaining and complaining about AMD driver updates being sh1t.

  6. Hi Dave Lee I'm planning to buy my first gaming laptop, I'm just choosing between dell 7567 and 7567. Which is better? Thank you!

  7. The new, notebook XPS 15, has worse graphical performance, than a 2 in 1. Good job dell, I wouldn't have minded losing 2 cm for a 1060 or 1070 Max-Q. Gigabyte Aero 15X for me then.

  8. I'm keeping ny 6700HQ / GTX 1060 laptop for the forseeable future, but right now I'd probably go for a 8750H (or better) with GTX 1060. Nevertheless, I'll probably only buy something new in 2019 (or even later) so I hope that I will be able to get whatever comes next in terms of NVIDIA or AMD GPUs (Volta/Ampera-based GTX 11 or 20 Series or some Vega-based cards) and CPUs (Intel Cannon Lake/Ice Lake? Ryzen 2 APUs with more than 4 cores?)

  9. Hi Dave, First of all, I am really a great fan of you and don't know why I understand you and your ways better than anything on internet.. here is one question for you. please help and answer me if you can..

    I am planning to buy a laptop in this month for video editing in premiere pro CC17. I was pretty much sure about buying Dell XPS9560-7001SLV-PUS 15.6" 4K touchscreen display with Intel Core i7-7700HQ which is 7th gen.


    I recently came across other laptops with 8th gen intel i7 giving way better benchmarks and rendering time. and now I am seriously confused which laptop to buy. is it worth paying extra for 8th gen.
    I am just a video editor no games! and further as premiere pro uses Mercury Engine for rendering and stuff and XPS15 has an NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1050 with 4GB GDDR5. So is it worth investing around $500? will the combination of the Graphic card with i7 will almost give the same result as 8th gen?
    Therefore its a request if you can get your hands on XPS 15 with i7 7th gen and a laptop with i7 8th gen, then can you please actually run a rendering test and tell me is it worth investing in 8th gen. Will there be any huge difference? if yes? then how huge? or should i settle for XPS15 @ $1700 ?

  10. Sir I live in India and I wanted to purchase a gaming laptop for both gaming and college. I work with solidworks and ansys at college. I have 2 laptops in mind 1) asus gl503ge with 8th gen i7 ,16 gb ram, 1050ti, 120hz screen… And 2) asus gl502vm with 7th gen i7, 16gb ram 1060, 60hz screen with gsync and thunderbolt 3 port. Which one would you suggest. I thought of msi gp63-8re but msi's services are not good in India. Please help me select a descent laptop. Also i have a dell Inspiron 7577.

  11. OMG !
    Will apple pack em in the MacBooks?
    WTTFF!!! YES!!!
    if it happens !!
    Gaming on a mac !
    I wouldn't be called as a person who owns an expensive piece of crap which cant game !!
    YES !

  12. The way they teamed up will give so many artists needing a mobile workstation with powerful cpu and fast gpu. really cool stuff

  13. I find it so funny how you’re basically saying everything I said in in your new razor video that you left out it’s pretty sad to see what a sponsorship does to the view creator smh I ain’t even gone say more you good fue video bro

  14. can i just buy the cpu and upgrade my current laptop? i have the dell insipirion with the i5 7th gen and gtx 1050?

  15. hey dave should i go for 4 cores or 6 cores for gaming , as most games dont use 6 cores and there is no point in future proofing the laptop

  16. Remember that the GeForce MX150 comes in two variants, a 25W and a 10W model. Yup, same name, 30% less power – just classic NVidia fucking people over if they don't look at what they buy very exactly.

  17. I looked at ETA Prime who did a live test of a vega 8 apu and then a 1050ti and the 1050ti ran circles around the apu. Am I missing something? Are there older apu's called vega too?

  18. I wants to buy 8550u but i am confused in 2gb mx150 vs 4gb 940mx and my main concern is about solidworks in budget plz ans thank you.

  19. I am confused between acer aspire 5 and Acer nitro 5 ,that comes to , i5 7300HQ VS i5 8250U , Nvidia mx 150 vs Nvidia gtx 1050 2 GB, and difference between price is around rupees 40k , nitro 5 being at rupees 50k. So which one should I go for.

