EVGA GeForce GTX 275 FTW Video Card

Alright, For The Win
Edition GTX 275. Check this out. This is a GTX 275 that is just about as fast
as a regular GTX 285 due to overclocking. If you don’t know
about the GTX 275, it’s probably one of my favorite
cards out right now. It gives you, probably, close
to the best bank for buck you could
possibly get. The GTX 275 is a little bit
different than the GTX 260 and the 280
and the 285. Basically what you’re
getting is the GPU and the shaders
of the 285. But you’re getting the
memory of the GTX 260. So rather than getting
1024 of DDR5 on a 512 bit bus,
you’re getting 896 on a 448 bit bus. So you have the memory
of the GTX 260 but you have the core and
shaders of the GTX 285. And, you’ve got
similar clocks. This actually has some
very, very high factory clocks for the GPU
and for the shaders. So you’ve got quite a bit
of horse power in here. The only time that you’re
not going to get the same performance
as the 285 is when you apply
anti-aliasing. That uses up a lot of that memory
buffer, that frame buffer. So that’s when you’re
going to need it. But let’s talk a little bit
about those references. About those clocks. Now, first of all, the
standard GTX 275 core clock is 633 Megahertz. This is 713 MHz. ALUs are clocked the
same at 1404 MHz. The memory which is
896 MB of GDDR3 is 2260.
So 2260 MHz is the regular. This does 2520 on that
448 bit memory interface. So you have a nice increase
in the memory of this. Everything else
is the same. You have 28 ROPs and
you have 80 TFUs, or Texture Filtering Units. It’s absolutely incredible.
The performance on this card is fantastic. It gives you about a 15, a little
bit less than a 15% overclock over the factory cards.
So you are going to get about a 15% increase
in performance. Everything else is going
to be about the same. You’re going to get Direct X 10,
Shader Model 4.0, OpenGL 3.0 CUDA Physx, PureVideo HD with
the HDMI and HDCP support. So you could do Blu-rays.
7.1 channel audio over the loop cable,
which is provided. 2560×1600 maximum
resolution, powered by… And those, pretty much, 240 Hz is
the maximum speed you can go. You know, I just realized, there’s a
pretty cool graphic on there, huh? It’s like a piston or something,
or a spark plug. What else do you get?
Dual DVIs. Those are the DVI-Is.
They are dual link. And they are powered by
400 MHz dual RAM backs. It’s a 10.5 inch card,
so it’s pretty big. 219 Watts TDP. So make sure
you have a good power supply. You probably going to need about
550 Watts on a good quality, maybe 650 on a worse quality.
Or quality not as good. Two 6-Pin PCI connectors,
right there. That’s what you’re going
to use to power these. Make sure that you have two of
those, especially when you go SLI. Some of the older SLI power
supplies had an 8 and a 6 because they figured you’re
going to use a big card, this needs two 6s.
So make sure you’ve got that. There is your
loop cable. That’s where you’re going to
plug in your 2-Pin SPDIF cable. It’s going to give you,
pretty much all your audio is going to
go your HDMI. You’re going to use the included DVI
to HDMI dongle through here. And that’s going to send out
all your video and audio to your big TV or your receiver
or to your amplifier. Or to whatever
you want. You also have a 7-Pin digital audio
S Video cable right there. That’s going to let you go out to
components or to composites or to S Video. So a multitude of different ways
you can connect using this card. Very, very fast card. First of all the GTX 275
is an amazing deal. Right off the bat, it’s almost
as fast as the GTX 285. And it costs
significantly less. It’s over a hundred dollars
less at the making of this movie, or film, or whatever
you want to call it. So we’re definitely on a card here
that’s good bank for the buck. It’s going to give you
a lot of performance. Even if you’re an enthusiast and if you
SLI these, throw a couple together, you get a really good scaling
on the latest drivers. The 185.63, I think, which
are the WHQL drivers, the latest ones. The BETA drivers are
even better than that. I mean, we’re talking about
serious performance and improving performance
with newer drivers. So, awesome card.
It’s half of a GTX 295. So, 285 core and shaders,
260 memory configuration. 448 bit interface,
896 MB of GDDR3. Awesome card.
GTX 275 FTW Edition, highly overclocked
from factory. If you have any questions
on it email me and I will see you
guys next time. For more information on the
EVGA GTX 275 FTW Edition graphics card type in
E145-0253 into the search engine of any
of these major retailers. For ComputerTV,
I’m Albert. (C) 2008 SYX Services, Inc. All Rights Reserved
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100 thoughts on “EVGA GeForce GTX 275 FTW Video Card

  1. lol 450 wat? that is SO low man. the 260 pulls 350-400 BY ITSELF. you must have a lot of lag problem or overheating. also, is that 4 Ghz overclocked and is it a quad?

  2. can't afford what? I was directing my comment towards someone else s comment BTW and I currently have a GTX 260 which cost me 75-100 dollars less then the 275, my GTX 260 core 216 is also clocked alot faster then a stock GTX 275 maybe even close to a stock GTX 280, why would I waste money when I can overclock for free?

  3. Hey jozusan, i just upgraded from an EVGS 8800GT SuperClocked to a Gigabyte GTX 275. I had to upgrade because I just upgraded to a 40" 1080P 120HZ Toshiba LCD so i needed a power house graphics card to drive the high resolutions in Crysis and FarCry 2 which this card does flawlessly in with
    2X AA in Crysis and 8X AA in FarCry 2 both at 1920X1080! Of course the rest of my system is up to Spec to drive this card to its fullest potential which is significant. Results may Vary! Lol.

