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JUSTIN: That was my first
real anime was Dragon Ball Z. RYAN: Oh my goodness.
What’s happening? What is happening? JUSTIN: He did the thing. RYAN: Goku Black,
just wrecking shop. [INTRO MUSIC PLAYING] RYAN: Hello, my friends, and welcome back to
PlayStation Underground. On today’s show we are playing
Dragon Ball FighterZ which is out now on PS4. I am one of your hosts, Ryan. Also joined by Sid and Justin.
Hello, gentlemen. JUSTIN: Hello, hello.
SID: Hello there. RYAN: Sid, you’re
commentary right now, but then you’re going to
take the reigns later. Right now Justin and
I are going to start. JUSTIN: So you pick;
I’ll counter pick. Since you picked Krillin, I’ll
go with Android 18, obviously. RYAN: You have no
strategy to that, do you? JUSTIN: Yeah. Because they were romantically
involved later in Dragon Ball Z. SID: A couple confessions I have
to make: I have never really
watched Dragon Ball. RYAN: Okay. SID: And I’ve not yet
seen this game in action, although I have heard — RYAN: I’m so excited. SID: — really, really
good things about it. So everything you are about
to hear from me is completely authentic, first impressions. RYAN: Authentic, off-the-cuff, the most dangerous type of
Sid possible. Yeah. Ladies and gentlemen, this game
has been getting major kudos. We’re random? I wanted to go to the islands. JUSTIN: All right. SID: The islands.
RYAN: The islands. JUSTIN: Let’s blow
up these islands. RYAN: The three of us, probably
the least qualified Dragon Ball fighters around. JUSTIN: We’re not good. SID: Speak for yourself. RYAN: But I at
least am passionate. And I have assembled the
all-bald team specifically to channel my own shaved
head into a fighting energy. JUSTIN: That means you
can’t go Super Saiyan. SID: This is Arc
System Works, right? RYAN: Yes.
Developed by Arc System Works. Oh, man. Yeah, Krillin.
What’s up? I have been a long-time
fan of Arc System Works, so it is awesome to just see
them rocking and rolling and I would say making
a lot of headlines. Sid, this game is
getting a lot of buzz. The community has
embraced — oh hi, Justin. JUSTIN: Hey man.
I’m not waiting. RYAN: So I’m player
one; Justin is player two. And I guess we’re
just going to go for it. SID: Awesome animation in this. JUSTIN: Arc System Works, true
masters of what they do here. I can’t fire
anymore projectiles here. Yeah.
Get out of here. So there are, like, crazy
combos you can do in this game, but I don’t know how to do them. Sorry. RYAN: So Justin and I are just
going to kind of wing it here and have fun. I was doing a little training
over the weekend and this game seems like a great
mix of being approachable but having a lot of
depth to it. SID: Always good. RYAN: Yeah. Definitely. And I’m just realizing right now
that it’s very hard to play and talk at the same time. SID: You leave that to me. RYAN: Thanks, Sid. Sid, what is your
initial reaction, and what have you kind of made
of the mainstream appeal that this game has garnered recently. SID: Having Arc System Works, you know, Guilty Gear, all
those games — RYAN: BlazBlue? SID: BlazBlue. Absolutely natural
choice for this game. And, I mean, we’re seeing —
this is the most convincing recreation of a 2D anime
style game that I’ve ever seen. RYAN: It’s just so beautiful. Even when I’m
getting my butt kicked, it looks so good. JUSTIN: I think you’re
definitely winning right now. SID: There’s little
details about the animation too. It’s super fluid and smooth, but
then they have that kind of — RYAN: Oh god! Something’s happening!
Something’s up! SID: Like here.
This stuff is greet. They really nail the feel of the
show which is impressive in a fighter like this. Certainly looks great.
Awesome. RYAN: Nice. Nice. SID: Easy to see why people are
talking so much about this one. Now, how would you compare the
fighting style, Ryan? Is it closer to Street Fighter?
Is it like a Marvel? RYAN: Good question, Sid.
