DOOM Eternal – Phobos Gameplay Reveal | PS4

We have hostiles… …approaching the BFG 10,000. Oh my god.
It’s him. They’ve overrun the lower levels. Corporate says we should let them through. What?
Why? Access granted. [MUSIC PLAYING] Hey! who are you? You can’t be…here. Warning.
BFG 10,000 is firing. Warning.
The Slayer has entered the facility. Warning.
Slayer threat level at maximum. Warning.
BFG 10,000 is firing. Warning.
BFG 10,000 is firing. Warning.
BFG 10,000 is firing.

100 thoughts on “DOOM Eternal – Phobos Gameplay Reveal | PS4

  1. “Warning: Slayer has entered the facility”

    Demons: Hippity Hoppity, I’m leaving this property

    Edit: How in all that is unholy do I have 300 likes?

  2. Honest plot:

    ID Software's Logo.
    Bethesda Software's Logo.
    Press Start/New Game/Ultra-Nightmare Difficulty.
    You open the door with the card, get the weapon and get into the elevator.
    – Warning: The Slayer has entered the facility.

  3. Que lixo. Os antigos eram legais.. a atmosfera… Esses novos eh só ação ação… Frenético demais. De DOOM não tem nada.

  4. Considering his current arsenal of a wrist blade and a shoulder cannon I think it’s appropriate to call him the DOOM PREDATOR!!!

  5. I keep trying to find the comment where someone made up an exchange between the guard and his superior about where his plasma rifle went after the slayer took it.

  6. It would have been even more awsome if they added some sort of a chain glory kill system for those moments that youve stunned multiple enemies with grenades or rockets . Like if doomguy picked up one daemon and beat another with it.

  7. Warning Slayer Has Entered the Facility
    Warning Slayer Threat at Maximum
    I love this game and it didn't even come out yet

  8. 0:28
    I think their conversation looked like this:
    Brandon you should really look behind you
    What?! Why? (oh shiiiii)

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