Female Gamer Loses Sponsor For Saying “Men Are Trash”, Airport Ladies’ Toilets Crisis?

Hello, I’m Daisy Cousens. Welcome to This Week in Social Justice. This week’s biggest and baddest social justice
fails include the gaming company that is stoically resisting
going woke, the Zurich airport ladies toilet drama that has too many
people talking, and depending on how long I feel like talking
about the first two topics we may even have time for a bonus topic. So! Let’s get started. But! While I have your attention; hit that notification
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on with the algorithm at the moment, so if you like my videos and
you don’t want to miss them, hit that little bell button right now. Okay, thank you! Here we go. In a refreshing and somewhat surprising change
of pace, the Brazilian branch of gaming peripheral maker Razer has
dropped one of the gamers it sponsors because she said, among
other things, that “men are trash”. Gaming streamer and social media influencer
Gabriela Cattuzzo will not have her contract with the
company renewed when it expires, because of a thread of tweets
she posted on June 21 st . After tweeting this photo of herself riding
a mechanical bull with the caption, in English, “I am riding the chat”,
one man tweeted in reply, “You can ride me if you want”. Gabriela did not take kindly to this, and
responded in a tweet that has since been deleted with, “There’s
always going to be fucked in the head macho man to talk shit and sexualize
women until the woman starts making jokes, right? And this is why men are trash.” Later on, she tweeted that while not all men
are crappy, the non- crappy ones are the exception to the rule. Needless to say, this caused a bit of a kerfuffle. Her followers were
not happy with her response; since gaming is a somewhat male
heavy community, you can imagine a lot of people did not take kindly
to what she said. In response to this, Razer announced they
would no longer be sponsoring Gabriela, stating, “Razer Brazil reinforces that the opinion
of its influencers does not reflect, necessarily, the opinion of the business,
which is totally against any type of discrimination be it of
sex, religion, political party or whatever type of intolerance and extremism. We have been since
the beginning, as gamers, confronted with all types of
preconceptions and stereotypes, and we will continue to fight so that
this type of situation won’t repeat itself.” Gabriela responded to the to-do, of course,
asserting that she was sorry for her reaction to the Tweet, but not
sorry for defending herself. She stated that most of the comments she receives
when she posts photos are from men scrutinizing
so aspect of her female, so by non-crappy men being the exception,
she was referring to the minority of men in her comments who do not
comment disparagingly or sexually on aspects of her
female-ness. She also
announced she is taking a break from social media because of the
death threats she and her family have received as a result of this
situation. Okay, a few things on this. First, and most obvious, there is no reason
in any universe that this woman should be getting death threats or
doxed for lashing out on the internet. That’s ridiculous, and that’s
just internet trolls sitting in online caves and taking advantage of
someone being the subject of a dogpile so they can exercise their
lust to behave badly. On that I think we can all agree, so just
wanted to get that on the table. Secondly, how interesting is this situation,
in that it is a complete departure from the woke narrative we see in
Western countries. I
loved how Razer explicitly stated Gabriela’s comments were
extremist, and intolerant, because they are! But you would never get
that from a company somewhere like Australia or America or the UK! Women are, at least in the cultural mainstream
of progressive corporations and commie media, celebrated
as empowered for making comments like that about men, provoked
or unprovoked. Like, I think if she had been American, she
would not have lost her sponsorship, and she would have been lauded
in the online media for sticking up for herself and how she’s
inspirational in the fight against online misogyny blah blah blah. Third, Gabriela was provoked into making this
comment, she was responding to someone who had offended her. And given the fact she mentioned she gets a lot of these kinds
of comments, perhaps she just snapped. However, welcome to the internet. Everyone gets
picked on for things they can’t control like gender or race or
sexuality. I’m a female online and I get relentlessly
picked on for aspects of me being a woman. Ironically, the vast majority of those comments
relating to my female-ness come from other women, which anyone
who watched my last video of me reading mean tweets will have
picked up on, but whatever. It is an occupational hazard of existing
on the digital plane. And aside from anything else, men actually
get picked on for being men on the internet, especially nowadays,
and especially if they are white and straight. The pendulum has moved somewhat when it
comes to gender being weaponised; a few years ago I would have
said it was more of a female thing to get abused for your gender
online, but the dynamic has really really changed with the rise of the
regressive left. As for the comment itself…come on. I get comments like that
reasonably regularly on my YouTube channel and on Instagram, I do
not find them offensive at all because they are jokes. A little bit
undergraduate, but jokes nonetheless. I mean, if you look at how
BuzzFeed reported it; they said Gabriela was dropped for responding
to “sexual harassment”; what absolute rubbish. That wasn’t sexual
harassment. The commenter wasn’t threatening her, or
disparaging her, he was making a joke, which is particularly evident
in the context of Gabriela’s original tweet, which was also
a joke that she was “riding the chat”. I can understand her frustration, but it was
a totally disproportionate and unprofessional response. As to whether Razer should have dropped her;
look, I personally am never a fan of people being fired or losing
sponsorships for things they’ve said, unless they’re inciting
violence or advocating stripping people of their rights or something else genuinely
heinous. However, if she were a man and had said all
women are trash, she would most definitely have been dropped by
any company and accused of misogyny, so it is good I guess
to see that Razer is not operating under the same double standard that
a lot of companies in Western countries would indulge. I don’t know whether to call this a
social justice fail, so I’ll just call it a social justice “thing”, shall I? Zurich Airport has drawn the ire of feminists