Thank you. It’s like you’re a
pro interviewer. SID: Yeah. RYAN: You are all over it. This game is basically — let
me give you the absolute basics. It’s a light, medium,
heavy setup on square, triangle, circle by default. And then you have X as
your kind of projectile. And that seems to be
mostly universal across all the fighters which is great because
that gives you — that lets you kind of have some
consistency across all the different
characters, right? I love these transitions. SID: This is awesome. RYAN: I got my
boy, Krillin, here. JUSTIN: Look at Krillin. RYAN: Krillin is looking good.
Looking real — oh. I’m so glad I blocked that. JUSTIN: Oh come on. RYAN: All right.
Last one. Last one. Here she comes. Android 18 is the business. Then — oh goodness. JUSTIN: Oh, I missed. RYAN: Whiffed.
Whiffed. And like I said, you have a lot
of these special moves too are also consistent
across these fighters. So it’s gonna be a lot of your
quarter, circle moves. A lot of, you know — and it’s
actually really nice because it’s kind of — I don’t
want to say simple because there’s a finesse to this that
we are not really showing well. KO. SID: That was plenty of finesse. You know, I think — the
accessibility I think the difficulty of actually
performing the moves is I think the fact that they
keep it pretty simple. Mortal Combat’s had a
lot of success with that. Street Fighter V has had a
lot of success with that. It’s seems to definitely be
in-vogue for fighting games. And it’s something that in the
old days fighting games tended to have these really complex
button tapping combinations, even like a Shoryuken used to
really drive people crazy trying to perfect that. I don’t know who any of
these characters are really. JUSTIN: That’s fine.
Just pick a random. RYAN: Actually, Sid, walk me
through — tell me what you think —
look — who’s the coolest person on
this screen? SID: This guy looks pretty cool.
He’s got a tongue on his head. Let’s go with that.
That looks pretty cool. RYAN: Yep.
Okay. SID: I like that. Ooh. Yeah.
Yeah. RYAN: So far you’re definitely
sticking with the Buu family. SID: Let’s go pink. RYAN: All right. So we got a lot of
pink, a pink theme here. And then where do
you want to go, Sid? Your choice. SID: Let’s go to Wasteland. That looks very
Dragon Ball to me. RYAN: Wasteland! JUSTIN: Yeah.
This game is super accessible. You can kind of get away with
coming in and being a button masher, and you can
pull off some cool stuff. But there is a lot of depth to
the fighting system as well. SID: I’m sure we’re going to see
a lot of that because this is scheduled for EVO now, isn’t it? JUSTIN: Yeah. I think this is
going to be at Evo. SID: All right. JUSTIN: That’s crazy. RYAN: And the nice thing about
what you guys are saying with it’s approachable,
but there’s depth, is that it’s a lot
about positioning. This game is a lot about
deciding when and where to dash; what type of dash to do; if
you should teleport behind your opponent; blocking, you
know, mixing up your combos. [LAUGHTER] That’s just like
Sid in the morning. SID: Yeah. RYAN: That’s how you
wake up every morning. There’s a lot there. So, for example,
let me just show you. I’m not going to
attack you right now. We have unlimited time.
Don’t worry. But there’s, like,
two types of dashes. There’s this quick dash that
kind of leads into an automatic combo. And then there’s this
longer form dash — sorry. That did do a little damage. You can get a free hit in. JUSTIN: Sid, hold square and X. RYAN: Square and X together? That’s your charge up. That’s your key charge. Let’s just do it. SID: I’m at maximum power. RYAN: Yeah. And then, Sid, square,
triangle, circle is your light, medium, heavy, and it
acts as your long-range. You got — switch out the your
two others characters on your team with L1 and L2. Hold it — tap it to summon them
and hold it down to get them actually swapped in. Majin Buu is just amazing. Look at those beautiful pants. JUSTIN: Sid, I’m not sure if
this is consistent for all characters, but
from what I’ve seen, the standard command for your
three bar crazy super move is quarter, circle, back and then
square and triangle at the same time. SID: It looks like I
know what I’m doing here. I like how they do
the projectiles. JUSTIN: Someone do
a crazy super move. RYAN: Do you want me too? All right.
