EXP GDC BEAST Gaming Laptop (eGPU Set-up)

So, let’s say you’re stuck on a laptop. In which case, is out-dated by quite a bit. Maybe you’re a college student, who can’t really spare the funds for an upgrade. Maybe you work with videos, and don’t have the funds to buy a tower. Maybe you’re an enthusiast for video games, but your hardware can’t really handle the newer titles. Or maybe, you’re just pressed on space, and don’t want a huge set-up to do any of the above. In this video, we’ll be discussing a budget solution that may have been reached. Alright, so starting off, we have the EXP GDC dock itself, sporting a very familiar PCIe x16 lane on the top. For of course, a GPU. To the bottom left, there is a CTD and PTD mode switch for hardware conflicts typically found with this dock. On the font of the dock, we have the data line interface, used for connecting your laptop to the dock. Following that, we have a USB plug, a DC power-in jack, and an 8pin plug for connecting the 4pin and the 24pin off of your PSU. The side has a 6pin power plug used for powering the GPU. However, in this video, I’ll be using the plugs on the card itself, opposed to the dock. Sent with the dock itself, this is a cable used to connect the 4pin connector and 24pin connector into the dock. The data line cable is essentially just a mini-PCIe to HDMI cable used for transferring data from the dock to your laptop. Go figure. The laptop I will be using in this video is a Dell XPS L501x. It needs to be understood that every laptop is going to be different from the last when it comes to using this dock. The way I do it here could be very differen’t from the way you will be doing yours. The laptop is sporting a first gen i5, and a 420m. Anyhow, after removing the plate on the bottom of the laptop, which was shown in the last clip, I’m left with a fairly easy process. All I have to now is disconnect and remove the WLAN chip from the PCIe slot, insert the data cable, screw in the data cable, and connect it into the dock. Some of you may be wondering as to why I didn’t use the WWAN slot, that’s because it wouldn’t work. Once again, it varies heavily per laptop. Now, some of you may be wondering, what happens to my connection to the internet? A simple USB wireless adapter onto the dock itself will correct that issue. Now, of course, we have the power supply. The manual suggests using a Dell 220w power supply, however, I didn’t have one, nor do I think it would’ve been powerful enough. Instead, I went overkill, and used a 750w Dell power supply I yanked from an older computer. It has a 24pin connector, one 8pin cpu connector, and two 6pin pcie plugs. Which is all more than enough. From there, It’s as simple as connecting everything where it needs to go. Remember, I’m using my 6pin plug from the PSU into the GPU. Not plugging my 6pin directly into the dock. So, with everything plugged in and working, it’s as simple as installing the drivers for the card you need. And disabling any other drivers that may interfere. In my case, a 420m driver, and installing a GTX 650ti BOOST driver. If you’re having any trouble, I would honestly suggest using Google. There’s no one quick fix for everything because it’s so different per laptop. Now, I tried to do this for quite awhile without an external monitor. However, I just couldn’t solve the issue. Not sure if it’s my laptop, or if you can’t do this without an external monitor. But I think you may need one. So instead, I opted to use my 1080p monitor to see what performance we could get out of this set-up, on a moderately popular resolution. If anyone knows as to why I wasn’t able to do this, please let me know in the comment section. So the first thing I chose to run was Metro: Last Light’s benchmark utility. In which case, this game didn’t perform so well. I was a bit all over the place in terms of FPS, however, I was running the benchmark pretty high. More than positive if you turn down the settings quite a bit, you’ll get a more than playable experience. Now for Killing Floor 2, I used the high preset for this game, and it ran with no issue. *dogs barking in the background* Infact, I maintained an average of 70fps in most areas for the most part. Definitely more than playable. Now, for the Heaven Benchmark, I ran this utility with the high preset, normal tessellation, and x4 anti-aliasing at 1080p. Not the most optimal performance, however, I did maintain pretty close to 30fps, with sometimes going way over, just depending on the scene. Alright, so put it simply, this is not a super convenient option for everyone. The fact that it’s so dependent on what kind of laptop you are using, and how to properly install it, may make it intimidating to beginners. However, with that aside, I’d say this is a pretty cool little tool. Assuming you know what you are doing, and have done it correctly, you can get some pretty nice results out of using this thing. While I didn’t pay much for the dock, you could easily spend another $150 or so for a PSU and a GPU to use with this. So personally, yes, I would recommend this product. However, I would also suggest you practice caution, and do some research before you buy. Make sure your laptop is compatible, and will work well with this product. Be on the lookout for more videos coming your way. I have an assortment of different ideas I’d like to put into place. If this is the first video of mine that you have seen, I’d suggest checking out some of my budget oriented builds. Thanks for watching, subscribe if you enjoyed, and leave some feedback as to how you feel about this particular product. Also, I’d like to give a quick shoutout to Patrick Pulsinger for granting me permission to use this track of his. Information on him can be found in the description, and here at the credits.

