Don’t Buy The Wrong Hard Drive!

So you think you know everything there is to know about hard drives. Well at least I did- I thought I did. Turns out there’s been a ton of expansion in the hard drive world. Specifically in the types of applications that individual drives were made for. In front of me I got some candy, Hard drive candy. I got Black, Blue, Red, and Purple. They said “Hey Lew, we want you to make a video explaining the different attributes of each of these drives, and why they are perfect for specific applications,” On the far side I the highest performance drive. This is a Six Terabyte Black, WD Black, and the intended application here is inside of your system. Inside your workstation PC, gaming PC, anywhere you need high performance storage. They use the words creative professionals. I consider myself a creative professional. Essentially anyone who is beating the hell out of their drive. Not physical but, in a productivity kind of way, off-loading a bunch of video, let’s say, and then editing it. Fast and speedy behaviour. Next up we’ve got Blue. This is one, that I found kinda interesting. I remember WD Blue sort of being like the de-facto standard, internal hard drive for a very long time there’s actually one over here that is exactly that. There’s a one terabyte right here which is a standard desktop hard drive. There’s a new WD Blue as well, With a built in SSD, it’s kinda a hybrid, and that’s going to give you enhanced speed on regularly accessed stuff. But it kinda fits a similar use-case scenario to the WD Black. This again is intended for users that are a little bit less intense. But it’ll do the same tasks. So Blue, like the others, comes in a variety of different sizes as well as form factors. This is a Four terabyte with that built in SSD functionality. But you can also get it up to Six terabytes, I’ve got a one terabyte over there. Everyday computing, thats what this on is all about. Now things get a bit more interesting as we move on to Red. Red is designed for Network Attached Storage. This is a WD “My Cloud” EX4, It attaches to your network and allows for you to access data locally, that’s on the network. Share it with other people, that’s what we’ll be using it for. Then through the cloud features you can access that data when your not local. Just via the Web. You want a drive that’s sort of configured for 24/7 operation. And when you get an enclosure like this the idea is to put multiple drives into these bays, so that you can have a RAID. Lets say for example, you want to have a simple RAID 1, The way that works you’ll have two drives, just like these here. So two Reds that match in capacity. You’ll have a constant backup of all of the data that you write to that RAID. A hardware backup. So essentially that file lives in both places with each copy. So these install really easily into a system like this. Simply slide it in, click it down and that’s about it. Okay so that’s Black, Blue, Red, and now its time for Purple. Or as I like to refer to it, the Donatello Drive. It is intended for use in 24/7 surveillance systems, that are constantly writing video files 24 hours a day. That is a fairly hefty request for drive to be operating like that. And right on the front here you’ll see it says 24/7 reliability. Intended for everthing up to HD video. Now much like the Reds, which also put an emphasis a reliability, you’re going to see an advantage in doubling up the Purples. So I’ve got another Purple over here as well You still have that oppertunity to create other styles of RAID like “RAID 0”, or pair up a ton of drives and do something like “RAID 5”, which is going to enhance speed and redundancy together. The world of RAID. So lets do it one more time real quick, Black: Performance, gaming, creative professionals. In your system. Blue: Everyday tasks. Inside your system. Available SSD inside for a hybrid drive and enhanced peformance. Red: Inside your NAS, multimedia, constant access to your files locally, sharing or via the Web. And then Purple, this is all about surveillance. If you want to stream video, record video to a drive 24/7, it’s Purple your looking for. Anyway that wraps it up, and hopefully you guys found this information useful. If your looking for some more, I will drop the relevant links down in the description, so you can check out pricing and availability on all of these various models. We actually don’t have any Network Attached Storage right now, we’re using like Google Drive to drop files and what not, and obviously that’s limited and not the fastest thing in the world. So this is going to allow for us to send pictures back and forth, video files music, et cetera. Anyway I could go on and on as you can probably tell. Thank you very much for watching guys, appreciate your viewer-ship. If you enjoyed this content make sure to leave a thumbs up down below. And I’ll catch you on the next episode. Later.

100 thoughts on “Don’t Buy The Wrong Hard Drive!

