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What’s up Konsumer! In this vid, as you already read, in the title, we will have a look at the Asus ROG Mothership. And to make this video as cringy as possible, we need to do one more thing… Much better… This is probably the biggest, baddest, heaviest, best laptop that has been introduced in recent years and has almost hit the store shelves. Let’s introduce ourselves to Asus ROG Mothership… …laptop??? The weight of the box indicates theres something serious inside. First impressions hint that if they made such an effort on the packaging, and I think it opens like a spaceship, the machine must be serious.. The laptop is heavy, won’t lie. Rougly about 5 kg’s. It’s split in 2 boxes. First one is the laptop itself the 2nd one contains all the accessories. The first things I noticed are 1) It’s THICCC 2) It has 2 power bricks That’s because the latop is insanely powerful and it requires 2 adapters. The assembly is somewhat tricky. More because you don’t want to break anything by accident and then pay up. From the looks of it it just appears to be a thick laptop, right? Well, kinda. The chassis resembles a squashed PC and then, like a BTW, there is also a keyboard. On the back it has a kicktand that opens once you place the laptop on the table correctly. I son’t think this will be a mass consumer product not even for most gamers it is a niche product and the whole existance of it seems to be for the few. I can’t help but to think that with this Asus want to show off what they can build kinda telling the competition: “your turn to show us what you got” meaning – build your version of the most powerful yet compact laptop. Here you go… That’s what it looks like. In the first part I’ll talk more about the build and in the second more about the components and usage. Everything is neatly packed i nthe PC itself. The keyboard feels like just an accessory. The ventilation is located on the back of tha laptop. It’s blow out under the kickstand and through the vents on the side. It’s actually a smart solution as usually laptops heat up under the keyboard when under heavy load. So you won’t feel any heat while working on it. The cahssis is made out of Aluminium and is very sturdy. Fells like a brick. Basically the only part that somewhat bends is the keyboard. IThe thermals are managed by 8 heatpipes! And it is loud AF! The PC’s will have 2 screens to choose from. 4K 60Hz and FullHD 144Hz panels with Nvidia’s G-Sync The 4K panel has 100% Adobe RGB The FHD one won’t. The sound from this machine is very loud. You kinda don’t even need additional speakers. That is possible thanks to Sabre Hi-Fi which outputs more Db’s than any other standard laptop currently. Under the screen they have located the speakers. Which it has 4 of. The laptop also has built in Wi-Fi standard AX. Now briefly what AX is.. Ok, now it’s time for what’s inside. And it has a few new things not common in laptops at all. The hart of if is the current best processor, the Intel i9-9980HK which is also factory overclocked The RAM can be upgraded to 64Gb The GPU is RTX 2080, also factory overclocked. And the SSD is not a bleak 1 something, something, but 3 512Gb and they are all connected in RAID 0 Briefly what is RAID 0. It’s a system of connected drives that prioritizes read and write speed over anything else. So the speeds compared to my PC’s standard SSD are insane. Now about the last part we’ve not talked about, the keyboard. In fact, it’s more or less all clear about it. You can connect it to the PC in 3 ways. 1) Attach to the PC 2) Use 2.4Ghz Wireless with supposed 0s latency on input since pressing a key and it is registered and the 3rd is via USB-C, which also charges the keyboard. The keyboard has N-key rollover In comparison, my Raze rCynosa keyboard only has 10 key rollover it’s a nice gimmick, though doubt anyone will actually use that many key rollover. There’s simply no use case for that. Through Asus’ Armoury Crate you can light up each key and to compensate for the lack of a numpad Asus simply integrated it into the touchpad and move on the side. I personally am not a huge fan of such solutions, but the reason for it being there is the numpad function. What is extremely sad, is the fact that Asus forbid me to show any benchmarks. Only because this is an engineering sample. And usually these samples are much weaker than the end product. Almost always. They feared these would be too low. But maybe you noticed that I did actulayy flash the benchmarks in this video. Even if the comparison was against my own PC which, sadly, compared even to this engineering sample was ,well… felt like an outdated machine. I fell a bit scared what will this beast bench once released. In any case, the results were impressive. Playing games on the highest settings, editing 4k H.264 files and scrubbing the timeline.. was a piece of cake for it. Don’t want to call anyone out, but I think this one is even more powerful than the PC’s of some Latvian Streamers. To conclude: well, Asus is known for their innovation and the ability to surprise us, konsumers, with all kinds of stuff. We used to think that a functional display in the screenpad is WOW and now having almost a whole display on the base is huge and then this beast of a laptop… So all in all, if the weight is not a key factor but how to get a beast powerhouse portable then this is definately one of the best AIO solutions out there for konsumers. Is the price tag of almost 7k EUR for the best version of it is adequate? Well, depends. if you mainly watch YouTube, play Minecraft, then no. But if you film 8k with a RED camera and you need to instantly send it to the laptop, edit instantly render and show to clients then this is definately a bette rsolution than your home workstation. Oh, and I almost forgot the cons. In my opinion there are a few. It’s huge, heavy and expensive. These are all. Though about the last part, the price – depending on your purpose for it it’s either a good investment for the next couple of years. Huge and heavy? Well, if it will replace your monster Tower, then again maybe not that huge and heavy for some hardcore video editing My final verdict is 10/10 for the idea, 9/10 for the actual result and 1mio/10 for uniqueness There’s a saying :”Where is the world heading to?” well, there… Where in principle in the future mobility and performance will be easily found on devices that are portable And with the utmost curiosity I can’t await the next year the one after, and the one after. Than you for watching ,this is the end of the video. Thumbs if you liked it, subs if you loved it and see you in the next one. Bye!

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  1. Hey, how are the temperatures and noise? Can you test the noise in decibels? And is it possible to game with just one power supply?

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