DOOM 4 (2016) Walkthrough (1/3) – Gameplay on Alienware 17 Gaming Laptop

Hello, everyone, and welcome back
to the Alienware YouTube channel. I’m Umar Khan, and today, we are going
to be doing something a little bit different, a little bit more special. We’re going to be playing Doom. That’s not that special. We play games all the time. Well, what I’m going to do is I’m going
to play Doom on our different systems using different configurations
just to see how well it plays, and basically, it’s going to be
like a whole Doom play through. I’m not going to play it unless it
is for a recording on this channel, so the video may get a little long. Bear with me. Understand the reasoning. Today, we are playing this on the
Alienware 17 using the NVIDIA GeForce 970M. I am playing it wirelessly,
not that it matters, because I am not playing multiplayer,
but this is using the Killer 15 35 wireless AC card. And, yeah, why am I using the 970M? Because I want to show you
how well this game scales. If you hear a little static in
the background, this capture card I’m using, I don’t
know what’s going on, man. I do not know what’s going on. So let’s take a look. I am playing this at 1080
anti-aliasing is set to 8. I mean, that’s the highest it is here. Pretty much this stuff, right? And then we go to Advanced,
and I have it set to ultra. Now this is using a 970M. This isn’t our highest end card. This isn’t a 980M. This isn’t a desktop 980. This isn’t a Titan x or a 980TI. This is just a 970M and
this game looks really good. Why are we doing it in ultra? We may not hit 60 frames per second, but
I want you to see how this game scales. I mean it works really well. So we’re just going to go
ahead, we’re going to play it. So let’s go and play. Splatter. In charge of this, right? No ma gusta. Don’t yell at me. Fatalities are pretty mean. You know what I don’t
like about motion blur? I feel like motion blur makes it look
like the game’s not running that long. Oh, crap. Where are you? Oh, crap. There go your legs. Nobody– where else? Oh, you can hold onto
the side and shoot at me. You’re lame. Oh, that hurts. Oh. What else hit me? Oh, there’s another one. Go to hell. So I just started playing this. I don’t know too much about this game. I did play the old Dooms. I did see on line that people were
like, oh my god, this new Doom. I can do things. I can go do Doomy things,
like it is in a linear level. It’s just like you
just keep on trucking. You know what I mean? Oh, there’s a lot to the map, right? Or not. I’m just going to go straight. I need you to stop talking to me. If you want to take a look
at the top right hand corner, you are going to see that we
have a frame rate counter running and that frame rate counter is letting
you know how many frames we’re getting. Why does that matter? For those of you that haven’t
seen the channel before, frame rate counter
matters because it lets you know how well your game is
basically performing, that it’s not chugging along or having a hard time. Consoles normally play at
30 frames or sub 30 frames. They don’t use higher
end graphics options– and there’s your intro, Bethesda. [DRAMATIC MUSIC] Doom. Right? Yep, there it is. So basically with the
frame rate counter, we’re seeing how well the game performs. We’re using the 970M,
which is no slacker, which I’ve shown in other videos. We are playing this at ultra 1080, and
the normal goal that a lot of people try to go for is an experience
where you’re playing at 1080 at 60 frames per second. I just wanted to show how crazy this
game looks at ultra using a 970M. I mean, look at this stuff, man. Where the hell do I have to go? I see demons. Let’s take out the pistol. Lots of ammo, are you
aware that I just missed? Shit. Oh, man. There is a dude with a gun. Give me your health. Woo. Go away forever. Die. I think doing fatalities
gives you health. Oh, crap, man. Chill out with the stuff that you do. That guy exploded. Oh, man. Am I dead? Damn it. OK. That was crazy, let’s try that again. All right, so it looks like it’s
very open world environment. I thought I could just jump
in there, and you know, there’d be like a couple dudes. But no, alas, it was much
more than a couple dudes. Can I just take out some
of these people from here? We play this the safe way. Bye. I’ll just take out a couple
of the easy ones, right? Oh, where the hell did you go? This game is pretty faithful to
the Doom like ambiance, right? I haven’t played Doom in a long time. I mean, the original. No. Why do you scream from behind me? All right, you’re out. Oh, snap. Go away, thing. Are there dudes behind me? Oh, yeah. Oh, snap. Things are looking up for old Gill. Oh, crap. Did I kill every– nope. Is everything dead? Is life going to be OK? I think I killed everything. Blue access only. You got F’d up. Let me guess? As I turn the corner, I’m
going to get jumped, right? Grenade. What can I use with a grenade? Press left control or middle mouse
wheel when you have it available. What? You mean like this? What do you mean? Ha. Whoops. Let’s just clean up the floor a
little bit before I get down there. Damn kids. Is there anything major
that’s down there, because I hear too much screaming. Shit. I always miss my jump. Oh, that was nice. Sweep the leg. Is there anything else out here? Things look pretty chill. Things look pretty chill. See, that area looks to open. This is clearly the way
you’re supposed to go. Die. So for those of you that
don’t know what Doom is, it’s a very kid friendly game where
you fight the demonic hordes of hell from Mars. I believe, this is Mars right now. Yep. Everybody keeps a USB on their tummy. It allows you to upgrade
a variety of suits and here you can spend the praetor. Pre-ator suit? Tokens on available upgrades. OK, so I can level up. I can get stronger. I don’t want to get hurt. I’d rather not get hurt. TBH. I feel like they’re walking to me. Holy shit. There’s a lot of dudes. Angry dude. All right, enough playing with you. Oh, crap. Did not know that would happen. Behind me? Still not behind me. OK. Where’s a brother gotta go? What the hell was that? Jump. Combat support drone. Hold the Weapon Mod button to
charge up three burst rounds. Can I see it in action? There we go. No, I’ll take the charge first. Wait. What can I take? Yep. Why you gotta hit everything, Doom Man? Oh, neat. Oh, snap. Let’s kill these squirrels
with the normal gun. Is that a grenade? No. Woo. Yep. Hitting people gets you HP. Oh, snap. Enough. You too. Piss off, wanker. I knew there was another one. This music’s getting too hardcore. I knew there would be a dude. There you go, buddy. Go back to sleep. Sh. Oh my god, what the hell? Life is getting too hardcore. No. Leave me alone. Oh my god, give me more HP, damn it. Are there more jumpy dudes
going to come for me? I’d really appreciate the HP. Come to me. There we go. Oh, no, there’s dudes. Oh, nice, dudes. Oh, I got five shells left. Give me ammo. There we go, buddy. Who else? Who else? I hear it. I don’t see it. Oh, snap. Get us some armor. Let’s keep on going. Were you the guy? You were the guy. This game just keeps going. No cut scenes. I like it. Welcome to the USC, now
221 accident free games. That’s a lie. I see plenty of dead bodies. All right, guys that is
our first Doom video here on the Alienware YouTube channel. This is part of the
Alienware Plays series. I hope you guys enjoyed
the video, and I hope you guys enjoy that I’m
going to go and play through a whole game, different
performance, different systems. But I know whatever. You guys want to see the game itself,
so I’ll be doing that on this channel. Don’t forget to Like and
Subscribe, and don’t forget to also watch us on Alienware.TV. Catch you all next time. Until later, I’m Umar Khan. Bye.

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  1. it looks like the alienware doesnt handle this game so well.. but maybe its good for a laptop? ;D i dont use laptops.. so i dont really know what "good performance" is on a laptop. what settings are u using in this video?

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