*Song* The Witch Doctor – Giant Toons Mix Come back here H-How?! *Laughter* Gamer: Woah.. what?! *More laughter* Gamer: Okay, okay.. Gamer: Let’s go yeah!!! How to sta- *Laughs* What do you– What’s in your mouth right now? *giggles* Gamer: I’m eating pizza *muffled* O-okay! Oh god, that’s a disgusting noise– It’s just like slurshing– Gamer: No! Slupping in– Gamer: *Laughs* No, no. It’s going *slurp* Gamer:I’m trying to eat here damn it! That’s disgusting! Gamer: Epic stunts with That Fox Gamer, yes! Gamer: That’s what you call the video now. (Your wish is my command.) What– Gamer!! Gamer: *Yells* Yeaaaaaaah *Laughs* Gamer: Landed it definitely, see that? Gamer: Landed it. Are you eating pizza and driving right now? I’m pretty sure that’s illegal. Gamer: Yeah I know, it’s pretty bad. Eating pizza and driving the- bike at the same time.. kinda bad. Gamer: Alright.. look at th- look at this- look at this jump. Look at this epic stunts. EPIC STUNTSSSSS YEEEEEEE Safety 101 we are being very safe and– stuff. OH MY GOD!! NOO, GAMER *laughs* Gamer: Annnd I died. Okay. Damn it! Gamer: What? *eating his freaking pizza* Wait, I’m gonna flip it- There we go, there we go. *Pffft* *Screeching* OH MY GOD, OH!!! Gamer: How are you not dead, what?! I’m… I am.. ugh.. yeah. Gamer: That’s stupid, I died instantly. That’s stupid. Gamer: Alright, alright. *buttons clicking* Gamer: Okay, this is how you press that A butt– I mean nothing. (Hehe butts) WE’RE NOT PRESSING BUTTONS THIS IS REAL LIFE!!! Gamer: Yep this is real life uh, controller. Gamer: Not a video game. Both: YEAAAAAH BOYYYY THAT’S A CAR!! Both: WOAH WOAH!! Gamer: We just did epic stunts right there, YOU SEE THAT SHIT– Gamer: Watch this stunt.. *caveman noises* WOAH I WENT UNDER OH MY GOD! Oh my god, wait we pushed the plane come back!! Abe Lincoln: Oooooh. Now you fucked up. Now you fucked up. Nooow you fucked. up. You have fucked up now! *Beep* LSFN: Sup gayssss Gamer: Oh *laughs* someone just joins the call while we are trying to record, with Rebecca. Oh jesus christ, oh it’s Kraig! LSFN: Sup Becca. Gamer: He just joins the call randomly *laughs*. Oh my god no! LSFN: I’m not at home right now, I’ll get home soon. Gamer: Alriiight All: *laughs* Gamer: *BURPS* (HEHEHE STUPID SHIT) Gamer: Excuse me. *Laughs* I’m keeping that in! I hope you know that. ( mwahaha ) Gamer: Oh *laughs* I couldn’t. I tried– I was gonna try to mute my mic but then I fucked up. Gamer: And I fucked that stunt again. Gamer: *In asshole tone>:)* Subscribe to me not Becca gaming or.. costy– closet gaming- c-c-closet — clostedodo gaming. Nope, no don’t listen to him, he’s crazy. Gamer: What, no! *Song* The Derp Song *outro song begins* Ready – WiDE Awake

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