Elders Play Grand Theft Auto V (Elders React: Gaming)

♪ (old school video game music) ♪ Grand Theft Auto Five! Oh goodness.
I’ve heard about this one. I’ve heard of Grand Theft Auto.
It’s a pretty big show. I saw this game before on TV, I think. Why, I believe I’ve seen
the trailer for this. The goal of the game is
to be a successful criminal. Seems to be a very popular
game with the kids. Why would you want to teach
the kids how to steal a car? I don’t want my grandkids
to see me doing this. I don’t really want to do this,
but I’m here. I know I’m going to screw this up. Oh, I like that!
Look at that body. That’s me?
Whoa! He is kinda good looking. Looks just like me. 100 years ago. Am I supposed to be doing something now? So then I make him move? Oop! Well, okay, we got that. That’s left, right. I’m not doing very well with this guy. Forward–ooh, don’t hit the wall! Oh, let’s go.
Look at that. I’m a manly man! Ooh, oh, I like this house. Is that his wife or his girlfriend? – (woman chugs)
– Who’s an alcoholic. (woman) Six more of these
and I’ll be comatose enough – to sleep with you!
– It’s his wife. He’s had enough of these women.
Let’s go outside. Walk through the door.
There you go. Go, go, go! The graphics are gorgeous, fantastic. Oh, that looks like it’s
Sunset Boulevard or something. So is there a goal to this game? Do you create a goal?
Is there a goal? Oh, I think I want that car. A convertible parked in the driveway. I’m gonna get into the car
if I can figure out how to get into the car here. I’m mad at the car. (laughs) Okay, well,
we don’t wanna kick it. Okay, there it is. Right? Nope. Huh? Come on. Come on, reach for it. Let’s see what these things do. Ah-hah! – Whoo hoo!
– (tires squeal) Something’s–(laughs) I laid a patch. Oh, oh, there you go. Whoa! Oh, [bleep]. Am I ever gonna get out of the driveway? It’s like too much happening
at one time here for me. Let’s destroy him.
That’s it. Just go right over. Go! (engine revs) Oh, look at that.
His whole window’s broken. (laughs) You stupid fool. (takes pin out of grenade) (Finebros) You just dropped
a grenade right behind you! – That’s okay.
– (explosion) Wasted! Oh my gosh, that’s awful. – What?
– (Finebros) When you die, – you start over again.
– So stupid. (whimpers) Stop, stop, stop! (whispers) ‘Kay. – (engine revving)
– (Finebros) Why did you stop? ‘Cause it’s a stop sign! ‘Kay, stop, stop, stop. I’m waiting for the light to change. There’s a pedestrian too. – There you go.
– (tires screech) – Come on, John, you can do it.
– (horn beeps) (laughs) [bleep], oh god [bleep] damn it! (crash, horns honking) (main character)
So you’re gonna drive into me?! (laughs) Shut up. I could steal a car? (laughs) That’s really nice. But wait–oh, okay.
There we go. Shut the door. Now, look mean.
Hey, there it is. – Hey!
– (tires squeal) (main character) [bleep]
I’m gonna be usin’ your car. Yeah, I am!
Who da man?! Let’s get outta here.
Oop, wrong way. (laughter) We’re outta here! Take that old station wagon.
Get in there. I’m gone. You can do whatever you want in this game. Oh man!
Destruction derby. – (beeping)
– Is that you on my sidewalk? – (laughter)
– (main character) Oh [bleep]! Sorry. Oh, I’m down at Santa Monica. Oh my god, that even looks like
the real sign down at the pier. I think I wanna go on the roller coaster. Whoa! Oh, look at that!
That is so cool. (gasps) – (riders scream)
– This thing vibrates. (riders scream) Wow! (riders shriek) (laughter) Oh, that was cool! “Press to play tennis.”
Oh my god. Come on. The [bleep] is wrong with me? Oh, geeze.
That’s expressive language. – hard! hard!
– (grunting) – Right to her.
– (tennis player grunts) Over! – Hey, you can play.
– (woman) No, don’t get up– No, you’re outta shape. (horns beep) They’re gonna cancel
my insurance, for god sakes. What do I do? Oh, no, pistol. Uh oh. Oh, oh, look at that. Did I just find a bunch of guns? (laughs) Oh, baby!
