Don’t Starve Together [RoG] Updated Musha | Обновлённая Муша

Sup everyone! As I promised, today I’ll talk about Musha the Puppy Princess. But this time, the character is optimized and ported specifically for DST. This fact will allow me to discover her features and demonstrate the equipment in action. For those who haven’t seen the last review of the Musha or forgot some details I’ll bring you up to date. Musha is a thoroughly crafted RPG-character who leveling by fighting and eating all sorts of goodies simultaneously receiving a variety of skills and being able to create interesting items. I will start with the basic parameters and control changes. In the game start Musha have only 80 HP and 120 sanity points. Afterwards when you’ll get experience points these parameters are will slowly increasing. As a result, when reached the level 30 Musha will get 225 HP and 470 sanity points. But believe me, the leveling isn’t easy and will slow down over time. It’s not just eating of 20 carrots and becoming immortal. It’s hard to imagine how much time and effort will be needed for fair achieving of this level. But for those who will get it, there is some good news 30 is not the upper limit. Standard hotkeys were changed. Now to find out information about the Musha’s current level and the amount of experience you must press “L”. To check the information about the skills boldly press “K”. As for active skills Lightnings is now on the “R” hotkey shield is on the “C” and the light aura skill is on the “X”. Since Musha is a princess, she studied at the Royal School where she gained her knowledge of T-1 books crafting. But pleasant living conditions have caused some weakness as a result the damage is reduced by a quarter. Musha’s nose remained the sensitive to rotten food. Getting of experience during the battles is cheers the character a bit and gives a modest portion of sanity. Now about the skill changes. Musha’s phases change passively under certain conditions. It’s simplifies and complicates gameplay at the same time. If someone does not remember the Puppy Princess has four states each with its own bonuses and penalties. and the corresponding appearance. The first state – a high spirits when hair painted pink. This phase is active when the level of satiety above 160 points. The plus of this state – increasing of sanity regeneration. The minus – hunger increasing by 25% and decreasing of attack speed and movement speed. The second phase is a normal mood. Hair become yellow. This state remains from 160 up to 40 satiety points. The strong suit of this state is a normalized parameters of character. The only weakness – slightly delayed attacks. The third phase – berserker mode. The hair of Musha become gray colored. Berserk wakes up in the princess when the satiety level falls below the 40 points or by eating monster meat. [I want this chocolate too!] Effects and bonuses of this state are changing with the growth of the skill level. There are four levels. The strong suit of this state is a high increasing of attack speed and movement speed, chance of freezing strike, reduced hunger. Cons – the madness and the lack of critical hits. Also in the berserk mode the following skills are available: passive “Frozen armor”, that reflecting ice damage and increases health regeneration and the “Rage” that is made available on the Musha’s 24th level and making AOS that causes half of damage to indirect targets. The last one state is a Valkyrie mode which has 14 stages of evolution and will be available after reaching the fourth level of the character. Randomly activates during the battle for a short time. Musha’s hair becomes dangerously red and she get the higher attack speed and movement speed as well as the ability of using of special skills. The first one – “Chain lightning” that activates when Valkyrie mode starts and then randomly activated until the mode is on. Deals extra damage that rises from 30 up to 70. The second skill is a “Flame armor” that works passively in Valkyrie mode over time, which depends on the Musha’s level. The higher the level of the character – the longer duration it’s quite logical. “Flame armor” reflects fire damage and increases health regeneration. Changeable moods of princess are finished. Now about the rest of the skills. Passive “Electric shield” has a five phases of evolution. Activated with a certain probability when struck restores a bit of HP at the cost of sanity. The effectiveness of the skill, as you guessed it, is rising with the level of Musha. Glory to RPG! [glory to the heroes!] Critical hit, inefficiency of which in Berserk mode I mentioned earlier, is has a seven phases of evolution. Randomly activated with a certain probability, it gives additional damage. “Power Lightning” – the epic skill on the “R” hotkey that has four phases of evolution. Burns the enemy’s ass on distance at the cost of sanity. Distance increases as leveling of the skill. Damage ranging from 60 to 150 and the costs of the sanity of 30 to 45 