EVGA NVIDIA GeForce GTX 295 Video Card

Alright everybody, I finally got
this video for you. You guys have been just
like spamming my email, where’s the video on the
GTX 295? Where is it? You should have had it
out a month ago, three months ago,
two months ago, I don’t even remember how long
ago it was when it came out and the reason I wasn’t
able to get one is because they, people bought
them all, they’re all gone. Even for us to sell them
we couldn’t get any and I couldn’t
get a sample. They’re not going to
give me a sample when they have a customer
who wants to buy one because that makes the money and
this does well, almost nothing. So anyway it’s finally here,
the GTX 295, it’s the dual GPU
from NVidia, and it is very
very very fast. It’s almost as fast
in quad SLI as 3 GTX 285s
which are very close, it is faster than
3 GTX 280s but if you overclock them
it’s about the same. So this thing is incredible,
4 GPUs, 1.7 gigabytes of memory, it’s absolutely off the charts,
it’s 55nm. It takes a lot of power
and it runs hot but it’s actually more
efficient than the 4870 X2 and it’s faster in
just about every game which makes
it a monster. And what’s really cool
about it is that you only need 2 PCI Express x16 slots
if you want to run Quadfire and get the ultimate setup, you
don’t need to have all three and run three
really hot GTX 285s, you can just run one
of these, or two of these and to be honest most people
one of these, more than enough. So let’s talk about it,
let’s talk about the specs first of all. Taking a look
at it, it’s an amazing card. First of all, you know
I have a messed up wrist, I can barely lift
this thing. It weighs like 6 pounds,
it’s ridiculous. It has a very very cool design.
As you know it’s all flat black, it’s kind of like a rubberized
texture, looks really cool. When you go this way,
look at that, ok? Very very cool. As you
can tell it’s probably where the majority of the
heat comes out. Now as you know
the GTX 295 is a dual PCB so there’s two
printed circuit boards. It’s not like the 4870 X2
where they have two GPUs on one board,
there’s a board here, there’s a board
at the bottom and the cooler takes
fan air from here and air from the bottom
and shoots it out through the cooler which
is connected to both GPUs and printed circuit boards and
then it comes out through here and it comes out
through the back. That’s pretty much
how that works and that’s why this board
weighs so much, because it has
double of everything so it’s pretty much
two video cards loaded into the
package of one. you’re just subtracting
the weight of the cooler and that’s why you
get this nasty nasty guy. Now let’s talk about
some of the other stuff. First of all come over here.
These are your 8-pin and a 6-pin. That is what you
need to run this, you need an 8 and a 6. This is
where your audio loop cable goes. As far as power you’re going
to need a 680 watt PSU. That’s what
EVGA recommends. Depending on the
quality of your PSU, you may not
need that much. I started it up with
a 550 watt Corsair no problem. 46 amps on a 12 volt rail
are going to be necessary so that is a lot. Let’s
talk about specs. Now there are two
GPUs in here. They are both clocked
at 576 megahertz which is very very fast.
There’s 240 shaders in the GTX Core 216
well there’s twice as many here so you have 480 in total
which is a lot. Those are clocked
at 1242 megahertz and you have 896 megabytes
of frame buffer per GPU which comes out
to a total of 1792 megabytes. I was trying to find it
where the box is, I know how much it was.
1792 megabytes which is extremely extremely
large amount and an odd number. You figured they’d just
round it up to 2 gigabytes but they didn’t, whatever,
that’s their choice. They operate at
1998 megahertz effectively or 999 effective,
or I’m sorry, clock rate. You also have have two 448 bit
interphases on this card so because there’s
two frame buffers on here, you know you have one
for each circuit board, there’s two interphases,
they’re 448 bits each which is big. There’s 58 ROPS
in total which is 28 per GPU. 160 texturing units
that’s 80 per GPU just like in the GTX 260 and 280
so that’s really impressive but there’s double
of everything literally. Now let’s move on. Let’s talk
a little bit about EVGA because this one
in particular is cool because it has
this back plate the rest of the ones I’ve seen
from the other companies don’t have a back plate
and this one does which I was very happy
to find when I opened the box. Another thing that
you’re going to notice is that there is only
pretty much an expansion here for one way,
or two-way SLI. You can’t add
three of these in SLI even if you have 3
PCI Express x16 slots. There is no
connector for it so quad SLI is where
you’re going to go. There is no hexa SLI or
whatever you want to call it. Alright now looking at the back
you got 2 dual-link DVI-Is, so those are pretty cool,
they can do analog and digital and my favorite you have the HDMI
right there so if you want to use that audio loop cable
that I showed you earlier where it plugs in, pretty much
that gives you up to 8 channels of lossless audio
through your HDMI cable so you don’t have to worry about
routing power in another direction which is quite annoying.
Now besides that everything else is about
the same, what you’re used to. You have HDMI support,
you have HDCP with the PureVideo HD
decoding for hi-def video. It’s SLI capable for quad SLI,
it’s got PhysX, it’s got CUDA, Direct X 10, Shader
Model 4.0, OpenGL 2.1 and then on top of all of that
you get some more stuff. Let’s see what’s in the box
before we go. This is a 6-pin
to 8-pin connector so you got six on
one end, 2 sixes and it goes to an 8.
I do not recommend you use these long term,
these are temporary when you get the card
and you realize that you don’t
have an 8-pin. After a while you should
get another power supply. Here are twin molexes to a 6
in case you don’t have either. Here is the all famous
audio loop cable. It’s called an S/PDIF
loop cable, I’m not sure, there’s a bunch of
different names for it but either way you get
sound from your motherboard or your sound card
to the video card so that you can get
HDMI with audio and DVI out with audio
ironically enough using an adapter. VGA to DVI so
D-Sub 15 pin to a DVI-I. You get a little coupon,
coupons are cool. This one is for
downloading Play Now, special offer from NVidia
up to 25 dollars in value, alright. Get 10% on up to 5 games
or CUDA applications at Endzone.com.
Alrighty then, that’s great. And finally you
get instructions, and model driver disks, I don’t
recommend you use these drivers. Probably better if you go
to the website NVidia.com, download the
latest drivers. They’re going to give you
the best, best possible support and finally the last thing,
my favorite thing about EVGA is all the extras that they
give you as far as support. So 24-7 customer support,
you can’t install it at 3 in the morning,
you want to play Crisis. Call them up,
they’re there. Step up program.
If a new card comes out, probably not
going to happen, within 90 days
and you want to upgrade you got the step up program
and on top of that if you register the product
with them on their website you get a lifetime warranty
which is really nice to have. The GTX 295,
one hell of a card. If you have any questions
on it, email me and if you want to see
benchmarks on it stick around. For more information on the
EVGA GTX 295 type in E145-0296
into the search engine of any of these
major retailers. For ComputerTV, I’m Albert. (C) 2008 SYX Services, Inc. All Rights Reserved
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100 thoughts on “EVGA NVIDIA GeForce GTX 295 Video Card