for the length of its bathroom lines. Twitter user and apparent feminist Laura Rolden
posted two photos of herself waiting in a bathroom queue, with the
caption, “Dear @zrh_airport , when are you going to solve the
problem with the ladies toilets? #InvisibleWomen @CCriadoPerez A
Gates” Incredibly, Zurich Airport gave her a reasonably
prompt response, replying with, “Hi Laura, we are very sorry
to hear you had to wait. There are many toilets all over the gate. we hope at your next visit at
Zurich Airport everything will work smoothly! Best regards from ZRH” Reasonable enough, I would have thought. After all, there was
literally nothing Zurich Airport could do at that exact moment in time
to solve the problem, like nothing. Nevertheless, this wasn’t enough
for Laura Rolden, who tweeted back, “Thank you for your answer. Yes! Those images are from two
different toilets. All were the same :(“ To which the airport, evidently wanting to
nip this in the bud, replied, “Unfortunately, we can’t influence how long
it takes a woman to go to the toilet. Certainly the architects who built the airport
didn’t do this on purpose and included enough space
for the women.” This comment, needless to say, ruffled more
than a few feminist feathers. So used to being capitulated to, these women
were up in arms about the airport’s dismissive response,
flocking to the thread and giving all the reasons why women need
longer to go to the toilet than men, and how they should prepare for
that, and how non- progressive and ignorant Zurich Airport are,
etc etc. My favourite tweet in this thread, ironically,
came from a man, “Of course you can influence it. By providing correct number of toilets
based on the needs of each sex. Had never thought about male
privilege extending to almost never queuing for a piss but here we
are in 21c with men’s time & comfort more valued than women’s.” Well, you know what they say about male feminists. Eventually, and rather disappointingly, the
airport caved, stating, “This is a problem which exists in all public
areas and which urgently requires action. We have informed the department responsible
for building planning. We would like to sincerely apologize to all
women who had to wait in front of one of our toilets. We hear your
problem.” Interestingly enough, the #InvisibleWomen
in Laura’s original tweet wasn’t just feminist slang. It is the title of a book, Invisible Women,
written by noted British feminist author Caroline Criado Perez. This
lovely book is a dissertation of sorts about all the ways society is
allegedly designed for men, despite all the equality we think we have
achieved. Examples found in her book of this terrible
oppression facing women in Western societies include the fact offices
are on average five degrees too cold for women because the formula
to determine their temperature was developed “based on the
metabolic resting rate of a 40-year-old” man. Smartphones, at an average size of 5.5 inches,
are “too big for most women’s hands” and don’t fit in their pockets,
and virtual reality headsets are more likely to make women feel sick
than men. Okay, here’s the thing. I actually don’t disagree that venues may
take into consideration the fact women’s bathroom
lines are longer than men and adjust accordingly with a few extra
cubicles, because the main reason that women wait for the bathroom
longer is because, quite simply, they pee more. This is because their bladders are smaller
than the bladder of your average man, because their internal organs
have had to make room for the uterus and ovaries. Men’s sexual organs are on the outside of
their bodies, therefore, they have bigger bladders, so can hold on for
longer. I worked in a venue once that had a small
extra toilet for women, and it worked a treat. The lines were still longer than for the
men’s, but at least women had somewhere extra to go which helped
a bit. However, the fact this kind of stuff is presented
as a pressing feminist issue, and anyone who raises an eyebrow
at it is somehow unenlightened or promoting so-called male
privilege is why people hate modern feminism. I mean, come on, you’re really going to
die on the feminist hill of the women’s bathroom
lines are too long?? At
least you live in a country that has indoor plumbing, for goodness
sake! This petty, picking at scraps victim ideology
is why feminism nowadays attracts so many vocal critics. Oh, and just by the way, I’d
say the reason your average office temperature is designed for the
resting metabolic rate of a 40 year old man is because in most
offices, it’s likely that men around the age of 40 make up the
majority of the workers there, and are required to wear heavy suits and jackets, as opposed to women, who can
wear a light dress and put on a cardigan if they are chilly. Huge social justice fail right here. Bonus topic! We have a bonus topic this week. Eric Trump got a bit
more than he bargained for on Tuesday night, when he was spat at
by a waitress at high end Chicago cocktail bar The Aviary. According
to sources familiar with the incident, the young woman in question
came right up to Eric, spat in his face, and murmured something that
sounded anti-Trump. She was immediately taken into custody by
the Secret Service Agents who were present, and
Eric Trump eventually decided not to press charges. Since then, the The Alinea Group, who owns
The Aviary, has made a statement, and revealed the waitress has been
put on leave until they can speak to her. They asserted, among other things, that no
customer should be spit on, and that the online discussion of it was
disturbing and wrong, from those calling for their business to go
bust, to those praising the waitress’ actions as an act of civil
disobedience. They finished by stating, “We hope this
incident can, at least, serve to illuminate the current
absurdity of the discourse of our politics. Okay, I have to say here, kudos to The Alinea
Group for the way they handled this. That was probably the best kind of response
they could have put out, although I think the waitress
should have been sacked on the spot. I mean come on, surely spitting in the face
of a customer, any customer, is an objectively
sackable offense? What makes me raise my eyebrows, however,
is the fact this incident has been given such a small amount of coverage
in the mainstream media! There have been a few little articles here
and there, but, and I hate to bring out this cliché but it’s
true, can you IMAGINE the media and social media to-do if it had been Chelsea
Clinton who had been spat on?? We would never hear the end of it, and the
bar would probably have been torched by now! This is, on a number of levels a
very big and very bad social justice fail.