points. “Spark Shield” is our salvation on the “C” hotkey which has four phases of evolution. Absorbs all incoming damage, the part of which is reflected and converted to Mushas HP. Kinda vampiric shield. Finally, so cute and funny Musha’s skill on the “X” hotkey the “Performance”. Recovers 50 points of sanity and increases the sanity regeneration in the “Light aura”. Has a terrible cooldown – 1200 seconds. Finally this impressive list of Musha’s skills ends. Now about the items that she is able to create. Items of Musha can “grow up” up to 30 level. Depending on the level of improvement, item’s parameters of attack, defense and other properties are changing. The armor can be repaired by the nitre and weapons can be repaired by stones, flints, gold, moonstone, marble and other materials. Every fact of repairing adds one “grow point” – kinda equivalent of character’s experience. Also, weapons have a 5%-chance to get a “grow point” while attacking. Armor and hats make it with a 50% probability when struck. The first item – “Phoenix Blade” that is visually changed to the 11th and 21st levels of evolution. The damage increases from 30 to 88. There is a chance of flame hit that adds additional damage. Doesn’t get wet. When using activates bonus of “Power Blade” that is visually changed on the same levels automatically consumes durability, gives light, doubles flame hit also summons the star and adds regeneration of sanity on the 2nd and 3rd levels of evolution. The “Phoenix Frost Blade” is a frost analogue of “Phoenix Blade”. Instead of flame hit has a chance of freeze hit. With the bonus of “Power Blade” increases the movement speed and on the second level of evolution adds blink. The “Frost Hammer” – long ranged attack weapon, plays the role of the refrigerator, as well as conventional hammer. When opened – cools the body, summons frost monster, reduces the speed of twice and not uses frost hits. When closed – reduces the movement speed by 20% and have a chance of freeze hit. The “Musha Armor”. Provides 40 to 80 armor points. It has a small pocket, can be kept in your inventory. The “Frost armor”. Visually changed on evolution level 16. At the maximum level provides 90 points of armor. It has a chance of frost reflection. Also it has the average pocket and acts as a refrigerator but can’t be kept in your inventory. After reaching level 16 gives a small bonus to the speed and sanity regeneration. The “Princess armor”. Provides 36 to 92 points of armor, has a large pocket chance of frost reflection and regeneration bonus that depends on the Musha’s state. In the “Full mood” state that means the sanity level above 160 points, gives bonus health regeneration +2. In the “Normal mood” state gives bonus health regeneration +1 and bonus sanity regeneration +1. And in the “Berserk mood” gives +2 bonus to sanity regeneration. The “Princess Crown” provides 11 to 50 armor points. Increases sanity regeneration. Visual changes at the 20th level and adds health regeneration. When crown activated, Musha loses mobility and hides behind a shield that absorbs all damage and automatically consumes durability. “Bunny Scout hat” provides 11 to 50 armor points also increases the speed and warms. If used, the Musha wears goggles and gets double speed. “Phoenix helmet” provides 60 to 94 armor points also slightly increases the speed and slightly warms. If used, the Musha wears a mask, gets more warmed and regenerates health and sanity. And the last item of the Puppy Princess is a “Musha Flute” that treats nearby allies – players for 20 HP and Yamche for 300 HP. Finally I finished listing of all stuff that Musha gives. But in addition to all the above later will be released faithful companion of Musha – Yamche which is not easy in moving to DST. Overestimate the amount and quality of the work done by the author is very difficult. If you think that character is too imba because of the specific skills and equipment stats then try to estimate Musha in practice. Ingredients and complexity of leveling will not let you too much relax. That’s all. Let’s conquer the world of Don’t Starve with Musha! And don’t forget to subscribe. Good luck to all! [sorry for bad english]

14 thoughts on “Don’t Starve Together [RoG] Updated Musha | Обновлённая Муша

  1. Спасибо за видео, очень интересный персонаж, но трудно разобраться в таком обилии контента)

  2. Спасибо за обзор) мой любимый мод , но почемуто мало кто о нем знает и это первый русский обзор.

  3. играю уже пол года муши только 20-й лвл когда дохнешь падает уровень, муха мне насливала много

  4. грубо говоря – " в лейте " , любого перса с ванили убить как 2 пальца ( ты живешь за счет своего скила ) … а ЭТУ ПИСДУ В ЛЕЙТЕ УБИТЬ НЕРЕАЛЬНО !!!
    это нужно что бы 10летний брат сел за комп и поиграл на твоем персе …. и то он не сразу умрет таким персом ,
    это при том что на обычном персе этот брат НА ЖАБЕ СДОХ 1х1…. ( так как я откинулся жабе когда 1ый раз играл )

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