but don’t crash the car what are you doing? [Laughs] we never had a beast laptop like that in our table we are going to see the Asus Rog Laptop next we start! HELP US TO IMPROVE! Leave us your opinion about this English translation below in the comments ↓↓↓ Hello Tecnonautas, how are you? all good? I’m glad for that, but this is just another greeting Anna but let’s continue with the video, we were talking about this mega laptop, comes with a RTX2080 it is not an average car is a formula 1 car, a product made for professionals Anna -we deserve this Martin?
-no, and that’s why they’re going to take it once we make this video -they’re bad 😭, and you know who’s not bad, Anna?
-the people who are watching this video Martin because if you like the latest laptops and the best technologies, here at Tecnonauta you can see them all, so you can subscribe and activate the notification bell that will open your mind to knowledge and to a new future with more technology
-but what is this? this is a huge charger how big! let’s see this new laptop Waooo, look at this ! 🤩 this is the laptop? it is huge !! it is 17″ nothing more and nothing less Oh waow -is it 17″? Anna
-yeah, 17″ Anna look at this is brushed metal here we have the Rog logo, the gaming brand of Asus, one of the most important in world for this size it does not weighs a lot, it is heavy but i expected more let me see, yes but my arm hurts, it is heavy here we have the instructions, guarantee, and what is this? is a metallic sculpture -you are sure that you can open that?
-oh god is a metallic sculpture that you have to build up and takes a lot of time to do it, it has a lot of pieces first we are going to see the connections cooling output, electricity port, HDMI, usb, usb-c and a headphones jack, what more? on the other side we find 2 usb ports, usb-c, and here for lock your laptop to avoid thefts -this is the ZEPHYRUS model
-ZEPHYRUS GX701 -quality test
-let’s see, if this laptop lifts up, i will cut my b**** -Oh God what a huge screen, its really huge
– it has thin edges on top and on the sides, but on bott has a thick edge a screen with 144hz and 3 ms of response the screen is ultra smother and has a fast response -you are expecting a normal keyboard right?
-you now are making spoiler to me, let’s see here what w have is the cooling output because it has a powerful graphic card and that’s the reason of putting the keyboard on the bottom so the heat gets out by here is a laptop very useful in winter, in the cold nights of winter when you are playing games alone this one of here is for raise and lower the volume, that wheel Oh i love it, those wheels always are the best in world and this model comes with an i7 of 8th generation here we have the pad that they don’t putting it on bottom because the keyboard is on here so they put it on the right side we already plugged in the charger, but before turn it on, don’t you feel that something is missing? -what? Anna
-the camera it comes without camera and what you can do is use a portable camera -Waow a RGB keyboard, Anna it has noise when it turns on
-look it has a number pad- it has a number pad? -but is tactile -how you feel the keyboard?
-i like it Waow the last time i criticized the Asus normal keyboards, but this one is in another level, the feelings are pretty goods well i was testing the keyboard and the most i liked are the touch feelings everything here is made for last, for having a good feeling and is made to be useful most for but it would not be bad have one of of this laptops to edit videos you’re right We just installed the 3DMark to test its power and we had to take it to the side of the router because from here the connection was very slow -Remember that we have 600mbps of rise and fall and here it has ..
-from here it has slow speed yes, the truth is that it is a slow connection, considering that it is a mega laptop and beware because it does not have rj45 so you have to put it with an adapter or by usb so at least in our experience here we can see that download does not go well, and upload goes a little better and they said to us that it have muscles but i don’t see them, where are them? we are going to run the 3DMark and we will see how it works is the AnTuTu for Laptops -Processor i7 of 8th generation specifically the 8750H
-running at 2200 MHz and the graphic card is a GeForce RTX2080 also it have the integrated graphic of intel and also it have a SSD of 500GB and 16GB of ram Anna I think I’ve never seen a smoother animation and the sound is great comes out from here and also on the other side now is getting hot is hot here and here, also on the sides Oh things got out of control, Anna see how well it works we know it works well, but how is it temperature? annoying when heating? that is also important here you cleary see the hot area, we were touching here in this part here, 46 degrees celsius but also is hot in this part of here 42, 43, 47 degrees it’s marking in some areas 48, it is getting hot the good thing in this case is that it is heat that comes out of the laptop does not get stuck and the keyboard does not heat up and does not burn your hand when you use it no usually the keyboard is always on top and it burns your hand a lot, that’s why they have put it below you see the keyboard is at an acceptable temperature that does not burn your hands let’s see what happens if we lift it a little, 46, 47 degrees from here it looks perfectly like this base here lifts the laptop and also lets get out the heat -it does not have IP68 protection right?
-no, no, no I thought it was broken all the hot air is reaching my face [Laughs] wait, we have to see this, i think over here is the hottest area, this has to be the hell 54 degrees are here 8232 We do not know if it is much, we will have to compare the results our laptop is up here, in first place and a 4K Gaming PC is below from our laptop and we are talking about a PC not a laptop, so it is even much faster than a desktop PC it is better than 77% of results, so it is one of the most powerful and we have the 8th generation i7 model that is not bad but the i7 of 9th generation already exists, so in theory the results could be better -Will this laptop be ready for me?