I’ll try. ALL: Oh. RYAN: I missed.
Whiffed on that. By the way, that’s, like, the
best thing to whiff with is that little character
just flying through. You know what? I should probably focus now. SID: Oh. RYAN: So don’t forget you can
swap out your characters so that you don’t lose ’em. JUSTIN: Sid, do a
quarter, circle, back and then hit square and
triangle at the same time. RYAN: Give me that disc.
Let me see that disc. SID: You’re wrecking me. JUSTIN: Thrilling battle.
Ryan’s been practicing. RYAN: Yeah. Well, I mean, practicing
like I did the tutorials. SID: Kablammo. RYAN: Oh nice.
Nice, nice, nice. I got to get the
hell out of here. SID: Leave me alone. JUSTIN: Ryan, did you watch
Dragon Ball when you were younger? RYAN: I did a little bit. So I actually have fond
memories of the original, original Dragon Ball. Then I kind of caught
some of Dragon Ball Z. Never got into it as much as — there are some people,
bless their hearts, that just live and breathe
Dragon Ball. And I think that’s awesome. It just seems like — it really
does have a lot of mainstream appeal especially in the
early anime days in the U.S. JUSTIN: That was my first
real anime was Dragon Ball Z. RYAN: Oh my goodness. What’s happening?
What is happening. JUSTIN: He did the thing. RYAN: Goku Black
just wrecking shop. Can you wreck shop? Can you wreck your own shop? That’s the question
that I want to know. SID: Cheater.
My controller didn’t work right. Some sort of latency. RYAN: So you guys
want to swap out? JUSTIN: You didn’t end with
the destructive finish though, so it doesn’t really count. RYAN: I’m sorry. “That doesn’t count.”
That’s right. JUSTIN: So I think Sid
wins that one by default. RYAN: Now Justin is
taking over player one; Sid is going to be player two. You guys can do
character selection or whatever. JUSTIN: Yeah. RYAN: Thank you.
Next match. JUSTIN: Let see. I want to be Trunks.
I’m going to be Trunks. Trunks is cool. RYAN: So Trunks brings
a sword into battle? JUSTIN: Yeah.
Why not? RYAN: That doesn’t
seem fair, right? JUSTIN: Let’s just do
the whole Saiyan team. RYAN: Almost everyone else — JUSTIN: Vegeta mirror
match here? Let’s do it. RYAN: Everyone else is basically
hand-to-hand combat and then Trunks decides I’m
going to bring a bladed weapon into this ring. I don’t know about that. JUSTIN: There are no rules
against bringing a bladed weapon into the tournament. RYAN: Who makes
the rules, Justin. JUSTIN: I don’t know.
Clearly nobody. SID: It’s the age-old question,
it’s like Yoshimitsu in Tekken. It never made sense. He’s the one guy with a sword. RYAN: The one guy. SID: Why wouldn’t everyone
just bring guns and stuff. [LAUGHTER] RYAN: Just bring a
bunch of weapons. JUSTIN: Bring a
sword to a fist fight. RYAN: You’re ignoring the
honor of the battlefield. I love when the characters
actually respond to each other. JUSTIN: Yeah. SID: This animation
is out of control. RYAN: It’s out of
control, right? It’s ridiculous. JUSTIN: Poor, sweet Yamcha
looking to take on Trunks. SID: It’s not too smooth either. It’s got the sort of jerky
quality that the show does. RYAN: Yeah. They actually try and mimic
that sort of sprite style. SID: Frenetic. RYAN: It’s like a sprite-style
system but using those 3D models. It’s amazing. Like I said, I’ve been a fan
of Arc System Works for years. SID: Bam, bam.
