EVGA X58 SLI LGA 1366 Motherboard

Alright check it out,
the X58 from EVGA, their board is finally here,
good stuff. This probably should have come out
quite a while ago but I couldn’t even get a board
because this thing is selling so well. It’s selling so well because
it’s got a great price, a great set of features,
an incredible performance, it’s one of the cheapest X58 boards
out there right now but it performs right on up there
with the most expensive ones and it’s got a lot of good stuff on it
so let’s go ahead, start the tour. Take a look at it.
Now first of all you can tell very attractive looking board,
looks real cool. You guys agree?
Pretty nice? You’re going to see
a EVGA logo down here on the south bridge
chip set cooler which is the ICH10R
south bridge chipset. As you know very very nice,
it’s a die-shrunk ICH10 chipset and it adds a few extra features
for hot-swappability and for solid state drives. Obviously
the north bridge X58 chip set is right up here on the top with
a very nice pretty interesting fan that actually blows air
out the sides rather than blowing it back up
towards your CPU cooler or down towards your graphics cards
it blows it out the sides where pretty much you’re supposed
to have a case fan that’s going to let it all out.
That’s all great. Obviously it is socket 1366
for your Core i7s which there are quite a few
right now. There is the 920, the 940,
the new and upcoming 950, the 965, and the new
and upcoming 975 which should be out in April of
this year, will support all of those. Those are all 6.4
and 4.8 gigatransfers per second. Also you’ll notice
that you have 6 DIMMs for memory, so that is going to support
you triple channel memory, 1.65 Volts,
up to 1333 megahertz native so it’ll do 800, 1066
and 1333 negative, native sorry. 1800, 36 or 66, and 2000
and all that other good stuff and 1600 megahertz
are all through overclocking so make sure
if you want to use that memory at the frequency and latencies
that is specified in the specs you set it in your BIOS because if not
it’s going to run at jadek standards which are 1333 on this board and
that’s not too fast if you paid for 1600 megahertz.
You have 24-pin motherboard connector right there and
just so you know over here, that up in there is a 8-pin
plus 12 volt ATX connector so make sure you got that 8-pin,
that’s very nice and useful to have. Now what’s really good
about this board obviously is SLI so as you go down here
you’re going to notice you do have
3 PCI Expess x 16 slots. Those will run electronically
when fully populated. You have x16, if you put 2 cards
they’ll both be x16, and if you put a third card,
they’re going to be x16, x8, x8. To this point in time when this
video is been made there is no difference in x8, you will
not get any decreases in bandwidth because it’s running
the PCI Express 2.0 interface it’s twice as fast and there’s no
video card that has maxed out that bandwidth limit yet
but you never know. Now on top of that
you got a PCI Express x1 here and you got two standard PCIs
which are very nice and just so you know this board
does support either CrossFire X or SLI so you can do 4870 x2s,
you can do 4870s, you can do GTX 280s, 285s, you can do quad SLI
with two GTX 295s. It’s really up to you,
not a big deal. Now next we move on to SATA,
so here are your SATA ports. Lot of good stuff,
now there are 6 SATA ports right here. These 6 right here are connected
to the ICH10R south bridge chipset. They support
RAID 0, 1, 10 and 5. Now it’s interesting, you got a couple
more SATA controllers right there, those are on a different chipset.
Those are on the JMicron 363. This supports
RAID 0, 1, 0+1 and JBOD and then finally
there is still more. You have another SATA port
over here hidden, and that’s on a separate controller,
that’s actually on the JMicron 362. Ok? So that’s one
and the last one is your eSATA which is on the back panel
right there and that’s also connected
to that JMicron 362 Now we’re at the back panel,
so let’s start with that. Up here from the top PS2,
whatever, you can still use it. You can use USB though.
You have USB 2.0s right there, your clear CMOS button
is right there, nice and convenient. You have S/PDIF
in both analog and digital. This is your optical TOSLINK,
and this your coax analog. You got another 2 USB 2.0s
right there, you have a Firewire and an eSATA,
dual gigabit LAN which an additional 4 USB 2.0s
right there, and then of course
7.1 channel HD audio. It’s using the Realtek ALC889
controller which is very popular, pretty much the standard in the industry,
everyone’s got it and in case you’re super-nerdy
and you want to know what controller’s on this
it’s the RealTek, I believe it is the RTL8111c
it’s the 811c, three ones. So that, there is
2 of those obviously because it’s
dual gigabit LAN so you’re going to find
2 chips on the board. Besides that it’s pretty much it.
Really really really nice board. You’re also
going to notice that it does have a really nice
backplate cooler or bracket, whatever you want to call it.
It does help cool a little bit and it also helps you get
a good tension with your CPU cooler. You’ll also notice the board
is pretty sturdy, very thick PCB and it looks really sharp.
Now a couple more features, let’s talk about hardware
real quick before I let you go and what’s in the box.
Now as far as hardward goes these are all solid state capacitors,
ferrite core chokes, a bunch of phases of VRMs,
bunch of phases of power for your CPU as well as for your memory,
your DRAM, your QPI, your Encore, all of that has
multiple phases of power. Also you’re going to notice
that down here at the bottom of the board
you do have a little poster, an LCD poster or an LED poster,
I’m not sure which one that is, that is an LCD, liquid crystal.
And also, somewhere on the board over here, there it is,
you’ve got power, you’ve got reset and you have
an internal clear CMOS button. Now just remember this is going
to be pretty hard to get to when you have
the board assembled so this is kind of for when
you’re building the computer outside of the case or
when you’re first trouble-shooting and then this clear CMOS button
is there but you also have
the back panel connector. Now in case
you guys want to know, there are more USB headers
on this board, they’re very hidden. Here they are, you got one there,
one there, so that’s an additional
4 USB 2.0s right there bringing the total to 12
which is incredible. You have a firewire one and
you have a bunch of fan connectors. You got one, two, three, four,
five, six, six fan connectors so you can pretty much
connect everything through here. And before I let you guys go,
give me a quick second I’m going to show you
what’s in the box because you get a lot.
Now I just mentioned how many USBs and firewires
there are, there’s a ton. So you get
an extra firewire bracket, in case you don’t have
a front panel connector you have two, you can do
up to two firewires. There’s already one in the backpanel
so here’s your extra one, this one can go
on your back or you can just use your front panel
connector and not use this. Since you do have
an additional twos headers that support 4 USB 2.0s ports
here’s 4 USB 2.0 ports that go
right into your headers, very nice
and conveniently pre-wired for you. You know those little tiny pins
on those old motherboards? This is a dinosaur,
please don’t ever use it. This is a 3-way SLI bridge
which you very well may use if you have tons of money
and are building a thing like this, you know, it’s hardcore.
2-way SLI bridge, much more likely you’ll use this,
maybe a couple of 1085s or 285s. You get a padded input/output shield,
which is very cool. You know why? Because it’s painted,
it’s got letters, let’s you know what’s going on,
it’s you know, labeled. And then obviously my favorite
it’s padded. Padded has a double feature,
double goodness. It blocks electromagnetic interference
on your peripherals when you plug them in
and it also stops vibration and keeps everything
nice and quiet. You’re also going to get
a bunch of cables. Hopefully you don’t use them all.
Here are SATAs, you got one, two, three, four,
five, six SATA cables, all standard. You have IDE, floppy, and a bunch
of these molex to SATA connectors. That is it, it is over.
The EVGA X58 board, triple SLI, awesome board,
great price. Don’t waste your money
on something really ridiculous if you don’t need it
because this will get everything done, it will overclock
with the best of them, literally you can overclock
this thing like a mad man. It’s got a great BIOS, vdroop control,
lots of good settings, very adjustable, good stuff.
If you have any questions on it email me, see you guys
next time. For more information on the
EVGA X58 motherboard type in E145-2055
into the search engine of any
of these major retailers. For ComputerTV, I’m Albert. (C) 2008 SYX Services, Inc. All Rights Reserved
Channel: TigerDirectBlog