-yeah sure Will it have the power it should have? let’s investigate Anna, look at this detail The screen has pretty fast response this isn’t normal The child games are over, now it’s time to play big we are going to test the PUBG and later with another game to see the maximum power of this graphic card but we have to create a nickname Anna, so in this new age after overcomes all the proofs of the destiny we are going to create a nickname that is up to the challenge -Asesinauta
-Asesinata, sure that’s right let’s kill em all the laptop is getting hot, a lot of hot air comes out of every place, you do this and you comb your hair it’s like riding a motorcycle the time has arrived, what are the default video settings? ultra settings all in ultra settings I never thought I could play in a notebook that had this quality and this fluidity and this big screen look how big is, Anna, 17″ -look how bad is running, we can’t play with this
-what are you saying? what are you saying? woo it looks awesome here you can’t use a pickaxe -we are going to fall [screams]
-you are going to die, you will harm yourself I’m already being too unfair to others, you have to give them a little bit of advantage to equalize the situation look, I already have a pickaxe you don’t need to pickaxe here we are going to pickaxe, Anna, let’s pickaxe Oh no in this game we can’t pickaxe let’s go Anna, we are going to kill em all while we are nude how you are going to drive in the backseat? i don’t know i made a mistake choosing the seat how do you intend to win playing like this? and now how do I get out of the car? ah, now I know it but choose the driver’s seat but i can’t -really?
-Oh yes, now i got it -I was entering in the back seat
-that’s what I was saying we have a problem, i have guns, but i don’t know how to reload, so let’s kill our enemys with the car i should lear.. but don’t crash the car what are you doing? [Laughs] Let’s go Anna we can do it -Anna they’re shooting at me
-but it only was one shoot and nothing more yes, yes but -crash with the other car
-yo have to help me to find someone because now we have all the graphic power in world we have to crash him i won’t stop but why are you driving by that way, don’t you see that they are going to kill you? he’s shooting at me, what a hostility the car is on fire, we have to extinguish the fire you fell in water, oh my God you will get drowned, what a sadness are we going to save ourselves, Anna, oh this is starting to fly, how do I get out of here?, let’s swim “you has drowned” [Laughs] “you has drowned” it is clear that.. what a sadness, you have drowned but the car did not get on fire you can’t say that we don’t invest on this channel, i’m buying a new game to see one of the features of this laptop and also we were researching while the Battlefield 5 was downloading, the possibilities that it has why is it so important? well, one of the things it has is that is the most thin laptop in world because it’s 17″ because of it’s format, and the cooling system that it allows to dont be so thick and also another detail that I liked and that we said ok we are going to download the application to see how it is is that you can see all the information we have here on the laptop, pressing here in mobil connection and it will give us a QR code and for example while we are playing we can see the temperature of your CPU and GPU a lot of information and we can configure the LED’s, everything we want to have all the information here and we do not have to leave our game to know all this data Martin what’s the name of the app? ARMOURY CRATE and now we start with the real games, at max power, the other games was normal games now we are going to see all it’s huge potential in terms of graphic and also see the potential of this game did you see? how do I crouch? what a graphic level of this game it almost look like it were real we are talking about the Battlefield 5 Oh im shooting just like that ok, ok you killed someone i don’t believe it what we can say without a doubt is that this graphic and this laptop allow to run the most demanding games that exist without any problem it really looks awesome, in terms of falling frames per second just notice a bit when we were playing the previous game at some point maybe when it was loading Waow look at this 😲 and now let’s find out why this graphic card is different straight to the head ohh, i hit his helmet here they come -who is the enemy?
-the red ones you killed no one -[Laughs] Anna it is because this laptop is so slow
-yeah, sure for example you see that they run in the water and we can’t see their reflection on the water? yes let’s analyze a little, there are some shadows or reflections that are very limited to say so and let’s try it now by activating the best feature of this graphic card to do that we have to come to advanced settings of the video, activate this option and we have to activate the DXR, and that is the ray tracing that allows you to see the reflections -I think it shows more
-yes, it shows more -before, it was a shadow
-i see more textures, reflections and everything look for example… and it gives much more realism but it is a minor change and then surely… he is in front of you i already killed everyone, Anna this game is awesome if you play it in this laptop we played this game for a while 55 degrees celsius, it’s not much temperature for a gaming laptop Anna and what do you think about this beast? Well I am surprised with both the laptop and the game and I say it honestly, obviously I know it is an expensive computer but it is not a laptop for everyone and I know that the design is different they sacrifice design and structure to put the incredible graphic card that it has and also the ventilation that you can notice that it makes loud noise well, the graphic card usually is always in this area, what changes is that here you can get a better ventilation and a better performance in the long term, and the games do not heat up so much so do not lose performance because it usually happens that the games start working well, then they heat up and start to run slowly which is one of the things that happen, and also when they get so hot and not have a good cooling as in this case, it can happen that the components of the laptop get melt and this is something that happens, and you end up without a laptop, you may like a little more or a little less the design but if you want to play at a professional level, this is one of the best options you could choose we are going to leave the links to buy it in the comments, that please don’t have a heart attack with the price because I have already warned you that it is expensive but it is also a beast You can get this same laptop models or a similiar model for an approximate price of 1800 euros or more I think it could cost up to 3200-3300 euros but well, it is not for everyone if you want to carry it every day it could be uncomfortable because it is very big but if you are a professional or semi-professional player and you need to play but then at some point you need to go train with your friends or play in a tournament, really you will love this laptop HELP US TO IMPROVE! Leave us your opinion about this English translation below in the comments ↓↓↓

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