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  1. Hey guys, sorry for not keeping up with most of these, but some of them I can't. I left a link in the description for you guys to seek help if you need it. For whatever I can answer, I'll try! Thanks for the comments, subs, and feedback. Stay tuned!

  2. gtx 970 is not detected in device mannager cant find any advanceed options in bios i am using hp pavilon n003tx
    when i turn on my laptop the gpu stops spinng

  3. the whole reason why ypu couldn't use the laptops display with the external video card is because the output of the external GPU isn't connected to it, it wont feed video back into the laptop (as thats not how a dedicated video card works, or the device). you can only hook the card up to an external monitor.

    and remove that wifi adapter from the device and plug it into one of the USB ports on the laptop itself. being that the mPCIe slot is only 1x speeds bandwidth is at a high premium, the wifi adapter eats into the available bandwidth that could be going to the card (and you'll likely to see even higher performance with it removed from the external GPU adapter).

  4. Could we use this ? https://www.aliexpress.com/store/product/Mini-pci-e-pci-express-riser-card-1x-to-16x-USB-3-0-Data-Cable-SATA/1627923_32788991745.html –> it's using mini pcie – usb 3.0 unlike GDC beast which using HDMI port

  5. seriously this is so simple and you made the video very understandable and for that youv earned a new sub and a follower :))

  6. hi zach, i got same laptop like u, but the iGPU was faulty. can i use this method to bypass iGPU? i mean instead using iGPU, i will using eGPU for main GPU connected to extrnal monitor.

  7. doesnt work for me (Nvidia GeForce GTX 1080, HP ProBook 450 G1) just got a colourful screen. no BIOS Access possible.

  8. so far i know , Mini PCIe use only 1x way and that standard PCIe who you will put graphic card on it use x16 way . so by doing this you will have a srs bottleneck (the efficiency of your eGPU will decrease 20% up to 50% ).
    just imagine you want Passing through a highway traffic from a single band street

  9. Seriously, thank you for this video. I searched for a setup/review video on this product with no luck until I stumbled on this.

  10. hello. i have lenovo 110 ideapad
    8gb ram
    radeon r3 2gb
    but i want more power so can i make a good setup with this hardware please reply

  11. Your laptop must have Intel (R) HD-Grafik support and over GTS450 NVIDIA-Grafik, if not, you must use external monitor.

  12. I plugged mine in without the graphics card to get it all set up. Not realizing the power supply was turned on (750 watt) the EXP GDC made a spark noise and I turned off the PSU as fast as I could. is my EXP fucked now?


  13. Actually you should use VGA which is more than that dude,
    And thanks for making this video, you gave me hope to make my laptop play crazy games.

  14. HI! 🙂 I'm a guy from germany and I'm also planing to upgrade my XPS L502x with an ZOTEC GTX 1060 AMP! Edition in combination with the DEll 220 Watts DA-2 Power Supply… because you already did this with very similar setup i want to ask you if we can get in contact in order if i have some questions… also where have you encountered the most difficulties ??

  15. Thanks your this great Video!
    For all 502X Owners and others also see my quick and easy Guide:

  16. I have hp z200 SFF workstation instead. and i got the problem:
    1. VGA form factor is too small
    2. PSU is hard to upgrade

    so if i wanted to connect the VGA on it, do I need riser cables for PCI x16 (it has that) or use the docking?

  17. why do i have to connect it through the wlan ? is there no adapter to connect it through usb ??

  18. I've a Lenovo G500s laptop and a R9 280x GPU. I'm thinking to remove the wifi card and insert the GPU using the EXP GDC v8.0. Will I be able to do Bitcoin/ETH mining then?

  19. Hi @ZachWasHere, I have Dell XPS 15 l501x. (the model which is shown in this video).
    Can you tell me a good guide of how to set up the egpu with external card.

  20. Hey there and many thanks for your video.
    My MSI's GT780DX gpu has burned (GTX 570M – MXM) and the motherboard doesn't have any internal video card.
    Do you think that this trick could replace the original card?
    I would like to use the computer in a DIY arcade cabinet so i don't realy care about high performances, it's a retrogaming project.
    Please, let me know if someone used this tool with a laptop with no video card.

