Everything you need to know about the RTX 20 VENTUS series | Gaming Graphics Card | MSI

the msi r-tx 20 series ventus cards
feature and videos latest and most powerful GeForce graphics processors
this means next level performance and the ability to enjoy gorgeous
ray-tracing visuals ventus is the fresh new series in the msi graphics card
lineup introduced with the RT x 20 series they feature a black and silver
designed with industrial style shapes that will blend in with any build to
cool itself fences cards use custom design fans for the unique curve in the
blades generating more concentrated air pressure at the core of each fan our
double ball bearings then keep the fans quiet and are also very durable on the
back of the Ventus cards you will find a glassy black backplate with a subtle
brushed finish this makes the card look nice but also helps to strengthen it and
prevent bending thanks to thermal baths situated between the backplate and the
PCB the backplate will also help to keep the car cool you can get even more
performance out of your RT X 20 series graphics card using the OC scanner
feature in the latest version of MSI Afterburner for more detailed
information about the Ventus cards please check out the product page thank
you for watching and happy gaming

34 thoughts on “Everything you need to know about the RTX 20 VENTUS series | Gaming Graphics Card | MSI

  1. They are also RTX 20 series. This means NVIDIA is going to charge 300$ more for their cards. Not for the cards themselves. More for the technology.

  2. Dont buy the non OC card, it's a non-A chip that has bad overclocking if you are really out of luck, I was. Also the TDP of the card is a lot lower then ANY other card, so it will hit powerlimit quicker and you get lower clocks. The Ventus OC is a A-Chip

  3. MSI’s GPU product stack starting from the flagship is as follows:
    1. Sea Hawk X
    2. Gaming X Trio
    3. Gaming Trio
    4. Gaming Z
    5. Duke OC
    6. Ventus OC
    7. Armor OC
    8. Ventus
    9. Armor
    10. Aero

  4. On Polish website there is information the card has Zero Frozr technology. Fans stop in IDLE. That's why I bought this card. There are conflicting reports, so MSI tell me where is the truth?! False advertising should be punished with big fines. https://pl.msi.com/Graphics-card/GeForce-RTX-2080-VENTUS-8G/Overview

  5. Rtx cards are awesome
    But. I heard that they are having some issues.
    I want to buy one and I have stuck between gtx 1070 ti and rtx 2080

  6. is MSI GeForce RTX 2060 6GB VENTUS OC worth 446.87 its at that price in my country
    and will it performe well with a i5 9600k

  7. I have this card my question is it runs at 90f and idle And feels super hot I have I have a phanteks evolve x case I have 3 intake fans with 3 exhaust fans two fans are the fans that came with the case all fans running max speed and shes hot super hot should I worrie or is this ideal temps…..

  8. I want to buy the 2080 ti Ventus without OC. Honestly MSI how quiet is it compared to other cards? There are no reviews on google…

  9. Someone said those back plates were plastic, don't know but strange if they are with the thermal pads for heat transfer. Anyone can confirm, plastic or metal?

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