EVGA NVIDIA GeForce GTX 285 FTW Video Card

Alright, check
it out. Today we’re looking at the
eVGA GTX 285. And this is the
nasty one. The For the Win
Edition, guys. The is the fastest card
on the market. I used to have the For the
Win Edition GTX 280s. And they were my
favorite cards ever. They overclocked
like crazy. They were highly binned. They were very fast. Very fast factory
frequencies. And they look
really cool. Because this might look
like a regular card, but it’s got that
beautiful back plate which is very,
very, very nice. I like that a lot! Now let’s talk about the
frequencies on here. Now, first of all, the factory
frequency on the core clock on one of the these
GTX 285s is usually about 648 MHz, which
is not a big deal. But get this,
get what. This is a 702 MHz. So a 50 MHz increase
is pretty big. 240 shader
cores on here are usually clocked
at 1476. These are clocked
at 1620 MHz. That’s a big, big increase
in the frequency. Also 1 GB of GDDR3 is usually
clocked at 2538 effective. These are 2772 effective. So very, very nice. Very nice card. This is definitely for
the enthusiasts. You probably don’t need
the extra frequency unless you’re really going for some
sort of benchmarks. I really love this
back plate, man. Wow!
Very nice. It actually does a
stupendous job of decreasing the temperatures
by just a few degrees. It’s very, very nice.
Looks really good. Also you notice, you have
the red on the side which is really cool.
Right there by your SLI port. You will know that this
does 2 and 3-way SLI no problem, if
you so desire. Also know that this is a PCI Express
2.0 graphics card, right there. So if you need to use it on
a PCI Express x16 slot it will work as well. You won’t lose too
much performance. Almost none. Very hard to record
losing performance. It’s gonna take two 6-pin
power connectors. Those are right here. You’re gonna need about
a 550 Watt power supply. It does 204 Watts TDP
so it’d be nice to have a 550 Watt to run this
and a little bit more if you’re going
to do SLI. You’re probably going to
do about 65700 with SLI. Triple SLI, I would definitely
go for the 1000s already. You have an audio loop
cable right there. So that’s included in the box
if you want to do audio loop. That will let you
do 7.1 channel through your
HDMI dongle. From your DVI out
to your television. It’s going to sound
absolutely fantastic. It’s gonna do some really
good quality audio. Talking about those DVIs,
let’s take a look at these. These are dual-link DVIs. They’re powered by
400 MHz dual RAM backs. Those are actually going to
do 2560×1600 at 60 Hz. Or 2048×1536 at 85 Hz. And that’s if you
have dual monitors. If you’re using
them both. Now, what happens with
those RAM backs is if you’re only going
to power one, you can actually
go even higher. You can go 2560×1600 but
at 240 Hz refresh rate. So that’s really nice. Now, also, you’ll notice
you do have this little 7-pin S-Video cable. You really won’t be
using that for much. Sorry to tell you,
but you won’t. Now on top
of all that, it’s basically this similar list that
you’re very used to getting for everything else. You’re going to have, obviously,
2 and 3-way SLI support. You get the same basic stuff
you usually get in the box. So, in case you
want to know. VGA, DVI dongle.
The HDMI dongle. The eVGA badge for your
case, which is really nice. A couple of these
power converters which are Molex
to 6-pin. Don’t use these
long term. And also,
loop cable. And, let’s see if there’s
any cool stuff inside this case, here. Drivers.
Instructions. Advertisement for the
Xeno Killer Pro 400 Mhz MPU. Which is really nice. Watch out for the review on
this coming up really soon. So that’s what you
get in the box. Now as far as
features go you do know there are a
few other interesting things. Obviously you get SLI
support is there. PhysX, CUDA, 3D Vision. So GeForce 3D Vision if
you want to do that. It’s awesome if you
haven’t check it out. It’s a great buy. It makes your
gaming really fun. Really good stuff. You also get to invest in nice
120 Hz model on top of that. Of course you get DirectX 10,
Shader Model 4.0, OpenGL 2.1, HDCP Support,
HDMI Support. The PureVideo HD is actually
what ties that all together. It let’s you do the high
definition, high bandwidth, digital content
protection content. Over your HDMI and
on top of that, give you the great audio
and video to go with it. So, really good stuff. Very, very powerful card. Very fast. Look to see about a 10 percent
increase in benchmarks on most games, just by the
increased frequencies of this card. And even better
on other ones. And, on top of
that, don’t forget, there’s a couple of things you
can get from the eVGA website. The Precision Overclocking Utility
will let you take this even further. I got this beyond 702.
It got it almost at 750. I got like 748. Nasty overclock.
Memory did just as high. You can keep on
going even further. So, really promising performance
from the For the Win cards. They take a lot of pride
in making these. And, don’t forget, eVGA, my
favorite brand for a reason. They have double
lifetime warranty. They give you the Step Up
program, which is really nice. And they have 24/7 customer
support if you call them. So if you’re not a
guru at doing stuff, and you have any problems,
you can always call them. They also give you SLI
support patches, so that SLI works on new games
when they first come out. Before the official
drivers come out. And they have a great
community online. Folding at home.
All that great stuff. So good stuff.
Great card. If you have any questions
on it, email me. And I’ll see you
guys next time. For more information on the
eVGA GTX 285 For the Win Edition video card, type in
E145-287 into the search engine of any
of these major retailers. For ComputerTV,
I’m Albert.

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  1. Most likely in October or November. Nvidia has already confirmed that their DX11 cards are scheduled for release in 2009 so I would assume early December at the latest.

  2. I don't even know of any that are scheduled to use it if I'm honest lol. There will obviously be quite a few within the next year or so (and many more after that ), but for now it's kind of in the air.

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