Dying Light Duplication Glitch 2019 2 – PS4/PC/XB1 • EPA_Reversed

Hey guys, welcome back to another video
and today’s video is gonna… I’m gonna teach you how to do the duplication
glitch so, ah, what you have to do is go to any safe zone. It could be like this… like any safe zone. So I’m gonna go to this one right here
so what you’d want to do is when you’re… click… when you click on… click join on
matchmaking, um, you turn off your internet completely. So that’s what… I’ll just show
you. So be in your loot bag… um… and then I am pretty sure I have some packs in here, and I got a check… um… no, I don’t have any… um… I’ll just put
in some. So, um, put this in my storage. And once you do that… um… you press
options: Matchmaking Quick Join. And then you wait. And you click yes and then once
you click yes again, you have to turn off your internet completely and turn it back on. So now… um… you have to, ah… says
you’re gonna be playing on your own. You press okay, and after you press okay you have to spam square
like this, it opens up that menu and once you do that. You wait, you go down to
whatever you want to duplicate and go down all the way to the bottom well for
me because I’m going to duplicate these. Drop… drop it. Don’t drop more than one,
or your game will crash. You pick it up, and now you have two. And I’ll show you
proof so if we go back to the safe zone. I’ll meet you guys there
so as you see if you go down here I only had one stack of my inventory,
now there’s two and you can go down here. there’s a stack in there still so liked
and subscribed if this helped you oh you don’t need to subscribe just like the
video with this with this like glitched helped you a lot and peace

11 thoughts on “Dying Light Duplication Glitch 2019 2 – PS4/PC/XB1 • EPA_Reversed

  1. Hi bro great video i was just wondering if you could help me get materials in dying light because im running quite low on them. Thanks 😊

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