  1. @ampevdavid LOOL 5670. You do realize this is a very old card, right? And a 5670 in DX11 will run like garbage, it fits in between the even older 9600 and 9800GT cards from 2008.

  2. i still have the 295 since '09, and it's been working really well for me. Starcraft 2, Mass Effect 1/2, FFXIV, Fallout 3, Black Ops, Rift .. will keep it for maybe another year or so.

  3. @sniper77shot i don't remember the exact settings, but most of these were on the highest settings. Starcraft 2 was on ultra but i had to set the shaders to medium i think. FFXIV had to lower some settings to get a steady 30+ fps.

    if you meant system, i7 920 2.8ghz, 6gb ram, and gtx 295.

  4. Whats the point of achieving 118fps with a 285 and 130fps with a 295? Your average pc monitor only refreshes at 50-60hz, anything above 60fps is pointless.

  5. mine gets really hot and its over 3 years old. usually both gpus go up to 105c during games like crysis and bf3, and then it shuts itself off. but has no problem with games such as starcraft 2 or l4d2. this card is a beast but it gets soooooo hot that the temperature in my room changes lol. anyone have any tips for keeping it cool? i plan on getting a 590 or a 680 soon but i might just wait until dx12. although i gotta admit the 680 is beautiful regardless

  6. Does anyone elses whine when running hard? i have it running with a 750 watt highvoltage x412 rails psu

  7. I remember when i was in highschool just drooling over these cards.. was never able to afford one (not even a gtx 260) so i was stuck with a 9600gt.. I would search forums and reviews over the 9xxx series, the 2xx, and the 4xx. Now I have a 2500k, 16 gigs of ram, and a gtx 680 and I feel so accomplished 🙂 I love computers lol

  8. Nahh not really.. I'm just a server, dont make too much money. I always have extra and i decided to finally build one haha. Just got my 2nd gtx 680 the other day

  9. Still a hell of a video card no need to upgrade if you still have this thing, and besides most games arent even rendered in dx11 so you're not missing out on a dx10 videocard ;D

  10. excuse me,but I'm one of the more intelligent kind of people,but reading long comments isn't really fun.
    at all.

  11. i have the GeForce GTX 295 1792MB 896 (448 x 2)-bit GDDR3 PCI Express 2.0 x16 HDCP Ready SLI Support Video Card
    but it hasn't have a hdmi. i have this one, wich one is the updto date one?

  12. i have the GeForce GTX 295 1792MB 896 (448 x 2)-bit GDDR3 PCI Express 2.0 x16 HDCP Ready SLI Support Video Card
    but it hasn't have a hdmi. i have this one, wich one is the updto date one?

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