Every Gamer’s Dad should watch this.

So guys as we have done a video of Gaming with Mom, if you all dont know about it , I’ll just put the Link in my Description. Similarly we have made a video of Dad, many people were asking we should actually make a video about dad who wants to support the Gaming. So what i did is , execute this thing and made my Dad sit here on Live stream. And i made him talk about Gaming. So please make sure whatever is going to get played after this , show it to your Dad for sure to lets see what he has to talk , see ya. Our Children play Games I want to say them this, First of all, I , Father of Sohail also Known as Zishu for you guys. My background I meant Our Background its like in my own Childhood. I’m myself a SportsMan. This Gaming came into highlight recently but Cricket , Carrom , Badminton , i’ve played this all . I was a good SportsMan. Our Background its like we didn’t had anything as respect to our skills. When I got the Job , after getting the job , in my home My Older Child – Shoyab &
Younger Child Sohail , you call him Zishu.
After these two childs My family became Complete and whole. I , feel happy . that my both children are now Earning on their own,though they are in different Fields. Another thing , is , Sohail , he was a Sports guy . I mean since he was a child , he had keen interest in Sports. I used to take him on Ground for Cricket, his Profession in Dance Yea he is an OutDoor and SportsMan guy. So when he started this “Gaming”, he used to like keep on gaming till late night 12 am & 1 am. He is good in studies too Got good Marks & Percentage in 10th Boards and 12th Boards. Sometimes he didn’t used to attend College so i used to shout at him. But still , his Passion towards Gaming was , It was beyond the Limits. Even many times , i used to turn off his Computer while he was Gaming. I used to get Angry multiple times , but I have never Beat him. Beating is a wrong choice and deed. I want to tell all the Parents what our child wants to do , what he wants to achieve we have to think this priorily! Another thing , is , as i saw his interest in Gaming i gave a thought to it , Pressuring your child is wrong. You would have watched that Film of Amir Khan and Child. Amir khan wanted him to study normal but the Child had different Passion. so i also wanted to tell you that , even though i didn’t have my Financial Position , I , we can’t call it support But we can say I fulfilled my Responsibility as a Father. If my child wants to do something , make his own name bigger , so at that time i arranged Rs. 80 – 90,000 somewhere around Rs 1,00,000 i gave it to him , he built his own PC. After that he started , you all might be watching his Fan Follow up. All his Likings , his YouTube. Also as far as i know U Mumba eSports Oraganisation has signed him up as a Streamer. Also i watch many times , all his Live chats with you , or the Likes he gets. I get so Happy that my Child has drawed himself at this Position. Many times , he used to go for Tournaments for 1-2 Days , so his care about his diet care about his diet. They are our Children , i want to request to all your Mom & Dad also , our children are in front of our Eyes , they are not a victim of bad habits Mind me , like Alcohol and other bad things. Other children, who have already became victim of this , who cannot be brought back. Our child , they play in front of us , want to make their Name Bigger and feed themselves with the reward , So this is actually a positive thing , So what i actually mean is that Parents don’t stop your child from Gaming, And you should figure out what should be your aim in life think about what you have to do , if you want to do gaming ? How you want to do this ? How far you want to go in Gaming ? so you should think about these points too . Another thing to children , Listen to your Parents, They are the reason you have everything If you have the Roof of your Parents blessings on you anything in this world is Possible. They even reach impossible to complete your wishes I’m not talking about the completing the wishes , but they do it And now its your responsibility the way they have nurtured you Listen to your Parents One point i want to tell in Gaming, Play the Games with Cool Mind. Winning/Losing , its a part of the game. Winning/Losing happens everywhere. While playing games you should feel that connection Having connection with that would definitely guide you towards Success And i want to wish you all from my side , in your coming up Life Best wishes from my side.
Make proud of yourself May you drive the name of your Parents more big Okay ? And children , What do you think now ?

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  1. This video is to create Awareness among the parents that Gaming is not a tabooo , its LIFE <3
    Like , Share , Subscribe. !!!

  2. Every parent should see this. Share max share it like hell. My mom and dad are turning out to be supportive. Share it guys..Let the gaming industry grow😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍

  3. I subbed your channel coz u stream a real game… BTW don't use cheese line "tera Vai God hay re"…. there r plenty of streamer who have skills… I wish u grow a lot

  4. Bhai apun ko no support but chup chap kar raha hu but maa papa se badkar kuch nahi apni wish tak nahi bhai apni wish tak nahi kyuki vo hai to sab kuch hai warna kuch nahi but i suscribe your channel and will support u boss. Maa papa ko humari taraf se pranam

    I had 1k sub challen but my father deleted it by taking to my sis
    New chalen plz support

  6. yes gaming is a passion but it can also be a profession
    but what we need for that is hard work ,will and most important

  7. Apple should sell this person as a Father product.
    Bro I would buy him not just for Apple logo but his way of thinking.

  8. Mera dad bhi nahi hain,,,or ghar pe kamane wala bhi nahi hain,,or khud ka ghar bhi nahi hain,,ish liye mera sokh bhi khatam ho gaya

  9. I want to be a gamer but all my relatives were fu8king me up and no one respect my dream and someone i look up my life as hell

  10. bhai aap ke yaha pr bahot achha he ki aapko gaming karne ke liye aapki family aapke sath he yaha pr to pura ulta he yaha to game ka name sunte hi family itni hyper ho jati he ki kya batau aapko yaha pr muje bhi apna aek youtube channel banana tha lekin vo possible hi nai ho paya aap dekhoge to meri id pr click kare sirf 3 videos hi upload kar paya hu me..

  11. Amazing bro…one of the best video seen today…this video is going to inspire so many people's.. God bless you brother… many more to come buddy

  12. Bhai to good ♥️ se me emotional ho gya tha Kyu ki Mera bhi channel Maine just start kiya h or muzhe bhi support chahiye

  13. I'm glad I saw this great support. It's great. I want to be a Game Designer and I get support from my parents as well.

  14. You've got a full on supporting family , you're not only lucky but you're also blessed to have such parents

    Whatever things I ask my parents to give me , they take some time to give me a better one

    After a month our board exams will start and I want to give my parents a gift of above 70% marks

    Great video

  15. My story Is different bro. What my Dad did for me .He spend Lots of money in my Game degree course . right now m a successful Game Developer . M come from a small village people Don't Know about Games . That time my dad support me. Right now he left me Alone 3 year Ago But I always respect him Every time.

  16. Actually the thing is that Indian parents don't understand about gaming they think that gaming is only for kids their is no career in gaming

  17. Here is my dad
    Who wants to take my money I earn and not gonna let me buy my pc setup
    While he himself earns 1 lakh a month😒

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