Dream Desk – The Ultimate MacBook Pro Surprise Setup

– Yo, guys, Jonathan here,
and welcome to Dream Desk 4, which is simple, but powerful,
packs a ton of pixels. But this one is special,
because this dream desk is mine. (“Shelter” by Porter Robinson & Madeon) (phone ringing) – [Meredith] Hello? – Hi, Meredith? – [Meredith] Yes. – How’s it going? – [Meredith] Good, hi
Jonathan, how are you? – I’m good, sorry if this is super random. – [Meredith] Oh, no problem. – Yeah, so, back with Dream
Desk 3, I remember you tweeted, and that kinda really stuck with me, just, I remember seeing that tweet about how your son woke you
up to go watch Dream Desk 3. Well, I’m building my desk right now, so I kinda had the idea
of surprising your son with a setup like mine. – [Meredith] Oh, man, he’d love that! Yeah, yeah, oh, this is so cool, like (laughing) how do I keep my cool when I’m so excited on his behalf? Oh, neat. Man, I wish you had any idea
how much of a fan he was. You have inspired so many desk changes, and, you know, just
inspiration for him in general to continually try and
redo what he already has. (electronic music) – So, this setup is centered around a 2016 15 inch MacBook Pro
and LG’s Ultrafine 5K display. Being able to dock a MacBook
Pro into a 5K display is something I’ve wanted
for a really long time. Using a 5K iMac and then
going back to a 4K display always felt like a bit of a downgrade, so this gives me the best of both worlds. Now, the desk itself, funny enough, is technically a dining table, so if you walked into the
office section at IKEA, you would never see it. So when I happened to stumble
upon it in the dining section, I immediately fell in love. It has a beautiful,
glossy, reflective top, tons of room for activities, really well-built legs that are classy, but also let you do some serious wizardry with cable management. Now, the MacBook Pro itself
is the top spec i7 model with Radeon Pro 460 graphics. And controversy in dongles aside, performance for me has been fantastic. The video you’re watching right
now was shot in RED 6K RAW and was edited entirely on this machine. Jumping back to the Ultrafine 5K, huge shout-out to LG for not
only sending this my way early, but also sponsoring Dream Desk 4. It is a beautiful 5K display that connects through a
single Thunderbolt 3 cable, and on top of giving
you dock functionality with three extra USB-C ports, it is also powering the
MacBook Pro, which is awesome. Small things like being able
to control the brightness within Mac OS is a nice
touch, but more than anything, it is a really impressive-looking display. If you’ve used or you’re
coming from a 5K iMac, it is every bit as good, and
possibly a little better. It’s super bright, has beautiful colors, and honestly, so far I couldn’t
be happier with this combo. Now, behind the monitor, making everything look nice and pretty is the Hue Lightstrip Plus from Philips, who are also awesome enough
to sponsor Dream Desk 4. Getting to partner with Philips has been one of the coolest
experiences so far for me. If you’ve watched any of my
videos, you know I love lights, and there’s something special about adding color to your
setup, especially your desk. It kinda just gets your brain going, and for me, helps creatively. Now, as far as the speakers, I’ve been searching and
looking for the perfect pair pretty much all year, but
finally, I think I found them. These are the ADAM ARTist
3s, which look amazing and pack an incredible sound
in a relatively small package. They have a ton of inputs,
but also connect through USB, which is super handy. The 4 and a half inch carbon fiber woofer pumps out some pretty impressive low-end, but what stood out to me
most was the high-end. I am not sure what kinda
magic is going on here, but these are some of
the clearest speakers I’ve ever heard in my life. Being able to hear every instrument, every nuance is incredible, and then things like Stereolink, where a single control on one
speaker controls both of them, is icing on the cake. Now, to the right of the desk, this is the LaCie Bolt 3, which is a two terabyte
Thunderbolt 3 external SSD with insane speeds. Inside are two one
terabyte M.2 PCIe drives, which pump out over 2,000
megabytes per second on the write side, and
over 2,500 on the read. So, with this, you’re essentially getting the same performance of
the MacBook Pro internally, but on an external drive. What’s kinda cool is that it
comes with a removable stand that attaches magnetically, and
also a magnetized cable door that pops open to plug things in, and closes to keep things nice and tidy. As far as the rest of the setup, to keep things clean and to
connect through Bluetooth, I’m rocking the Apple wireless keyboard and the Logitech MX Master. I’ve finally given up the Performance MX, and it seems like any
problems or bugs I had with the MX Master before are gone, and so far, after this switch, I am really enjoying this mouse. Rounding out the desk,
things would not be complete without the Tomons Desk Lamp, which gives me some of that
Toy Story Pixar action. Now that my setup is complete, though, it is time to hop on a
plane, and head to St. Louis. So, made it out to St.