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  51. Hey, I know this video is kind of 'old', but I just found it and I'd like to offer you some insight about women in Brazil, as I am brazilian myself and, of course, a woman.
    Maybe you don't understand why she got so upset about the comment, because perhaps in Australia you live in a different situation.

    I live in the 7th most dangerous city in the world, Fortaleza. The murder rate her is of 66 homicides per 100,000 residents. This is just to give you a little context.

    In Brazil women are not as secure as in, say, the USA. I've been cat-called back when I was a minor, which at the time really upset me, but some girls have it worse. We're a country known for sex tourism with minor/children, for high rates of domestic violence, for high rates of rape and feminicide, which is a rough translation of 'feminicídio'. We had two big news on the last two years about Uber driver raping women on their cars. There was a young lady who had a dirty old man masturbate and cum on her in public transportation, in São Paulo, if I'm not mistaken.
    I understand that in those more developed western-countries those situations aren't that common, but we have a very different social situation. In Brazil, 4 women are killed every day according to this study: https://womenintheworld.com/2019/02/05/4-women-killed-every-day-in-brazil-in-2019-human-rights-body-reports/. In Brazil, four girls under 13 are raped every hour and every two minutes police receive a report of violence against women: https://edition.cnn.com/2019/09/11/americas/brazil-women-girls-domestic-violence-rape-intl-hnk/index.html.
    I don't know better fonts in english, so I encourage you to search about the topic if you don't like CNN or women in the world.

    I don't walk the streets in bright daylight feeling safe. Maybe Cartuzzo does not either.
    Obs.: I definitely think she overreacted to the guy's comment, but I wanted to show that she might have felt overwhelmed. I'm not sure I like brands dropping men or women for comments, but I feel that in Brazil we do still have a lot of misogyny and violence against women.

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  56. You are very balanced, which is why I like your videos! However, it would have been healthily inquisitive to question if she actually receive a death threat or not.

    Don’t get me wrong: I don’t which death threats on anyone. But, people the likes of her have a long, recorded history of making up alleged death threats, and going as far as faking them and sticking to them.

  57. If someone spoke to my daughter or wife that, there would be a beat down, & many good fathers would agree. Yes there are a lot of sleepy men but consequently there are equally many Jezebel’s. Also.

  58. I know multiple women who are in and out much faster than I. I think there are too many transgenders in the women's, pointlessly trying to menstruate, taking selfies etc.

  59. If anybody spat in my face, I would punch them woman or a man. Donald Jr. is class act. I would also press charges on whoever did it.

  60. To be honest, it has puzzled me for decades why building designers don't double the size of the women's bathrooms compared to the men's rooms. Probably even two and a half times wouldn't be overkill considering the decreased space urinals take compared to stalls. It's like common sense hasn't yet reached the minds of architects and building designers.

  61. OK so I hope that one day I'm driving along on a highway outside of the city and see her by the side of the road with a flat tire. I'll beep and wave as I pass her by. Have a nice day.

  62. Wait, hold on… women are going to the bathroom longer because their bladders are smaller? I'm sorry, but they should have shorter stops in that case, but need to go more often. I think one way to make people go faster in toilets is to have wifi scramblers. At work, in the men's bathrooms we often face full bathrooms because people take advantage of the "break time" with their phones. When we are on a floor with bad internet in the bathroom, there are never any lines. This probably holds true for both genders.

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