Experimenting with Biochip Implants

[Music] the human body is really really failing in almost in almost every way I want to live to be thousands of years old I don’t want to die I don’t understand why anybody would Hecate living in solution each neuron communicates un sistema synonymous with Kappa una pang is from the it ably admitted scene Abbadon biohacker dodging the currents in the evolution super villain it’s been an essence on Ben Buick at Tim cannon successful Timothy and chip and I’ll untie my implant he had become de Malabo and Agnon biomedicine baton off 2020 baton is mr. dolphin Ibiza technology on Senate side Nia blinked in the Ada and sidewalks and country my name is Tim cannon I’m with a company called grindhouse wetware we do biohacking essentially we build devices that are meant to integrate with the human body we basically focus on them the merging of man and machine in a kind of a DIY context so this is a cicada it’s somewhat large once this chip is implanted what are you gonna do with it simply because it simply currently reads my temperature data I’m basically going to use that to determine if there are certain things that are causing my temperature to fall or rise also I’m probably going to set it up so that it’ll send me a text message if it thinks I’m getting a fever we’ll turn on the light on low and that’ll go me as you can see here we have rates for various signals and where they’re being read from and this can work on any Android system so I could get that on my phone and we’ll pass you and hack your arm that’s absolutely right you know and a lot of people tend to ask me aren’t you afraid of that I’m not really afraid of that I’m a hacker I’m doing this this is very fun and it’s meant to capture people’s imagination tell me about the procedure what what’s going to happen is I have this tattoo here and I’m going to receive you’ve an incision here on the tattoo my skin will be lifted and separated away from its fatty tissues and the device will be inserted into the pocket that is created and then it will be sutured shut isn’t that gonna hurt like hell yeah it is it’s really really gonna hurt we we are not going to be using any anesthetic I have to do the whole thing as they say in the in the piercing and body-mounted community I got to do it raw dog so here we go this is going right my arm Tim with each Muslims often weeks of body modification confidence Amanda is not instead thought her faith movement Steve how was their team name chip and etiquette as flesh engineer food as a transition implanted soon in a half day see no tuition on the sea on alig and how did your whole collaboration with Tim start how did you meet her Tim emailed me and asked me about the the process of whether or not I could do it I told him that if the configuration was appropriate was possible we went and had dinner discussed it and then about four months five months later he sent me his first prototype doctors don’t do what I do in in the United States the American Medical Association says modifying the body away from what society considers normal or pleasing because to some people breasts out to here are pleasing that that for a doctor to do that he’d lose his license this is the first non-medical computer device ever produced when we when we put this in it will make history that’s what Steve on Timmy amok amok often instantly Connie suspected kuliev work a Bemidji endued yourself on that since he feel very Carla as Alice was combining art science fiction to educate Tim becomed yet carotid in chip implant yet the I’m seeing divided is my angle of Tobias until Tim Steve on Steve’s ass is Tenten H pinkish punt of the amended us against become van Mohawk sizzling ow which world team detect nafta opportunity effing inverter of in and their lobbies and so tears hey how’s it going how’s it going with you how did it go it will well it went well a lot of pain you know a lot of a lot of grunting mother yeah it’s pretty large yeah as we expected you know that sort of thing yeah obviously got some wrinkling in the skin if you can take a look over on the side it’s you know pinched there but it’s closed it’s good you know it’s working so want to see sure sure straight that thing alright let’s see here let me get this and let’s see alright connect to device make sure this connects and connecting connected so let’s go ahead and we’ll turn on the light okay show me the transmitting of the data against that via bluetooth right yeah absolutely so let me reconnect there’s some data for you and that’s you know so one more amazing right now well right now there’s a temperature but as you can see it’s blank because there’s actually an interval so every so many minutes it’ll turn on the temperature sensor now this actually conserves the battery so it’s temperature over time which is kind of cool you know because then you can kind of graph it and chart it and do whatever you want there and yeah but isn’t fairly lively how did the procedure go to exhaustion I’m completely exhausted but then also filled with adrenaline and filled with excitement so you can imagine my body’s completely in recovery mode because as far as my body knows basically I just got stabbed many times and i jus i was just some kind of like medieval battle you know i mean like for my body so my body’s immediately kicked into like yo trauma do you feel one step closer to being that full sidewalk yeah just one tiny step closer yeah absolutely and happy to be there not to be Tim’s in the experimental abalone going dimension have lots yonas and a do-it-yourself of kaabah among jesus Tatsu named alpha dot Oman famous ones like Isaiah Plata body Frogger very hope turbo boost in God vasenka pecan on vast immensely accessed ensign but medical industry really truly believes that it is unethical to attempt to supersede your limitations how mad is this I would like to improve a lot of those inefficiencies I think that that’s the best course of action for preserving conscious thought in machinery you

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  1. Not wanting to die is just a crass comment by a young person who knows nothing. Once you're past your allotted biological lifespan you don't belong here any more and are trespassing.

  2. Whats going to happen is what happened to tony stark. He stuck a piece of tech in his body and it will probably slowly kill him by giving him some type of skin cancer or infection. He needs to upgrade that tech and in him or use something safer or a new element and make it smaller so it won't harm him.