Hey, hey R 15. I’m lookin’ for trouble. – (horn beeps)
– (gunfire) – (gasps) Ooh.
– (people scream) Sorry about that.
Oopsie. (gunfire, screaming) (laughter) Now I’m beginning to have fun. I got a gun.
Where’s a person? (gunfire) Oooh! (cackles) I shot some people. Ooh, that’s the one I want. Here comes a guy!
Kill the guy. (main character) You will find everything
that’s wrong with this place. There you go.
Shoot him again if he’s not dead yet. Oh, here’s another one. – Get her.
– (gunfire, screaming) – (laughter)
– (woman) Jesus Christ! Okay, now just remember,
this is make believe. – (gunfire)
– You know what? I don’t like this. All these games are based
on the dark side of life. (woman groans) – (Finebros) What did you do?!
– I decked her. – (Finebros) Why?!
– I don’t know. I didn’t mean to.
I wanted to shoot her. (laughs) I got a knife. A knife, you’re closer to the victim. – It’s more personal.
– (woman) Wow, you’re so dirty! – Uh oh.
– (woman) You’re a naughty boy. – (woman) Go–
– (laughs) I hit a woman for
the first time in my life… and I’m having fun! (screaming, gunfire) (laughter) It’s fun, man.
It’s pretty cool. It’s a weird satisfaction, man.
It’s weird. – What does that star mean?
– (Finebros) That means the cops – are coming for you.
– Oh. I’m invincible.
Where are they? I’ll never give up!
You’ll never take me alive! – (gunfire)
– Here, turn around. Turn around, turn around. (explosion) Oh, I’m… wasted! Oh, there are the police!
Oh my god, get out of the way. – Turn around. Get over here.
– (cop) Drop the weapon! No, don’t drop that weapon!
Get up, you idiot. Oh, geeze. Busted! (laughs) Well, as well he should be.
He’s killed a few people. I’m trying to get away from the cops. Too late. You can’t get away from the cops.
There’s no fun in life anymore. Like in the old days,
when there wasn’t DNA and [bleep]. (cops scream indistinctly) (Finebros) Cathy, you got caught! Damn! (gunfire, sirens wail) Uh, yeah, yeah.
Run, run. Yeah, that’s it.
Can I run back inside? Ooh, okay, I’m way dead. See, this is fun.
I don’t know why. – (gunfire)
– I don’t think I would kill people for real. Where are the cops? (grunting) Come on, kill some cops. (laughs) I need another gun. Ooh. This kind of game, man.
Think of all the wackos out there. This kind of stuff brings it out of them. Makes people do all kind
of violent things, man. People, everybody,
I can’t stand them anymore! (Finebros) Don, the cops are coming! Who gives about a [bleep] the cops?! Oh yeah, wise guy? (gunfire) Oh, I got hit.
Twice. Oh, god!
Dammit, get out of there. Ooh! Christ, I’m a nervous wreck. – (screaming)
– That’s it, that’s it. Just take the building. I’d like to have him turn
the gun on himself. Yeah, go get him!
Get him, cops. Kill him. (cops scream indistinctly) – (main character) ass [bleep]!
– (laughter) Okay, guys, is this over yet? – (explosion)
– Oh good. Thank you. Ugh. That’s a nightmare. I liked this one.
It was funny. I’m loathe to admit it,
but it is actually fun. It’s very fun to do naughty things. That was awful!
Why is it worth glorifying evil? Why did you have me do this?
I think it’s a little too violent. Some people would say it’s a release,
to get it off your chest, and to get it out of your system.
I don’t think so. I wouldn’t want
my grandkids playing this one. It might brainwash
them into wanting to do something violent sometime.
But normal people would be all right. I had fun with the violence
’cause it’s just a game. You have to have a release, you know? Great way to–(sighs).
I had a rough day, I feel lousy,
and you go home and you fire this baby up.
You’re in a different place! I don’t think this encourages crime. Anybody who does that is
pre-determined to do that anyway. (Finebros) So do you think you wanna kill
anyone after playing this game? – Yes, especially you!
– (Finebros) Me?! Yeah! Getting me into this damn game. Thanks for watching us cause some chaos
here on the React Channel. Which games should we play next?
Comment down below. This is a stick up!
Subscribe or else! (mimics gun) Bye, guys!
This city is mine. ♪ (old school video game music) ♪

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