  1. poorly done review. Didnt explained shit. still dunno what should I get or why. Bad boy Lou, bad boy. Besides, you completely forgot about green and gold :/

  2. What is a constellation hard drive? And is it better than the normal WD Blue hard drive for gaming? as they cost way less per GB

  3. I dont care about how WD is trying to segment the market. I believe half that stuff is BS anyway. I want someone to take the damn think apart and show me WTF is different. For all I know theyre still exactly the same on the inside. I know theyre not because I own several and I see the circuit board is different.

  4. Hay Lew great information, For a community radio station 27-7-365 a day playing audio from a PC which one would you choose? Thanks.

  5. I know wd is supposed to be good but everyone of them I've had has failed and western digital is the only one I've ever bought new. I prefer Seagate idk just never had a bad one. Hitachi is another one that's failed a lot for me to.

  6. Thanks I bought the black one before watching this video but thank God for my extremely common sense lmao and knew without researching that it was for gaming

  7. Well… that was a waste of time… And now I'm wasting more time saying this was a waste of time…

    This is like waste-ception over here…

  8. I am using a 4TB purple WD drive as data drive in my desktop. Using an SSD as C drive. I am very happy with the performance of purple drive. It's rugged, provides 3 years warranty. Don't find any problem playing 4K videos stored in this purple drive. I know this purple is meant for surveillance (writing and overwriting of data). Yet, I find it's more reliable than WD blue. Don't want to compare it with WD Black (comes with 5 years warranty) as black is almost 40% more costly. As per price to performance ratio WD Purple rocks.

  9. I ordered wd blue on Amazon bt received purple
    I wanted hdd for gaming mainly
    So anyone kind enough to tell me should return Nd get blue or keep it
    Hurry return policy is of 30 days u know

  10. That's so cool! But I'm bit of perplexing about buying hard drive. Which is the best I would buy a Seagate 8TB or WD My Book 8TB? Please you can help to comprehend this.

  11. Thomas Mc cullum introduced me, to people who use a credit card 💳 to scrap their dirty unwashed balls, and place it in someone’s 🍺, Wayne muetain is a sex offender. I watched your show due to Thomas. Can you help me brother, brother please🖖🏿, I want them to leave my neighbor hood.

  12. I have the wd black and its fantastic only issue is the drive spinning sound is very very audible, it sounds like the spindles inside are scratching the disk.

  13. I just recently started watching your videos. This one being 4 years old you have improved tremendously on how you speak and catch a viewer. Good video bud thanks for the info.

  14. So to clarify some things for anybody who might watch this in the future.
    There are five types of Western Digital drives.
    Blue is the most common being the standard.
    Green which is supposed to be more power efficient but with slightly reduced speeds.
    Black which is high performance.
    Red which has high endurance for reading files.
    Purple which has high endurance for writing files.

  15. thnks very good video but red is for nas you can't put it in a normal pc you have to say that , and you can format for exp 5 folders one hard disk with 100 giga . the smaller format a see is 100giga to install game from steam store

  16. It doss helpful, clearly explained. I saw so many heater
    Actually this useful and faster then go the website read 1 by 1…

  17. Hi buddy…i have a WD purple harddrive, can I still use it in my desktop? how efficiently will it work when I run on it photoshop and other graphics software or should I just toss it aside, I know WD black for this kinda usage so is this one going to disappoint?

  18. Wd made drives in different years that look identical or near identical and retailers don't say that. You have to research the model name to see. Why is that important ? Because a 2019 red drive has higher performance than a 2014 black drive for example. So even though black is the performance drive there are a bunch of older versions still being sold to unsuspecting customers

  19. Any recommendations on internal hard drives for a 4th generation i5 4570s driven system (2013)? I create music and I only have a 500gbs in it, I wanna to know if there's an internal I could install for more or extra storage???

  20. This video makes it sound like only two of the four drives can be used in RAID, any HDD can be used in RAID … just be sure to match up the capacity otherwise you'll be wasting money. Also the video didn't make it clear what differentiates a NAS drive from the rest, I am hoping it's a slower speed, less energy consumption and a greater MTBF.

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