  20. hey dave , could you please do a review of a thin a light laptop using a 2500u/2700u and compare it to its intel counterpart , thank you cheers 🙂

  21. A lot of new budget gaming laptops are coming with the intel 8750H processor, how does it fair in comparison to the 8550H you mentioned in the video?

  22. Oo boy that 24fps hurts, most of us dont care about 4k, beter do it in 1080 60, or at least 30, (grate content btw

  23. i got a gaming laptop of i7 7700hq but now is pretty shitty, even the 8th gen i5 can catch up to the i7 7700hq… Such a shame

  24. i prefer the option 1 : $kidney , i have 2 and i can live a healthy and tech life with one. Totally Worth it. I will call amazon today to see if they have kidney/Gall Bladder/Appendix as payment option.

  25. Hey can I ask for your opinions, do you think Intel i5 8300H is a good gaming laptop with GTX 1060 3gb, I'll only be using it for light gaming, and productivity work.

  26. How did this video not address the Intel I7-8750H, which appears to be one the main processors in the high end laptops these days…

  27. I5 7300HQ or I5 8300H. considering the laptop with the 8300H has the hot air coming from below instead of coming from the sides and the back. The laptops are this ones:
    DELL 15.6" CORE I5 RAM 8GB I7567-I5825GRW
    ASUS 15,6" CORE I5 RAM 8GB FX504GD-E4298T
    Both have 8gb ram and a gtx 1050ti

  28. I can buy the laptop best gaming laptop on earth with my money I’m rich but my mom doesn’t allow me to buy with my fucking money

  29. Even after one year, this video is still useless because of the market situation.. I don't see any kaby lake g laptops at all and the ryzen drivers are still not updated..

  30. Help me i need better CPU for my gaming laptop msi gtx 1060(3gb)
    i need CPU switch to i5 7300HQ 2.50GHz~3.00GHz i need better that can run GTA V atleast good!

  31. Hey dave2d, I know the usual response to making a laptop, its too hard and it'll be far, but I spent 1 hr designing a few laptops and found I can make them under 30mm thick with 27mm being the thinnest one using just desktop parts like a STX board and maybe even a mini its board. TDP on all my designs were under 175w total for GPU cpu ram storage and portable monitor. Pricing was also cheaper.
    Configs include:
    1. i5 8400T+1160ti (35+120w) 40-50% battery space
    2. Pentium G5400+1050ti (54w+75)
    3. 3300G (rumours ik) 65w

    The only problem I have is battery. I actually have over 50% of the laptop space free for battery, just not sure how batteries work.

    It's not difficult for me honestly. If we had access to laptop heatsink and case, I can't imagine what I could do.

  32. Can anyone HELP me out with this?👇
    I ve researched a lot on YouTube and found out an intel i5 8th gen processor gives more FPS than an i7 8th gen
    I have a Asus rog Gl503 laptop
    Can anyone please help me to get high frame rates with this processor than i5…. I would be contended then….as i7 is way more expensive than i5….
    What tips and ways should i follow
    Can anyone help me with this🙏

  33. where are all the kaby lake G laptops, it's been a year and I'm still waiting for the ryzen 5 graphics drivers.. don't you think it's your responsibility to make a follow up video or a "dear laptop industry" video on this matter

  34. Hey Dave.. how bout a video on the state of Kaby lake-G in 2019.. seemed pretty awesome but I'm not seeing anything in 2019. A friend of mine has the XPS 2 in 1 and swears by it. I see him playing most of the newer games at pretty good FPS. Pretty crazy in such a thin laptop.. How come they aren't being used in X360's/Xps13/lenovo yogas..etc. Seems like a much better performer than the MX150/250's . Thanks!

  35. Even now in 2019 watching this for the first time I agree with the regard to processors like the i7 8809G with AMD Vega M GH graphics.
    Though it would make sense on the desktop side. Since a similar performing custom rig with new parts wouldn't be able to come close to the NUC in size (only desktops available with those processors) at the same price.

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