Devastating. RYAN: Beautiful. SID: Devastating. RYAN: You’ll also notice, folks,
if you haven’t seen a lot of this game before, as
you execute combos, you’ll be unlocking the Dragon
Balls on the bottom of your screen. JUSTIN: Yeah.
What do those do? RYAN: Once you collect all
of them — JUSTIN: You can make a wish. RYAN: You make a wish. SID: How do you swap out again? RYAN: Hold down L1 or L2. So in — L1 is the
character below your health bar, and L2 is the
character, you know, second down. JUSTIN: Get ’em. There you go. Boosh. SID: Crazy. RYAN: Just don’t worry about it. You just blew up
that whole area. Everybody set.
Everybody’s okay. JUSTIN: Oh, I got a weird
color loadout for Vegeta here. RYAN: Well, we can’t
all be the original. We can’t all be OG. JUSTIN: I’m going to earn my
place as the original Vegeta. That was cool. RYAN: Yeah. It’s been fun to see the
fighting game community rally around this game though. JUSTIN: Go! RYAN: Oh, blocked. JUSTIN: He blocked it. RYAN: Blocked. Get in there, Sid.
Sid, switch out. Don’t forget you can switch out. You have to hold the
button down to switch. Oh god. SID: I’m struggling a
bit with the switching. JUSTIN: Just hold L1 or L2. RYAN: Wait, wait. Hold on. Let your character
— now you’re good. Now hold L1. SID: Okay. RYAN: You got it. SID: It takes a little rhythm.
You can’t just mash it. RYAN: Gotta be
careful with that one. Yeah. The switch is vital to the
strategy of the overall combat, much like other
team-based style fighting games; managing your team’s
health, your team’s loadout, the different style
characters that they are. All those are considerations
that I have absolutely no idea about because I will
only play this twice. I bring in the
passion, Sid, the enthusiasm. SID: I see that.
I reflected you. RYAN: Also, guys, mix
it up a little bit. Besides your two dashes,
Sid, that you have on R1 and R2 depending, you also if you
press triangle and circle simultaneously, you will
teleport behind the other character. JUSTIN: Oh nice. RYAN: So that is the third main
movement mechanic that you have besides the two dashes. SID: I am way outmatched here. JUSTIN: Yeah.
That was rad. RYAN: Oh.
Is this the end? SID: I wish I could do
all that cool stuff. RYAN: Kablammo. Destructive Finish! JUSTIN: There you go. So that means I’m the best
player here because I did a Destructive Finish. RYAN: I wasn’t even playing
and I also won the last match, so don’t you throw that around. Don’t you throw that
around flippantly. JUSTIN: That was fun. RYAN: We’re earning
our coworkers some Zeni, some major Zeni for his account. JUSTIN: With your dad.
His dad is Vegeta. SID: Which is the first
game that Zeni appeared in? RYAN: Oh gosh. JUSTIN: Don’t do this. RYAN: If you quote this, we’re
going to have to go and check you later. Are you sure you
know it for sure? SID: Zeni is a popular tradition
in a lot of Capcom games. I actually looked it up earlier. Here you take it.
I’m terrible at this game. RYAN: Yeah. But you’re having fun, and
that’s the most important thing. SID: That’s what it’s all about.
You guys are just too good. RYAN: Sorry, everyone. I’m sticking with
my all-bald team. I think that I’m the best at it. JUSTIN: I’m going to be this
team of really bad characters. RYAN: Really bad characters.
Like evil? JUSTIN: I just
think their goofy, silly characters. RYAN: Goofy in the best way. Where were we before? JUSTIN: What’s the
one on the left? Cavern.
Do Cavern. That looks fun. RYAN: The most dramatic
fights happen in caverns. JUSTIN: Yeah. I think — I can’t
really argue with that. RYAN: Captain Ginyu. JUSTIN: So he has a move — I’m
not sure how to do it — but you can actually switch places with
the other character because that’s
what he does on the anime. RYAN: Do you want to
look at the move list? JUSTIN: No, it’s okay. I don’t need to
look at no move list. RYAN: Look at that move list. JUSTIN: Okay.
