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E3 2017 has come to a close, and we’re bringing you the top stories from the event. I’m arlo and this is the gamers brief The previously codenamed project Scorpio was fully revealed at Microsoft’s press Conference the console boasts impressive specs and a $499 price point Promising true 4k gaming and the most powerful home console ever created most notably however the system proves once again that Microsoft will always Exceed our expectations In giving their consoles the most lazy names possible. We are pre proud to welcome the newest member of the Xbox family fittingly named Xbox one x Nintendo has released info on a new Yoshi title in development for the Nintendo Switch the game retains the Handmade aesthetic established in Woolly World though focuses more on papercraft a La paper Mario color Splash fans can look forward to family-Friendly co-op action when Yoshi lands on the Switch in 2018 Apparently all of this info was presented in the nintendo spotlight, though for some mysterious reason no one seemed to notice viewers may remember a Few years back when Bethesda fell under fire for setting up a system wherein they could charge for mods of Their popular games such as fallout 4 and skyrim fan backlash caused them to scrap the idea so at this year’s e3 Conference they decided to address the issue by introducing creation club a system wherein they can charge for…mods Really, okay? Scavengers studio showed off their upcoming game the Darwin project at Microsoft’s conference though the showing did not go according to plan After a quiet, moody cinematic where combatants hunt each other in the snowy night We were treated to a gameplay demo and just as it started a bearded man in a bright yellow shirt rushed the stage and began Ranting incoherently that red outline as a portal unicorn And he putting it about a hundred [Metres] away now Standing ever closer join that beeline and now he’s going to cloak it up is he gonna walk in through the front door or what? [incohertent shouting in the style of an eSports announcer] E3 officials were able to remove him once the demo was over, but he managed to escape before he could be identified After months of rumors and alleged Leaks ubisoft surprised the world by finally revealing their latest collaboration with Nintendo Mario and Rabbids Kingdom Battle features Mario and rabid characters venturing through the mushroom kingdom and engaging in turn-based tactical combat The real surprise wasn’t simply that they were making a mario and rabbits crossover however, but that it kind of looks good (surprised) At EA’s press conference the company showed off the latest installment in the need for speed franchise in a gameplay demo We watched the game’s main protagonists chase down and board a semi-truck holding a valuable prize based on their performance We can easily assume that this prize is much more valuable obviously than human lives [Music Plays] need for speed Murder innocent motorists launches this fall Dubstep Panda More on this as it develops in a shocking turn of events actress and comedian Aisha Tyler has gone missing audience members and online viewers alike were shocked when the entirety of ubisoft Conference passed without tyler taking the stage and fans can only assume that the company was unable to locate her before the show if you have any information regarding her whereabouts please contact the event coordinator for ubisoft 2018 Conference and Probably her family too and Aisha if you’re watching this please come home every second. You’re gone is one second Mr Caffeine might try to make his comeback Star Wars Battlefront II played a big part in EA’s conference and the Company was very eager to drop the Megaton announcement that the game would have a single-Player campaign when can we play a Star Wars story? We don’t want to just relive the movies. We’ve watched them a million times, but we want to do is have a new and authentic Untold story this feature as you know is both groundbreaking and revolutionary And based on their presentation one can only assume that it never been done before [sarcastically] can we just take a moment here appreciate the fact that we get to be droids in Star Wars It’s going to be awesome according to trusted sources playing as droids is also quote Mind-blowing Sony showed off a wide variety of games at their briefing touching on both traditional and VR Exclusive titles the presentation was hosted exclusively by SIE America President Shawn Layden And I couldn’t think of a single joke about any part of the conference something about being tired of Skyrim, but that’s it so the Gamers Brief is dubbing Sony’s 2017 conference the least funny conference in the expos history Hopefully next year, they’ll deliver some stuff. That’s easier to make fun of Lastly the Gamers Brief has Gathered data from a broad range of viewers sampling from every available demographic in order to Determine What was the best thing to come out of E3 2017 poll results have been received and analyzed and the gamers Brief has determined E3’s greatest moment Which it has chosen to ignore because this one is way better I’m arlo and you’ve been watching the gamers Brief Good Night and Good game

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