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I’m Colby Brown. A photographer and
created professional who spends most of his time traveling. I’ve taught
photography for National Geographic, worked on humanitarian projects around
the world, and I’ve helped create marketing campaigns for some of the largest
companies in the industry. Because of all this, I have a variety of different needs
and priorities. I find that the Windows platform gives me a higher degree of
flexibility without sacrificing any reliability or performance. That’s why
I’m a PC guy. Anyone can go out and buy a PC or Mac that’s ready to go right out
of the box, but the beauty of the PC platform is that it lets me completely
customize my workstation from the ground up. This starts with picking the right
case for aesthetics and expendability for future upgrading. The CPU needs to be
strong enough to handle in-depth multitasking, while your video cards are
pivotal in helping handle your graphical needs both photo and video. For
the biggest performance increase, you want to make sure that you’re running as
much high speed memory as your apps need. This goes for storage as well, where you
want the right SSDs to help ensure top performance from your system and
applications. I chose this particular motherboard not only for its
expandability and speed, but most of all because it supports Thunderbolt 2
technology normally found on Macs. With a thunderbolt 2 compatible storage
drive like G-Technologies G-SPEED Studio. I have a secure and dependable way of
managing my images that matches the performance of my top end custom built
PC. Whether you’re a seasoned pro or just starting out, the beauty of the PC
platform is that you can tailor it to fit your needs, while saving money in the
process. Freeing up your budget for more important things, such as getting
dependable storage or funding your next adventure.

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