Force Your Game or App to Use a GPU on Windows 10

A great feature on Windows 10 is that
you can choose which GPU your game or any graphics-intensive program uses. So,
really, this is great for gamers and those who use video editing programs
like Premiere Pro. So, all you have to do is go to the bottom-left corner of the
screen click ‘Start’ and then type ‘Graphics Settings.’ And then once you type
that, you should see the graphic settings option. and so click that and this will
take you directly to the graphics settings menu. Another way you can open
this menu is by clicking ‘Start’ and then typing ‘Display.’ Once you type that, you
should see the option to change the display settings. So click that and then
scroll to the bottom and click on ‘Graphics settings.’ once you are in the
graphic settings menu, you will see two options: classic app and universal app.
Universal apps are those that come from the Windows Store and they are universal,
because they are compatible with both mobile and desktop devices. And if you
choose it, you will see a list of all of the universal apps on your PC. And
classic apps are the conventional Windows applications with .exe file
extensions. Now if you choose it and click browse, you’re going to have to dig to
your PC to find your program. Ideally to make it easier for you, to guarantee that
you’ll find, it if you don’t know where it is make sure you go to the C: drive,
because all of the classic apps are there. For example, I am going to add Adobe
Photoshop. To do this, I’m going to go to my C: drive, and then I’m going to go to
the Program Files, and then I’m going to click on Adobe, and then I’m going to
look for Photoshop. Here it is! And then let me click on the Photoshop program
application, the .exe file, and a shortcut is fine as well. So, I’m going to
choose that and then click ‘Add.’ And there you go Photoshop is added. And now if I
click on it, and click options, I will see a list of graphics preferences. System
default means your computer can decide which one to
used depending on your scenario. Your integrated graphics or your dedicated
graphics. Power saving: most likely that will be your integrated graphics. High
performance: boom! Raw power! Most likely it’s going to use your dedicated
graphics. So, if you want, you can choose that and click ‘Save.’ And that’s it! This
is how you can easily assign a GPU to your app on Windows 10. In a different
video I’m going to show you how you can actually check which GPU your
application is using, so you can check if this is working for you or not.
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100 thoughts on “Force Your Game or App to Use a GPU on Windows 10

  1. I have GTX 1050ti and Intel UHD 630, play gta 5,
    before i use uhd 630, lag like a shit, even using lowest settings still getting lag,
    now, Highest settings in GTX 1050ti, 60fps for even!!!! Thanks for your tutorial Techddictive!!! I will never forget this video!
    remember to leave a like guys, this is really working!

  2. fucking finally
    thanks alot dude in most of the games my gpu was being used like % 50 60 but not like over 90 and that was making me cancer and have been suffering for like a year with my 1060 6 gb i set it to high performance and holy shit im so happy 😀

  3. Ugh, both the low-power and high-performance GPUs are the integrated graphics. No option to select my discrete GPU, and I know it's working and attached since it appears in device manager, and the Radeon software detects it. Never had this issue with Nvida, you just opened Nvidia control panel, selected the application, and told it to use your discrete GPU. I've been tearing my hair out all night looking for a fix for this, but it seems like AMD tries their DAMNDEST to make this impossible.They even removed the advanced settings button that I've seen a lot of tutorials use! I'm never buying AMD products again….fuck AMD.

  4. life safer! i'm not running games but i am running my heavy design applications, been trying to figure out setting from NVIDIA but it's actually the setting from the sytem it self! cherrs!

  5. I have 2 graphic processor in using my photoshop. Amd radeon vega 3 and amd radeon hybrid. But i want to make radeon vega 3 to make default so i can use 3d effects. Other than that my Radeon hybrid is not working in 3d but sometimes when i restart my laptop it turn to the other graphic processor default. Can youfix this pls?

  6. I don't have the Graphics Settings option under the Display tab. My windows 10 doesn't have it!! What's going on?

  7. Wow, I think this really worked! I've been trying to animate with a software for nearly a year now, but it always started to lag when I added too many layers. Right now, it's working really well! Thank you for this tutorial!

  8. Idk if it’s just that rainbow six isn’t optimized well, but when I selected my 1060 instead of intel graphics, instead of being around 100% cpu usage which is what it used to be, now it’s 100% cpu and cpu usage. Yikes

  9. Thank you very much mate! this helped me a lot from buying x 2 ddr4 8 gb ram. I thought its something with the ram but it was the graphics settings clap clap!! now i can play wwe 2k19 nba 2k19 and high spec games with good fps rate.

  10. Hero, my pc is very powerful and I was so confused to why it was playing some games on ultra and some games couldn’t even run on low settings 😂

  11. Is there any way to make so that any program uses the NVidia card instead of the integrated one without adding for each program a rule as it is done in the video?

  12. So it's just a hotfix, not doing that for each and every game I want to play, Windows 7 was doing the switch with no problems….

  13. had problems with this earlier, tried that option and did nothing. I need to tell each time I launch any app to use dedicated gpu opening it with right mouse and specifing the gpu (that menu has change default gpu to use, which is not working also! fuck it)

  14. GTX 1080 Ti Overclocked while on the lowest settings possible on Cs Go and still get 14 FPS. It's like that for every game, too.

  15. You shouldnt have to ever, ever do this in windows. The nvidia and ati control applets take care of ALL of this for you. All this video does is set the POWER savings for your GPU… and again, this is all done in the nvidia or ati applets that come with your GPU.

  16. I would choose your words wisely in the future. In this video you said, "You can choose which graphics GPU a game or graphic-intensive program can use". However, you just explained how to set a game or program to use GPUs. There wasn't a selection of a specific GPU as your opening statement suggested. This is a common thing people do in there videos. They say one thing but describe how to do something completely different.

  17. this video came up when I searched "how to run 3d games…" (like on steam) "…on a 2d graphics card" , will this solve my issue? if not then can someone tell me if and how I can do such a thing?

  18. READ THIS !
    adobe after effects plugins :
    beware !

  19. thank you my brudda i didnt know why i have low fps with my 1070 gtx now i have very good fps iam goona come to you in the night time and kiss you

  20. … I can run Code Vein now… a whole day of searching around, clearing files, changing performance and priorities, shutting on and off, everything… I found a video. THANK YOU!

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