  4. ok i upgraded my 9600gt to 275 it works great i can run oblivion in very high and fallout 3 in very high and crysis in high buttttttt i think because the 275 only has 896mb games like left 4 dead and team fortress 2 do not like this card because it needs 1gb of memory to put the settings on very high and no framerate i tryed overclocking with softwares but cant realy do that coz my pc goes all spazzy. PS: Can som1 please reply if they have a 275 and get framerate on L4D coz too me many zombies

  5. so basically its the 285 gpu or are you basically blatantly lying for the sake of corporate favoritism where applicable?

    or do you mean you are getting a 270 gpu clocked to all hell and can do the speed of a stock 280gpu?

  6. @sambojimmybob LOL u have to know if ur computer has pcie slots, has enought power on the power supply and also depeds on how good ur cpu is

  7. they had to lower the clocks in comparison to the 9600 gt becoz it has 240 cores, more cores = more heat, the 9600 gt has only 64

  8. @CheatEnginer not neccessarily. Both ATI and Nvidia have very different unified shader architectures. ATI's 4890 has like a thousand Stream Processors and yet it is slower than the GTX 275 with 240 Cores. It depends on the architecture of the Core, the speed or mhz at which the Cores are running and a bunch of other variables. If you arent going to mix the 2 companies then yes, More cores means faster FPS.

  9. @killer
    Bro you should get another psu a 600w or greater and the gtx 275 should fit just fine you probably want to move you hard drives a bit but if the case is long enough there will be no problem

  10. Hey, i wanted to buy a new graphics card for my computer. I hope the new one can be the GeForce GTX 275, but I am not sure if my computer has the proper requirements. My operating system is Microsoft Windows XP proffessional. The System model is a Dell XPS720. The processor is an Intel Core 2 Duo CPU E6750 @ 2. 66 GHZ.

  11. @predatorxocw dude im saying 1 5870 vs 1 275 or 285. stop posting bullcrap. if you are saying the truth than give me a link to the benchmarks that says otherwise

  12. @predatorxocw ok.. maybe in vantage yes. but what about games? real performance is when ur gaming not doing some benchmarks.

  13. yo dudes im new in pc things and i wanna know things that you guys probably already know. first of all i wanna buy a new pc for Starcraft 2 my current pc barely runs warcraft 3 and as i wanna build a new one i have some questions what do you guys think is better some nice motherboard or a nice cpu intel? i realized that actually there is no program that could be realy used in core 2 quad so i think is better buy a good m/board. and also wich thing is betta a high video card? or a lot of ram?

  14. the FTW version is faster than both. I think the co-op version is just a regulary 275 with a 9800 GTX for physx.

  15. I LOVE MY GTX 275! It kicks soooo much ass. It gives literally GTX 285 performance for $220 bucks! You can SLI the GTX 275 for a little over the price of a single GTX 285 and get world class performance that trounces the GTX 295 with ease. Not to mention the over clocking performance this card puts out!

  16. I have a question……..A single gtx 275 requires 600W PSU….if we run two of em in sli do we require 1200W of PSU?????????Plzz let me know….

  17. im definately going for one like this. does anybody know if the PNY version is any good. im not looking for absoloutely crazy graphics just enough to play gta 4 level games on high setings with amaizing frames aswell as games with physX. need to upgrade my power supply though cause at the moment im using a 240 v i think. i got a back up coputer with a 650 psu which should be fine for this type of thing

  18. @secio007 no 600 w it's the minimum requriement, along with the others components of your pc… look at the nvidia page ,for how much power does require this card in sli. but i think a 700-750 watts psu would be enough!

  19. I upgraded from Two GTX 275's in Sli to ONE GTX 480. The 480 was 10% faster and even more in almost all my games.

  20. @320994 Thats a little 2 dimensional of you to think that way…. eleven (11) is a number as much as it is a word. Its kinda like saying a book isnt a thing as its a word. And a verb isnt a type of word its something you do. I think the word im looking for is semantics actually…. Having said that seeing as you are from the netherlands and youre speaking and trying to understands the language that I have spoken all my days ill let you off.

  21. Hello. But if the GTX 275 has 633MHz and an ATI 4870 has 750 MHz So what's the best? All I dike that the GTX 275 is better? Why? Explain ..

  22. @Crysis2ful nvidia and ati have different architecture its hard to tell by specs the way to check is benchmarks. the gtx 275 is the better but if your thinking about buying this don't instead get a dx11 card the gtx 460 is a good card.

  23. is it safe to touch the fiber glass side of the video card with your hands, im askign cayse i bought a gtx 260 and my mom touched it with out anti static

  24. @callofdutyguy9 Fiber glass? There is no fiber glass on the card AFAIK.

    Anyways, tell your mom she ruined it and get her to buy another one, then you can have two of them in SLi πŸ˜›

  25. Shut up n00b! There are no horse powers in that card. 1 hp = 745.699872 watts – which I don't think the card _DELIVERS_!

  26. I'm having issues with my card showing "artifacts" (?) in MW2 after a couple hours of play. EVGA said to uninstall and reinstall drivers, then to check voltage. All that checked out fine. Still have the problem. I also can barely play Black Ops, but with an annoying stutter. Where can I go for help?

  27. A lot of people (including me) had massive problems with this thing. I was sorely disappinted, because this card was fucking expensive.

  28. @G0ldenAssassin i bought this card almost 2 years ago and i haven't had any problems at all… i update my drivers every time they launch the new ones, and it has never crashed.

  29. I love them. I have 2 XFX/Asus in SLI they can max out BF3 and 2, GTA 1 2 3 san iv ,Rage, dirt 2 and 3 and crysis 1 and 2 all at 1080p ultra settings. easyyyyyy.

  30. these cards don't support DX11, so you are NOT "maxing out" BF3 and Crysis 2 @1080p. and Crysis 2 in DX9 can be "maxed out" with a single GTX280

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