100 thoughts on “EVGA X58 SLI LGA 1366 Motherboard

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  3. You can do crossfirex on any mobo that is crossfirex certified. i wouldnt run crossfirex on sli certified board………..

  4. Classified isnt worth the extra $150, I have both and unless u are doing extreme overclocking (LN2, ect) or want Tri-SLI + Physx + Sound card then go with this one.

  5. guys i am going to ask a stupid question what if i buy this EVGA X58 motherboard & install ATI video card…….

  6. no problem with that… this board does both SLI and Crossfire Aka Nvidia or ATI. he said that in the review 😉

  7. I've got this board and 1600MHz ram and it saw it as 1033. However my timings are 7-7-7-18 running at 1.5v. I haven't tried overclocking yet. I got the OCZ 12800 ram.

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  9. first, only i7 are suported on these board. graphic performance mainly depend on your graphic card. i recomend a 9800 gtx (or a 9600 gt) or a gtx 260.

  10. if your doing some simple stuff, maybe a core 2 duo should be fine or a phenom II. As for graphics card on newegg their is a 9500GT for about 35 dollors w/rebate. It can run GTA IV fine and its great for video editing even if you dont do it. (BTW dont use Micrsoft office waste of money use open office.

  11. I own this board. Clocking my i7 920 to 4ghz was cake, and i keep it at 3.8 for 24/7 use. It hasn't let me down and i never lockup or have to restart.

