FCSC 2150 PP Video Card pptx revised

fair use is a copyright principle based
on the belief that the public is entitled to freely use portions of
copyrighted material for purposes of commentary and criticism copyright is a
legal device that provides the author of a work of art literature or drama with
the right to control how the work is used copyright is a form of protection
ground in the US Constitution and granted by law for original works of
authorship fixed in a tangible medium of expression or visual us visual
disability is a decreased ability to see a degree that causes problem not folks
for by unusual means examples our own visual disability our
glasses contact lenses or taking medications okay so now I want to talk
about wounds affected the most so with the age people older than 70
years old are more prone to getting affected with visual disabilities my
kids with disabilities and elderly are the group that is more affected anyone
else what generally have more men than women and with ethnicity you add more
white to any of the race but also they look up black Hispanic Asian American
Indians and other races as well but whites are more perfect date with how
many people are affected around the world so I did like black Hispanic Asian
American Indians and other races so I want to start with the whites because
they have the most people and they have 5 million Americans American Indians are
102 thousand in other races are which assistive technology can be used
are already being used for the population and how does it work
classes classes work by adjusting the focal point of light so that the image
reaching in the retina of the eye is in focus and there’s also contacts contact
lenses working the same way as glasses by adjusting the focal point of light so
that the image reaching the retina of the eyes and focus their screen readers
and screen readers or software programs that allow blind or visually impaired
users to read the text that is displayed on the computer screen with the speech
synthesizer or Braille display or cam glasses is an intuitive portable device
with the smart camera mounted on the frame of the person’s eye glasses the
device uses pop the power of artificial vision to assist people who are living
with vision loss they are interactive glasses of loud people to see their
surroundings in your daily life for examples to read text recognize faces
and identify products contact lens is the thin lens placed directly on the
surface of the eye contact lenses are considered as a medical device and can
be worn to correct vision this is done directly focusing the light so it
interests the eye with proper power for clear vision multifocal contact lens
have multiple focal points in mono vision is the use of a single vision
lens screenreaders is also a great software program that allows blood or
visually impaired users to read the take the display of the computer screen with
the speech synthesizer or Braille display or it can light i cost $3,500
and the aura can my reader cost $2,500 you can purchase this device online at
www.archives.gov/calendar user lives the specifics of their situation
aura can can help people with all types of eye conditions and all levels of
vision loss it helps people with reading fatigue and reading difficulties as well
contact lives can range anywhere from $50 to $700 depending on your contact
man’s prescription type now where you purchase the lands from if you are near
sighting then they might retail for about twenty two dollars a box
people with the stigmatism maybe even pay more their annual lands could cost
up to five hundred dollars annually everyone has access to contact with
insurance cover the cost of most limbs and you can purchase them at your local
eye doctor screen readers prices range from free up to $1,200 screen readers
are for but not limited to individuals who do not have useful vision to read on
the screen some organization like the envy access actually raise money for
people who cannot afford screen readers millions of people per year and donate
money in order to help these individuals the importance of a scholarly article as
farley the article is a peer-reviewed article that is written by an expert and
an academic or professional field of study they are excellent sources of
finding out what has been studied or research on the topic as well as to find
bibliographies that point to the relevant sources own information teaching the blind education is the
development of the abilities of the mind and it’s referred to as knowledge in
various fields of study interaction is another technique used in education and
it’s very important integrated education movement flows directly from the
understanding of equal rights for all citizens and equal educational chances
for our children with special needs the education should be provided in the
least restrictive and effective environment this says the organization
should take care of treating them with respect and the lowest level to confirm
the educational concepts has been learned and the objectives have been met objectives of the learning process to
help the visual impaired function on a minor the upscale to enhance the quality
of learning for everyone to establish and conduct studies to improve the
nonprofit to grow relationships with visually impaired the need of a study to
improve the program through my research I have gathered from both articles I
have come to the conclusion and good agreement that visual impaired children
depend more on touch to learn allowing them to touch things while completing
dense of bowel habits and learning new things is essential early learning and
most cancers have helped children by experimenting touch at a young age we
will establish a system to implicate the full achievement of each person we

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