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The MSI RTX 20 series DUKE cards feature NVIDIA’s latest and most powerful GeForce graphics processors. This means next-level performance and the ability to enjoy gorgeous Ray Tracing visuals. DUKE is one of the latest additions to the MSI graphics cards line-up. It uses 3 fans to provide excellent cooling for the powerhouse lurking below the heatsink. DUKE uses our award-winning TORX 2.0 Fans, which you can also find on our 10-series GAMING cards. MSI TORX fans are of course known to have 2 differently shaped fan blades for great cooling performance while also staying silent. At the core of each fan are Double Ball Bearings that keep the fans quiet and are also very durable. Thanks to ZERO FROZR, the fans will only start spinning if the card actually needs cooling. When the temperature drops under a certain threshold again after gaming, the fans will stop completely
to eliminate any possible noise. The 20-series DUKE cards combine a black and silver design with integrated RGB Mystic Light LEDs. You can fully customize your setup choosing from millions of colors and effects, that you can also synchronize with other 3rd party products in your system using the MSI Mystic Light software. The back of the card is covered by a black backplate with a subtle brushed finish, that besides the looks, also helps to strengthen the card. Thanks to the thermal pads situated between the backplate and the PCB, the backplate will also help to cool the card. Looking at the heatsink, stamped into the aluminum fins are protruding shapes that guide the airflow directly onto the heatpipes. This is just one of the many clever aero- and thermodynamic features inside the heatsink that will help keep the card cool and reduce noise. For more information about the DUKE cards, please check out our product pages. Thank you for watching & happy gaming!

18 thoughts on “Everything you need to know about the RTX 20 DUKE series | Gaming Graphics Card | MSI

  1. I pre ordered my RTX 2080ti msi gaming x trio on 24 August nd still haven't got it after rtx 2070 have launched in Canada. Every time when I ask Canada computers they say msi is not shipping the cards. I have no clue wats going on at this point. Any one knows anything about this any info is appreciated.

  2. All the cards this gen look ugly af…..i wont buy until i see a twin frozer…..and no point in getting a 2070…..all seems allot pointless

  3. I have waited 2080 ti Duke now over two months and it should have arrived tomorrow but now its pushed back a week due to MSI not sending cards to retailers at least nordic countries. I have been a fan of MSI from 2011 until this point. At this point i think im not gonna see this card before xmas in my pc…. maybe next year i'll get it.

  4. Just picked this thing up for $530 on newegg; with a free copy of Battlefield 5. Stepping up from a MSI 970. I hope its just as reliable as my old one!

  5. My 2080 is locked with the default RGB lighting. No changes made in the Mystic Light app go into effect. Please fix this!

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