EVGA nForce 730i Motherboard

All right. That right there is the EVGA 730i motherboard. And that is a sweet rig right there, especially- if let’s say that you’re building a system. You’re on a budget, you’re doing one of those things that you probably shouldn’t be doing, which is getting those parts slowly over time. This is going to be a great board for you, ’cause you can skip out on the video card for just a little while. And that’s because this thing has on board Nvidia 9300 graphics. If you look at the box, N4730i chipset, plus GeForce 9300 integrated graphics with discreet memory, equals… I don’t know. It equals that you don’t need a video card right away and you can save some dough or wait for the next one to come out, use your old one, whatever it might be. You know, it’s actually a great stepping stone. So let’s talk about it real quick: First of all, what’s important about this board, what’s great about it, is that it does support the latest 45NM processors up to the 1333MHz frontside bus. E8400s, E8500s, E8600s. Q9450s, Q9550s, all the extremes except for the QX9770, which in turn you actually could put on there and then overclock. So it supports all of the latset processors. It supports all that memory that you want to put in there. So, up to 1333 MHz frontside bus, 45NM ready, 8 GB of dual channel DDR-2, 800 MHz or you can go faster with overclocking. And let’s take a quick, brief look at the board. Starting off just looking at the PCB. It’s very nice, mostly black, but you do see you have those dark brown areas right there, which is common from EVGA, socket 775, looks pretty good, looks like it’s a foreface power for the CPU. You got four DIMMs, so again, 8 GB, up to 800 MHZ, or if you’re overclokcking you can do the 1066 and up. That really depends on what your memory looks like but the settings on the bios do go pretty high. You do have an IDE header right there. You do have floppy also, down here at the bottom. So if this is a Legacy computer, it’s going to be perfect for that. This is a great price point for some of the features that you’d want, with not stuff you don’t want. It does have an LCD poster, and, very important, it does have a PCI express x 16 2.0 slot. That’s very important. ‘Cause when you do add that big video card, you can put it all on there. If you don’t want it, you still have the on board graphics, which both have a DVI port, an HGMI port and a VGA port, all on the back panel And then if you get the video card, you can use this. Plus, if you initialize or turn on or activate, however you want to say it, your hybrid SLI, you can actually run your graphics off the video card when you’re playing a game, and then it’ll run off the integrated graphics when you just want look at your desktop. Also, you’re going to notice that this has a lot of connectivity, as far as peripheral buses. You have a PCI Express 1, actually you have two of them, which is very nice and you also have three PCI 2.2 buses. So, great for a home PC, or if you want to add a lot of connectivity in here, a TV, tuner, fibercard, rate controller, video card, sound card, whatever, you can load this thing up and you’re going to get a lot of great stuff. Turn it over here to the side. You’re going to see that you have 8 SATA ports. Those are the SATA 2 ports that are up to the good for 3 GB per second. I’m going to come over here now to the other side. Come up to the top up here, Lance. Here we go. Now here is where it gets good. This is all the good stuff you get. First of all, PS/2s. Legacy keyboards and mouse – no problem. S/PDIF – you have both the coax analog and the optical digital, which is really cool. As you can see, you do have a VGA and a DVI for those on board graphics. You do have a converter in the box as well to get HDMI. You get USB 2.0s, your gigabit ethernet and 7.1 channel HD audio on board, so if, again, you don’t want to add an expensive sound card, you’re going to extremely, extremely high fidelity sound through there. Those SATA ports that I talked about a second ago? Those things support rate 0, rate 5, rate 1, rate 0+1, pretty much everything you could want to do. So this board is like a great stepping stone. It’s going to get you a basic system now, You just buy this and the processor and 2 Gs of RAM, and you have a great system. You add two more later, you get a video card, now you can game, and you add some fast hard drives later and you have a fully rounded out system with the latest stuff. Really good board. Again, it’s the EVGA 730i. Also, always gotta plug EVGA, it’s not ’cause they give me video cards sometimes it’s because they have a reason for going with them. All the other brands, everyone is kind of the same, EVGA really brings it up ’cause they have the step up program, lets you buy stuff and if anything comes out new, you step up on that They have 24/7 support, so if you want to call at four in the morning, you’re just dying to get the system working and something’s wrong, you can’t figure it out, you need a little bit of help – They always have support and, best of all, if you register your product online you get a lifetime warranty which is really choice. The 730i EVGA motherboard. If you have any questions on it, e-mail me. I’ll see you guys next time. The EVGA 730i motherboard is available from the retailers here. You type in: E145-2052 into their search engines to get more information. For Computer TV, I’m Albert. (C) 2008 SYX Services, Inc. All Rights Reserved
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  3. i also wish they would make a driver that lets you run sli through on board and a card…like i have on board 610i 7050 graphics and a 9600gt….and i would LOVE TO USE BOTH…but now the integrated is wasting away

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  17. add 8gb of 800mhz dual channel memory and the best quad core this can take, overlcok it, and the onboard graphics will be able to play crysis very high!!!

  18. imagine a mobo with an integrated ssd about the size of an sd card of 4-8 gb so you can install there your os or backup files there…

  19. i have Nvidia motherboard 630i
    and it sucks
    i have to install windows every 3 or 4 months …
    opposite to my bro computer
    he have windows vista (15 months and working good) he even don't have any antivirus !

    is it me !


    Sorry but the 9300/9400 Integratet GPU don't Support the HybridPower Technology (none of the Intel Chipsets do). It only supports GeForce Boost Technology.

  21. What's with the captioning? Seriously.

    HGMI (HDMI), rate (RAID), home PC (Home Theatre PC), GB (gigabit).

    Whatever, it's pretty minor for someone who knows his stuff but neophytes would be misled.

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