  21. This video could have been halved in time with the same style of editing just minus all that super slow and pointless b-roll. Do I really need the brolll to last double the amount of time it took you to talk for a fucking Dell psu????

  22. I have a lenovo z570 laptop 8 GB RAM i7 2670qm and a gtx 960 while using egpu on external monitor I get only 20 fps in ac syndicate massive fps drop in vs go from 120 to 10 in gunfights and 30 fps in NFS rivals can u provide any solution

  23. im curious, thunderbolt 3 has massive bandwidth, and the new egpu cases that use it seem to have an underlying issue that causes roughly 20% performance loss across the board; thunderbolt 1, 2 and 3 when using an external monitor, but much more when using internal the more powerful the card is. the signal is compressed and sent through pcie with thunderbolt, causing cpu overhead as well. i wonder if its faster in a desktop with similar specs to the laptop using the mini pcie adapter. simply because direct interface negates that cpu overhead and added latency caused by thunderbolt.

  24. You didnt mention whats up with the other power port, is it 12v? what is it for? if i get a gt 1030 ( does not need 6 or 8 pin) for a htpc will it run off that 12v powrt i was asking ur direclty from the pc's power supply?

  25. will gtx1050ti works with the Mini PCI-E version of EXP GDC v8.4d? I have Lenovo G505s AMD A10 laptop (AMD Radeon HD 8650G + HD 8500M Dual Graphics)

  26. Your Video is very neat & clean , and the music you chosen is just awesome. I have also done a EXP GDC Setup with GTX 1060 on Dell Laptop: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PJabK8TfyOA

  27. HI there, The manual says you need to have an inbuilt intel HD and Nvidia GTS450 and above, so you should have been able to use your laptop monitor itself.

  28. I have lenovo 3000g430 with Intel® Core™ Duo T4200( 2.00GHz 800MHz 1MB ) and 4gb of ram. I am planning to setup an external graphics card. Can anyone suggest me a graphics card which will be perfect for my laptop?

  29. If you have a business laptop from Dell you are in luck..they usually have 3 PCI mini slots so you don't need to take out the wifi card..mine has 3 and this works fine…core i7 2nd gen, 8gb ram, gtx 1060

  30. What's that D.C power port for? Can I just use that if I get a gtx 1050 ti, since it only requires 75 watts of power?


  32. So it has a limit if pcie 3.0 4x right?? That means anything above gtx 660 is bottlenecked.. it is even worse if the laptop supports pcie 2.0 only

  33. Hello bro please help! I have laptop with 4gb ddr2 ram 500gb hdd and core 2 duo t9550 i want to use 1030 egpu and my laptop have both express card slot and wifi slot if you suggest to use egpu which port should i use and what type of performance can i get in games like gta 5

  34. Bro when I connect the external display to GPU it gets no signal error but the Nvidia software detects the monitor and have options to change the settings nothing happen in the monitor what to do now plz help any one

  35. So R7 360 will work in this, my laptop is compatible, its a i5 7200u with 16GB oc DDR4 2400Mhz and 512GB Samsung 860 Pro

  36. Can both cards be ran at the same time ? or just only one or the other ? Also Can the system psu be upgraded to sufficiently support and utilize the more powerful 6 core I7-8086k cpu ? If so , then will it be with great benefit ? Derp , I'm on the r2 by the way so unless I'm mistaken I think that cpu matches my Alpha..^^, Thanks for the Vid Uploader !!!!

  37. When ever I switch on/off any appliances in my room my computer get reboot what can I do to resolve this problem

  38. ótimo vídeo. Mas eu gostaria de saber como você pode instalar esta placa de vídeo e a Dell é um computador bloqueado que não aceita outro cartão. Há uma lista branca. Isso eu não consegui resolver. Você tem alguma dica para dar?

  39. Please help! I'm following steps, but not working :/ PLS HELP GUYS (My setup: Dell XPS 15 l502x i5 2410M 8gb ddr3 windows 7 ultimate 64-bit dgpu: gt 540M egpu: asus gtx 1060 6GB)

  40. Along the video, buzzing sounds in the music, made me think my little pesky laptop was too much undervolted.

  41. Dude some of the stuff is just confusing, what is the wireless usb gonna do, and do I get all that stuff with the exp gdc or separately

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