  12. Davastus:
    you can't install Windows on an external drive – it prevents it in the installer.

    However – I have managed to get Linux to boot from an external drive – required major fiddling,

  13. Which would be faster?

    2x 9800GTX+ SLI($259.98+$20 Mail in Rebate)
    GTX 260 Core 216 Factory Overclocked($155.00+$20 Mail in Rebate)

  14. so what is better??
    a Asus Rampage II extreme or this mobo??
    I've heard a lot of bad stories about the rampage

  15. thats a good question. this mobo is frigin amazing but the extreme has more features but for price performance prolly this one.

  16. does it matter which sata port i hook the hard drive and dvd drive into? there are many sata ports. which one do i use? i only have one hard drive and one dvd drive, both sata. same with the usb ports, which one do i use?

  17. what is the different between this and the x58 SLI LE?
    the LE you can do 3x SLI and a physic but why is it cheaper?

  18. the board should automatically down clock the ram so u will have to go in to the bios and manually put it back up
    which wont cause any problems

  19. anyone have any issues with this board….i had/have one and i was very excited to get it but, when i set it up it would boot on then off then on again EVGA tech help said it was normal but what i have found was this it isn't suggestions of comments?

  20. When he was explaining about the sli slots, he explains that if you have 2 cards, they both will run x16. But if run 3 way only the first slot will run x16 and the other 2 will run x8. so does that mean if you run 2 way sli on gtx 285, you will get the same result as 3 way sli on this board?

  21. 1.9x performance of single card if you run 2 way sli? I was told by the evga's technical support agent that you will only get 30% of its capacity on the 2nd card if you run 2 way sli. How did you get the 1.9x performance?

  22. Think of Firewire as USB 3.0, it is basically just used for data transfer but at a much much higher rate/bandwidth then a USB 2.0.

  23. I was wondering about that too, I was thinking it would block the fan for the 3rd card, being their so close together, but I figured if it ends up being an issue, I could always get the "Antec Spot Cool" to direct air in between the two…

    unless the cards face the other direction, I don't remember, as I'm not using MY computer right now.

  24. Believe me when I say that this video's purpose is to share information about a product. Why must you criticize people for trying to gain information unmentioned in any articles they may have read or videos that they may have watched?!? I know you were talking to someone else, but I find it maddening, like I found it maddening when I read that Albert Einstein was kicked out of school for asking too many questions!

  25. Please note, the sata ports and the controller mapping mentioned in the video is wrong. The red ones (3:19) are jMicron363, all blacks are Intel and remaning red one next to pci slots and the esata are jmb362. I raid'ed the jmicron and no issues. The drivers are not on evga site but in the FAQ, you can see that there is a link to the jmicron drivers.

  26. Yes some dick like EVGA cause they are made in America or are they from isian components so actually they can't be all bad. I withdraw my other comment.

  27. just throwing my future rig idea…. but how does this sound using this board?
    1. intel core i7 920
    -with xigmatek dark knight cpu cooler
    2. corsair dominator 1600 (3 x 2gb) triple channel ram
    3.Evga x58 sli motherboard
    4. XFX ATI 5870 video card in 2-way crossfire
    5.1000w+ power supply (undecided)
    6. western digital 150gb velociraptor hdd
    -and 640gb western digital caviar black hdd
    7.Plextor dvd burner drive
    8.Lite-on blue ray drive
    9. Antec 1200 case with 6 case fans

  28. Hi there, I'm actually not very used to build computers, so i was wondering if some of you can help me. My question is… All this PC's parts, would work in this mobo or Computer setting. This is the compuer i was building:

    -Intel Core i7 920 (2.66GHz, LGA 1366, 4.8GT/s)

    -EVGA X58 SLI Motherboard

    -OCZ Gold Tri Channel 6GB DDR3

    – Sapphire Radeon HD 5670 1GB DDR5

    -Western Digital Caviar Green 1TB

    I would be very greatfull if you answer me!!
    Thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  29. wow dude , your actually asking a question like that?
    Intel vs AMD of course their sockets doesn't go with each other

  30. Can someone please tell me the difference between the 132-BL-E758-TR and the 132-BL-E758-A1 motherboard?

  31. @manghi94 yup,every thing you got is compatible, you might want to ad an sdd so your windows and operations would load faster.

  32. For the record the EVGA E758-A1 and TR are slightly different from the model in this video. The Ram is 1600 native(and gray in color) and does not use the 8 pin. As for the difference between the TR and A1, from what I've read its simply package contents but the boards themselves are the exact same.

  33. I got the A1 model. I just notice that it aint the same color as the one shown here. Mine is grey and black which I think is bettter and oh yeah I just got a GTX 480SC. +1 for the noob!

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  36. I love these tigerdirect style review they go straight to the point better then those unboxing crap review. Thumbs up to this guy!

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