I’ll look at the move list. RYAN: Only pros look at move
lists. JUSTIN: Let take a
look at the move list. It will be fun for the show. RYAN: Yeah.
Look at Krillin. Whoopsie daisy. I like how the other two people
on the team are just standing there like gritting their teeth. Whoa.
Look at that earring. Looks good. Oh my god.
He’s huge. JUSTIN: Look at
that size difference. RYAN: Are you kidding me. Wait. Hold on. I don’t even come
up to your belt. JUSTIN: Look at that. So you can’t just — to prevent accidentally pausing
the game, you have to hold
options to pull up the. SID: Nice touch. JUSTIN: Special move list. Okay.
I want Ginyu. RYAN: So, Sid, this is
what I’m talking about. Look at how
streamline this move list is. And it’s amazing, they have
little tips at the bottom of the screen. I mean, really the developers
have thought of everything to make this as
approachable as possible. SID: Fascinating. JUSTIN: I’m going
straight to Ginyu. RYAN: Okay. I guess we’re going. SID: I think I was reading
that Android 16 is super, super strong in this game. RYAN: Yeah. I think I read that
same article actually. Sid, you and I so much alike. JUSTIN: Brought in
the whole Ginyu force. RYAN: Real quick. Stop, Justin. Time out. Time out. Look at this. Let me do my thing. I can throw these
little beans or rocks. And I don’t understand,
really, what this move does. JUSTIN: Hit me with it. It just annoys me. RYAN: It doesn’t
do a lot of damage. JUSTIN: Maybe it’s a set-up,
like a little stunt so you can go into a combo. RYAN: It must be because I
can throw them at different distances. All right.
You know what? Let’s get the heck out of here. All right.
Now it’s the real deal. Nice job.
Nice, nice. Let’s go.
Into the air we go. Go, Piccolo. Power of the aerial combo. Oh boy. JUSTIN: I missed. I didn’t get to
do the body swap. RYAN: Here he comes, Kablam! JUSTIN: Should have swapped out. Get out of here. Look at this guy. RYAN: Nappa is a handsome fella. SID: You guys are pulling
some massive combos here. JUSTIN: That’s Ryan
pulling off the massive combos. RYAN: Oomph.
Right in the gut. I walked right — oh my god. He’s spitting
giant energy at me. I don’t like it. And there’s this
little green man attacking. What is happening? JUSTIN: The Saibamen? RYAN: I need to get
the heck out of here. I was holding — SID: Straight punch to the face. RYAN: I was just standing there
like I think this will work out well for me. JUSTIN: Go. Nope, nope, nope, nope, nope.
Blocked, blocked. ALL: Oh! RYAN: Got it. What’s up? What’s up? Keeping you on your toes, buddy. SID: A little grav
move there thwarted. RYAN: I think I threw a
bean at you at some point. JUSTIN: I saw that.
What is that? Oh, I’m planting the Saibamen.
I get it. SID: Oh cool. RYAN: Dig it. I think you got this one unless
Krillin can turn it around. JUSTIN: Krillin is the secret
MVP of the Dragon Ball universe. RYAN: Well, not today. JUSTIN: What?
I blocked it. Okay. SID: Crazy special
effects in this. RYAN: You’re just charging up,
just taking that time to charge. JUSTIN: Yeah. I want to try and get
a destructive finish. SID: That’s greedy. JUSTIN: My pride
will be my undoing. RYAN: I don’t know.
You’re really close. JUSTIN: There we go. RYAN: I think this is it.
I think this is it. Whoa. SID: Awesome. JUSTIN: And Krillin is dead. RYAN: Ladies and gentlemen, this
has been Dragon Ball FighterZ which is out now on PS4. JUSTIN: That’s
“FighterZ” with a Z. Capital Z. RYAN: “FighterZ”
with a capital Z. Justin, Sid, thank you for
joining me. And until next time, folks, we’ll see next time
you on PlayStation Underground. [OUTRO MUSIC PLAYING]

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