E3 2018: Activation Strategy With Facebook Gaming, Survios & Funko

E3 is a big deal for us, it’s like, my Super Bowl. I think this year’s activation is focused more on the community. Where in years past we maybe had Oculus take the lead… This year it’s really about how we’re growing the community and fostering an environment for creators to communicate with their constituents and develop a relationship long-term with these folks. It’s our first time at E3 but we’re selling a lot of exclusives here on-site. We wanted to come here, partner with GameStop, and focus on video game related products. E3 is obviously a perfect fit for that. At the end of the day we’re trying to bring VR to the masses. Tuesday through Thursday, we’re gonna be on our own booth showcasing ‘Creed.’ That will be a spectacle on its own. Women in gaming is something that’s been very passionate for us at Facebook for the last few years. We’ve launched our own ‘Women in Gaming’ activity, both with a presence where women can tell their stories and a lot of the initiatives that we have internally to bring more women into the gaming industry. There’s over 2 billion gamers out there and 800 million of them have connected on Facebook alone. And so the more that we can help bring these folks together and provide them with a space where they can consume gaming content, discover new games and obviously to help advertisers help their constituents. The experience that fans have is important to us. We listen to what people have to say, we ask what people want us to make what licenses they want us to pursue. We are collectors, we are fans. It’s not just a business to us. It’s truly a passion. This is a great pulpit for communication. And that’s why E3 is so important to us.

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