Film Theory: Is SAO the MOST EXPENSIVE GAME EVER? (Sword Art Online)

100 thoughts on “Film Theory: Is SAO the MOST EXPENSIVE GAME EVER? (Sword Art Online)

  1. Tbh if they’d Make MMORPG Games they should first do either GGO or ALO I think we all can agree those are the coolest games we've seen so far in the anime

  2. Don't forget the fact that they scan the players face and apparently can figure out the size of the players body. That can get very random as people in the real world don't look so generic like they do in video game npc's. Things like scars, freckles, wrinkles, Different hairstyles, hair colors, eye shape and color, it would be a real pain to make sure everyone look exactly like they do in real life

  3. Just wanna day but you would also have to applie Moore’s law to all of the cost, so it would be around a quarter of all of these prices in 2022.

  4. Just wanna say that you would also have to apply Moore’s law to all of the cost, so it would be around a quarter of all of these prices in 2022.

  5. So essentially with all the calculations matpat did in this video we will never ever get a VR game like SAO because it's too expensive to make

  6. The thing that constantly bugged me about SAO is that over the whole time they were stuck in the game literally no one could figure out how to turn it off safely. There had to be massive groups of people (paid and volunteer) trying to solve the issue. No one outside the game could figure out how to take control of the servers?

  7. So basically, the creator of SAO wanted to kill all those people because when it came right down to it, he would never be able to recover his costs or even make a profit from his game. Makes sense. Kill everyone to cover up a suicide or have someone in the game outright kill you, which Kirito did.

  8. Am I the only one who pissed themselves laughing when the screen kept moving to the girl in her underwear, only to be blocked by MatPat?

    P.s. I'm very drunk while watching this

  9. Or sell the game for 3 grand a pop and make some profit, or depending on the microwave helmet's price, 4k. THE WORLDS FIRST FULLY IMMERSIVE MMO, surely there are 10,000 rich idiots who'd pay through the nose for that kinda 'i was there first' bragging rights. Fyre festival had about that many, right?

  10. Well…frankly, I don't realize how SAO didn't destroy the video game industry following the "Fairy Dance" arc. Once Kirito put out that "Seed" thing that allowed pretty much everyone and anyone with a powerful enough server to create their own fully integratable version of SAO, the market would be completely glutted with knockoffs. That's the same thing that eventually caused the first video game crash. The market was overloaded with consoles that were all running the same games and no one developer could make any money.

    And that's not accounting for the fact that everyone who was in SAO appears to have sustained psychological damage to the point where, at best, the players now believe their lives in those games are the equivalent of their real world lives and just as necessary for mental and emotional well-being and, at worst, there are multiple psychopaths who now view murdering people in real life as the equivalent of killing another player's avatar in a MMORPG with just as little moral standing. (On that note, um, why aren't all those people in a hospital for the criminally insane again? Or simply charged with murder? I mean…they knew they were murdering people in SAO. Does it not "count" because the murderer used a video game as the weapon?) And yet somehow the games are still legal.

    I mean, just consider the fact Kirito kept his original Nervegear. Isn't that like someone who was chained and tortured for two years keeping their shackles?

  11. 6:30 Wait, is that loli-butt? In UNDERWEAR?!
    How is this not demonitized?!
    Matpat, you must share the secret to this, the content creators of Youtube need this information!!!!

  12. I don’t care about the price make it happen. Kayaba if you are out there. Make it happen. Even if you wanna kill us all. Make it happen.

  13. But what if the nerve gear only develops sensations that the user thinks those sensations feel like. Wouldn't that lower the cost, since there is no production in recreating them.

  14. Except that number isn’t as ridiculous as it sounds. While what was talked about here was the cost of developing the game SAO a technology like nerve gear has implications that extend outside the world of gaming such as medicine, education, and military, and if you considered that a game like SAO is a perfect method for testing and further developing that technology the value of the game may well be much higher than the revenue it can generate. Also as we learned in season 2 part of that development cost was not exclusively for SAO as things like the AI, cardinal system, and world seed were to be reused for future projects both games and other, although Kirato ends up giving it away online for free I doubt that was the intention of the people who paid the development bill.

    Stop reading here if you are not caught up and don’t want spoilers:

    Also I doubt the cost of SAO even comes close to the project wrath is doing during the underworld arc. That cost can be justified because it’s a large scale national project with military backing. What costs would be considered reasonable when exploring completely new technologies would surprise most people.

    The original oculus rift didn’t make money, in fact it lost money. Hells angels (a 1930 film you should watch it) was widely criticized at the time for being so expensive to produce it would never make it money back, and it almost broke even at the box office it only fell short by $300k, which is a lot but its was a completely revolutionary film at the time and movies wouldn’t be the same today without it. And seeing as it’s still being sold on dvd almost 90years later I would wager a guess it made up that difference.

  15. Me: Watches all 3 seasons and the movie
    Also Me: Watches this video

  16. i played a sao game on my phone i played for about 2 months with school breaks and other breaks and i was lvl 35 but only on the 5th floor oh yeah its that big

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