Don’t Starve Together [RoG] Endia | Эндиа

Good afternoon everyone! Today I’ll tell you about the cowardly elf named Endia. She’s very afraid of everything, loves animals and at the start has its own special amulet that gives some nice bonus. Endia is a paranoid elf which often tries to avoid potential threats. Modification works at the DST Reign of Giants. Basic sanity cost with equipped amulet is 18 points per minute. For comparison – in the twilight you losing only five. She loves moles and other non-aggressive animals. She gets a sanity bonus by staying near them. But when killing them she loses her sanity like true elf and nature defender. Full multiplayer support, which means your transparency to other players by 97% Animals and monsters will lose you after five seconds in the invisible state. Other players can’t attack you in an invisible state with Ctrl+F – only by cursor using. The amulet can be given to other players but they will receive a seven-time penalty to sanity – 120 points per minute. In the invisible state, you can steal the eggs and other crap. The amulet can be created from two pieces of gold and a rope. Only elves can do it. Endia looks as follows. And as you can see, peaceful animals, such as rabbits, won’t run away from her. They are not afraid of her, but when they are caught and killed she’ll lose sanity because it upsets her. Also, if you stand next to rabbits, as I already said, sanity increases. That is enough to come to any friendly creature and your sanity will start to rise. Playing as her complicated by the fact that in the evening she loses sanity twice as fast, as I already said. And therefore you will need the items to recover it. Despite the fact that Endia is elf and animal killing confuses her it doesn’t prevent her to eat their meat. Therefore, it’s easy to feed her as well as the other characters. Sanity is a major weakness of Endia so if you aren’t to be provided with items to restore it then you’ll lose it so fast. Now, I will demonstrate how the Endia’s amulet works. Let’s strike beehive and put on an amulet. Reckon five seconds. And we see that the bees do not haunt me. If we’ll strike beehive while invisible then we will come back out of stealth for five seconds. And we need to get away from them. In the next issue, I’ll introduce you to a cute mutant named Heather. She’s moving fast, beats strong, but very loves to eat. Subscribe. It was Pogo, good luck everyone! [sorry for godlike english]

3 thoughts on “Don’t Starve Together [RoG] Endia | Эндиа

  1. Подробный наглядный рассказ, спасибо. 🙂 Но есть нюанс. Продублирую здесь: ты забыл рассказать, что если поймать кролика/птицу/крота, и таскать с собой, то проблема с рассудком в сумерках почти полностью решается. А то получается по твоему рассказу, что это очень сложный персонаж.

  2. @Maris Kori Спасибо за отзыв и дельное замечание. Действительно, не указал данный полезный способ. Еще хочу посоветовать найти и приручить Гломмера, что тоже сильно облегчает игру за подобных персонажей.

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