  3. He's so dumb actually. Why not just make it external rather than implanting it in your body. Also the tech will degrade in his body possibly releasing dangerous checks. Its essentially a fucking thermometer aswell nothing special…

  4. This is indescribably cool while the divise in this video may not be particularly practical as of right just think of the possibilitys in the future with tech like this

  5. These will be the guinea pigs we export to outer space. This planet has no need for devils of this calibre. At least medical science hasn't completely lost its marbles understanding that this sort of human is a subspecies of human.

  6. Oh my god, this is stupid! Not the cyborg-thing, the want and the curiosity. But – just stuffing stuff in under the skin, bulky and clunky and with little lights on it. Wtf?!?

  7. I want to live to be thousands of years old, I don`t wanna die. Solution? Shuws a homemade computer under his skin by himself.

  8. Well, I asked myself, “But why? A mechanical device just for monitoring the body heat”. Then, a minute after, I looked a little beyond that line. Took a look at the intention of that brave man. He actually might revolutionize the world. And I felt utterly stupid for only being able to see, what’s visible.

  9. Death is as much an inevitability as entropy is. I don't think clinging to the hope of bionic immortality is any more mature than religions with an infantile fear of the unknown. We each have to face our deaths, and when we do, we evolve and remember ourselves.

  10. I would do something like Elon suggested we might have in the near future. Nurallink if I'm not mistaken. Connect your mind to the cloud and have vast intellect at the speed of thought. This however is just silly, why cut yourself open and shove a relatively large and outdated tech that doesn't have much application. Why not wait till nanotech is ready and in the meantime code useful applications that you would like to have. Ohh and it doesn't even charge wirelessly! To quote Summer from Rick and Morty " you have dropped so many balls, man "

  11. I gave the video a like, somthing this size and what it does is rediclous. Like it or not youll be going to get implants for like a keyboard implant to change the chanels and type stupid quick at work. this is the future sadly!!!

  12. "medical science tries to stop me from improving myself"

    Bro, you got a fucking pocket calculator stuck under your skin… how is that an improvement?

  13. Great tool for police government and state agencies all welfare people should have a chip put in them that way they won't be doing illegal drugs on the American Working Man and woman's dimes anymore do you know how much and billions that would save the American taxpayers if you get caught with illegal substances in your body the chip will pick it up and you can get kicked off immediately not only that but mental health people that got mental health problems they can track them and if you touch any type of gun oil or gun powder it will go through your pores in the chip will pick it up and he immediately notify a government law agency to go pick that person up before they start a mass shootings

  14. 0:11 Well I would like to take life with more philosophy and say that I want to know whats behind death. It has to be amazing, I dont know why people take death as something scary rather than interesting.

  15. "You may say that it is impossible for a man to become like the machine, and i would reply that only the smallest mind strives to comprehend its limits"-Fabricator General Kane…But what the hell dude can't you get smaller chips XD (and i have a question:how to refill te battreries), this is good to try and create new implants but that implant the size of a rock is too important for its utility i think

  16. Stupidity knows no bounds. This is trite seeing as Gibson and Stephenson covered this thirty years ago and every cyberpunk novel since has some "new" twist.

  17. Lol I know this is a necro, but to chime in 4 years later to all the “buy a thermometer” comments. Why use a car when you can buy a horse?

  18. So at first glance I find it gross. But when I think of it more I recall playing Deus Ex Human Revolution back in the day, and thinking to myself:
    "Damn, I wish I could exchange my lungs for a pump, it would help me with my asthma and allergies. I wish I had bionic eyes, that would help with my bad eyesight."
    All the people who laugh this thing off and say "I just use a thermometer xD" (the top voted comment here) are missing the point.
    Those biohackers are trying to advance themselves, and of course they have to start small, like with a thermometer. But thanks to their efforts, coming up with future inventions in this field will be easier, no doubt about that. I bet that at least a big part, if not the most people that laugh at these biohackers, would like to live in a world where crippled veterans could get their limbs back, where people with paralysis could have their nerve system replaced with wires and like stated above, people with asthma could have their sick lungs relaced. Those are just a few examples of what this tech could bring us in the future. I'd give it a hundred, maybe 2 hundred years. And of course we have to start small, we don't have the technology required for these amazing things yet. We have to take small steps to get there. And those biohackers are the people that are willing to take those steps, even at the cost of being laughed at. This whole deal is actually really interesting to think about. But I guess that it's easier to brand these guys as crazy and laugh them off.

  19. would have been better of attaching a raspberry pi to a underarm sleeve. Technology is growing so fast that the device he is using will be outdated in several months.

  20. So i think electronic implants will actually be a thing people get in the future but like that is an absolute monstrosity of a thermometer. Most smartwatches will do the same thing and they're way smaller than that. Smartwatches will also do way more than just record temperature

  21. Should have visited Walmart for a thermometer,… On a serious Note, I'm Rooting for you Man. You'll be able to reduce that brick by over half these days, commented 6-Years Later.

  22. Wait, he mentions keeping the battery from dying by reading the temperature at time variables… but how will he charge it when it dies?

  23. From all the biohacking I've seen online this has to be the stupidest…
    That whole mechanism could most likely be fitted into a device the size of a coin or smaller and you can measure temperature externally.
    Just trying hard to be edgy. Plain stupid…

  24. Hope it's running off of his body heat, otherwise he's kinda fucked when it dies. So many smaller microcomputers that can be run now. Hope he added more functions than a thermometer lol.

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