Louis, holy balls is it cold. My face is numb, but
that is beside the point, because it is now time to
meet Ms. Meredith, the mom. Let’s go. Now, because Meredith and her son were going to see family for the holidays, the timeframe was extremely narrow, so what I did was overnight
the computer, the monitor, the speakers, the accessories,
from B&H and Amazon. Luckily, they came through. The only thing missing, though, was the most important part
of the setup, the desk itself. So, after we made sure
everything else was there, we headed out to IKEA. Now, I gotta tell you guys, Meredith is an incredible single mom. The initial tweet of her being
that involved with her son spoke volumes to me, but getting a chance to hang out with her was a completely different level. She battles Vascular EDS, and, no joke, just came
off surgery this week, and instead of staying back, resting, she was right there with me at IKEA, going to Lowe’s to rent a truck. And seeing how selfless she is, and how much love she has
for her son is incredible. – You know, that keeps me going. My disease is second to
the fact that I’m a mom, and I make everything fit
into the mom part first. And, you know, I obviously do what I can to take care of myself, but it’s all secondary to being a mom. You get inspiration from having a kid that’s unreal. Like, I didn’t know what inspiration was until I had a kid to fight for. You know, it has kept me going when things were not looking great. – Now, to keep things a surprise, she was able to work
with her sister-in-law to keep her son distracted. Trying to do this in a single day may have been a little
ambitious, time was flying by. But it was now time to
build out the setup. (bright music) Now, for her son, BB, there
were four elements of my setup that I really wanted to bring to his, the first of which being the same desk, which we were able to find, a 15 inch Space Gray MacBook Pro that he could dock into a monitor, white speakers so he could get that really clean,
white, Stormtrooper look, and, most importantly, I
wanted to give him a splash of that TLD lighting, which
ended up working amazing, because after talking to Meredith, he had been wanting Philips Hue forever. So, it’s the end of the day, been battling the clock, but, somehow, managed
to pull everything off. Meredith is on her way
right now to pick up BB, who has no idea what is coming next. (muffled talking from outside) (deeply exhaling) My heart’s, like, pounding. (sweet music) How’s it going, dude? – [BB] Hi. – [Jonathan] Nice to meet you. – Nice to meet you, too. – Yeah, surprise. – [BB] Is this real? – Yes, sir. You know, seeing her say that,
like, you clean your desk because of–
– Yeah, yeah. – My videos, was cool. – Yeah, I watch all of ’em. – That’s so cool, dude. So, I figured I was building my desk, and let’s make you a setup like mine. – I can’t even say thank you enough. It just amazes me so much
that you would actually think about that tweet, and end up coming to my house, and showing up with a amazing desk. – The experience of it, I think,
was a lot of fun, you know? I knew you were gonna do
something great for him, but I didn’t really think
I’d take a part in it. So, it was neat to
spend the day, you know, with you, and you know,
getting to meet you, that’s just great, (laughing)
that’s really cool. This was a great way to spend a day. He’s happy, he’s so happy, and surprised, and I don’t get to do that very often, so, I mean, who gets to
hang out with, you know, with somebody that they admire that much? So, to see him actually get
to meet you in real life, I think, as awesome as the desk is, just getting to hang with you is probably what will
stick with him for life. – So, the jet black in the Apple phone… (phone rings) Is that Austin? (“Fade Away” by Logic)

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