DRAGON BALL FighterZ – E3 2017 Trailer | XB1, PS4, PC

100 thoughts on “DRAGON BALL FighterZ – E3 2017 Trailer | XB1, PS4, PC

  1. JUST WANT TO TAKE A SECOND TO THANK JANYA MOTOMURA, TOMOKO HIROKI & the Developers of ARC SYSTEM WORKS for making a guys Dream finnaly come TRUE! This game is definitly a life Goal Masterpiece!

  2. Will this game feature a classic story mode? Or is it just about fighting with all the characters, and playing online, arcade modes and so on… And what do you guys thing about xenoverse 2? does it worth it? i am looking for a DBZ Game with classic story modes 🙂

  3. when will this guys invest in seriously in a open world kind of game man. dragonball is amazing and has such a potantial. just make at least a 3d game. i would love to see an open world 4 player (couch) dragon ball game. but i know that thats only a dream, but a REAL 3d game should be a must by now.

  4. Budokai tenkaichi 4 please. Full Story from dragonball to dragonball z with dragonball gt and super. Thats My Dream

  5. Yawn. No one that played BT3 will care about this. Re-master BT3 and clean up the controls a bit and you'll have a real masterpiece.

  6. Play the new DragonBall game its FREE BETA OPEN, PLay Now! https://youtu.be/x0q7_UUPrpo Juegas El nuevo juego de dragon ball z es GRATIS por tiempo limitado https://youtu.be/x0q7_UUPrpo (y)

  7. Can this be ported over to the switch pls? Looks really good and idc if there's a graphical downgrade I just wanna buy

  8. This game is horrible. I can't believe people like this crap. People are only saying this game is good because they are bandwagoning because of all the hype this crap got. Just stop being brainless morons who have no opinion of their own and just say their "opinions " are coincidentally always whatever gets a lot of hype and if it gets hype that automatically means it's good. It's sad to think something as amazing as Dragon Ball Z is being ruined by Fighterz, Super and the thing that originally ruined Dragon Ball by ruining it's fan base Dragon Ball AF.

  9. Should improve the connections when one is going to make an online game, because I tried to fight against others with the signal in 2 lines and I cut the game in the middle of the fight, it has happened to me several times.

  10. you elitist dbz fans are so annoying. everyone doesn't have to be in love with this game and think it's the best thing ever. people can like xenoverse and similar games better. it's called an opinion, learn to deal with someone having one that differs from yours. expressing an opinion that's different from yours isn't 'whining'.

  11. I honestly never got into the franchise (Although I do have a lot of respect on Akira Toriyama due to him doing art style for games such as Dragon Quest series, Chrono Trigger, and Blue Dragon.), but I still think this game looks sick and awesome, that's why I ordered it from Amazon yesterday. Besides, I knew the game is made by the same company that made the Guilty Gear series and the BlazBlue series. 😀

  12. “Wow this hyper dbz game sure is cool.”
    “Yeah but what about a shitty 3d version that costs full price. Oh and dlc”

  13. who else came here when they saw the new my hero academia game that arc system works (the people who made this game) are making and made a trailer already. I really want it to be on the switch.

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