FY1316W VGA to HDMI HD Video Converter (CAB-GC-83168)

FY1316W VGA to HDMI HD Video Converter (CAB-GC-83168)
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=10ISv4EuhRg Welcome to Gadget Guide USA. Thanks for watching
my FY1316W VGA to HDMI HD Video Converter product review. Let’s go ahead and dive
right in. As you can see I’ve already pulled it out
of the retail box here which pretty much consisted of inside there was a plastic sleeve and this
was tucked safely inside it with below it was a power adapter and an instruction manual.
And let’s go ahead and look at the box. Pretty generic and standard box. It just kind
of says video converter all over it. It shows you a black and white image of the actual
video converter there. It doesn’t give you a lot of other information so we’ll just
go ahead and get rid of it now. We’ll go ahead and look at the unit itself.
Pretty standard basic plastic construction. I’ve actually used this for a couple of
months now in my home. It seems to be standing up pretty well. It doesn’t cause any heat.
It doesn’t have any blinky lights to irritate me so we like that. Let’s go ahead and look
at the ports. It has your DC 5 volt input port and that’s for the power supply. It
is required. The instruction manual says otherwise but we will get to that. The chord is rather
short. If you’d like to know the exact distance check the end of my videos. You know of course
I measure out all of the specifications of chords and boxes and things like that. We
have your power plug here. This is for your HDMI port and let’s make sure just everything
fits. You know I’ve already had it hooked up at home but I just want to show the users
at home. We have your audio port. And then of course we have your VGA port. Everything
seems to fit well. If I can get it the right direction that is. So that’s all we really
care about. It does have the screw-ins and all that. If you’d like to see an actual
representation of how this works that will be coming up next. We’ll have a live demo
of all the video converters I’m doing today actually.
So now that we’ve taken care of that we’ll go ahead and talk about the instruction manual.
I will say that’s one of the big minuses of this VGA to HDMI converter. The instruction
manual is kind of misleading in a way. Under 1.1 features it says low power, no power adapter.
I could not get this little box to work without it being powered up. I tried everything. I
tried short chords. I tried…you know so in the end even though the instruction manual
says low power, no power adapter that is totally false. But to be totally honest it’s not
like when you buy a video converter you really need an instruction manual. When you buy a
video converter you know exactly what you need. What you have is you have a VGA out
but your TV does not have VGA it only has HDMI so what you do is you buy a VGA chord,
hook it up to your laptop or PC or projector or whatever has a VGA chord. Hook that up
to your laptop. Hook the HDMI to your TV and don’t forget the audio and it will be smooth
sailing from there. Next step is going to be an actual live demonstration
of this video converter box. Hey and welcome back. This is just a display. I have everything
running out of my laptop here running into my HD video converter there and then directly
into my HDMI TV. Let me go ahead and just turn the volume down. Looks like it’s a
little bit too loud. I don’t want to have to talk over it. But just to note the video
quality looks great. The sound quality is great. I will say occasionally especially
during high action scenes there will occasionally be a line that pops up here. Really not that
big of a deal and I’m not really sure if it’s a problem with the laptop. This is
an older Acer Aspire laptop converting or it is actually happening in the converter.
It only happens every once in a while during high action scenes and it’s really not noticeable
at all if you were just casually watching it. But it is something when you’re just
staring at the screen looking for a problem you might notice. But overall the cost of
this video converter was very low and it does an impressive job as far as converting you
know the VGA over to HDMI. Looks great. It’s something that I’ve used in my house for
a little over 2 months now and I haven’t had any issues with it. To be perfectly honest
I didn’t even notice those occasional lines in the screen when I was watching it. I didn’t
even really notice until it was time to give a review and I was like hey did you see that?
But like I said I’m not sure if it’s an artifact actually caused by the laptop or
if it’s actually from the HD video converter but it’s definitely something worth mentioning
as far as a product review. I do hope you enjoyed my product review today.
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  1. It would be nice if u showed how u connected it, i have the same box but my tv doesn't recognize the device. It keeps saying no connection. In your video you suddenly just use it ya know

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