Galaxy GeForce GTS 250 Video Card

Alright guys we’re looking at
the Galaxy GTS 250 today, another new card and we’re
going to be getting a lot of these in
the coming days I’m sure. I’m finally getting
these GTS 250s, they’ve been out
for a little bit but they’ve been really hard
to get samples of and here it is,
here’s one from Galaxy with a really
cool cooler and not your average
output on this side. It’s got some, it’s a little
bit different than usual but as you can see it’s clear,
it’s blue, very blue and it might look
pretty cool in your case. The GTS 250 has probably become
one of my new favorite cards to recommend to people
for mid-range gaming. The GTS 250 is pretty much
a 9800 GTX Plus but you got a lower price,
you’ve got a new name, you got
higher frequencies and all those things
are very very good. Check this out, here’s
what’s a little weird, we’ll talk about
this in a second but you are missing a DVI port
and you did get an HDMI port, so that’s
kind of cool. So let’s talk about some of the
specifications on this thing. The GTS 250 is definitely
faster than any 9800 GTX Plus and that’s due to
faster core clocks. 738 megahertz
Core Clock, 2200 megahertz memory, ok it’s
on a 256-bit memory interface, it’s clocked at 2200, it’s got
512 megabytes of GDDR3. Everything else
is the same, you’ve got the same
amount of shader cores, those are clocked in
at 1836 megahertz so those are also
a little bit faster. You still have all
the good stuff though, HDMI support, HDCP support for
streaming blu-rays to big TVs. Now you’ve got
the HDMI built in so that you don’t
need to get an adapter, that makes it simpler
and easier to use. It supports CUDA, 2-way and
3-way SLI, it supports PhysX and a cool thing you’re going
to start seeing now is like in the spec sheets
you’re always going to see an extra spec and
it’s this one right there, GeForce 3DVision prepared.
Ready to go on all that stuff which is really cool, and
if you do want to do 3D this is one of the minimum
cards you’re going to do. You’re going to do
9800 series and up and since this is the
new GTS 250 which is a 9800
series and up well there you go, that’s
going to work no problem. Now this works on
PCI Express x16 actually, right down here and you can also
do it on PCI Express x16 2.0 or you can do it on
PCI Express x8 if it is a full length PCI
Express x16 running at x8, you will be
able to do that. You are you going to need
two 6-pin PCI express adapters right there for power.
You need to have both of them to run it on this card, you
don’t need that much power, you’re probably going to need
a 500 watt power supply to run this and it will
give you about 35 amps on the plus 12 volt rail
but it’s not really a killer. You also get in the box
a molex to 6-pin in case you’ve got
an older computer. You get a second
one of those because one would
do you almost no good. These will
work permanently but I recommend
you also change them, the ones that go to 8-pin
I would recommend long-term. You get this nifty
little s-video cable which in turn is actually
going to go into this dongle. This is actually a break away,
and this goes into the s-video and gives you
components on the other end or you can plug the cable
into the video card and then run this at the
other end by the television, it’s up to you however
you want to do it. You also get my favorite,
audio loop cable or S/PDIF cable. These are great because
these let you get 7.1 channel audio
through your HDMI which is extremely convenient.
It’s very annoying to have to wire up
all your manual 3.5 millimeter audio jacks all the way to your
TV to get some surround sound. So excellent excellent card.
Now if you want to get HDMI support
on the card this Galaxy is going to be
right up your alley because it just comes with it,
it’s right there. You still have that DVI,
which is a DVI-I which means it’s going to be
able to do digital and analog and you’ve
got the HDMI and if you hook up
that little audio cable you can go one cable
to your television, and you can do some blu-rays,
some big screen gaming which is the best and you also
have that s-video right there if you want to use components
which is also possible. It’s got everything else,
DirectX 10, Shader Model 4.0, OpenGL 2.1, PhysX, CUDA,
SLI 2-way, 3-way, 3DVision ready, you name it, it’s got it.
The Galaxy GTS 250. If you have questions
on it email me and I’ll see you
guys next time. For more information on the
Galaxy GeForce GTS 250 type in G458-0250
into the search engine of any of these
major retailers. For ComputerTV, I’m Albert. (C) 2008 SYX Services, Inc. All Rights Reserved
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100 thoughts on “Galaxy GeForce GTS 250 Video Card

  1. This new graphics cards aren't anything entirely special. The GTS 250 is basically a rebranded 9800 GTX+, which is related to the 9800 GTX, which is related to the 8800 GTS 512mb, which is also related to the 8800 GT. All these cards, even this GTS 250, uses a variant of the G92 core (late Geforce 8 series technology) . There really isn't anything new with these cards. Only the cards between the GTX 260 and GTX 295 (included) are based of the new GT200 core.

  2. be like logan! actually benchmark!! that's why i subscribed to you guys! not for which jacks are in the left side of the card!

  3. That is between the GTX 280 and the 285 since in most games, they are the same but the 9800 GX2 is faster in a few others!!!

  4. guys… the GTX 250 is the same as a 9800GTX+ so go and watch those vid for Benchmarks.. Albert isent gonna say the same benchmarks all the time for eatch and every video of the same card.

  5. what board are you getting, certain boards are but there are very few. i can actually help you with making a good computer if you need help.

  6. not exactly sure what you mean but the card has ddr3 memory on it and it doesn't matter what ddr your motherboard supports, as it's just what the card uses and it runs through the pci-e slot. if you mean system memory then if you want ddr3 you'll need a motherboard that supports ddr3.

  7. He means no Crysis or Farcry 2 at max settings. He means games in the 2-3 year range. Anything from World of Warcraft to Doom 3 to Fallout 3 should run fine at high settings. It actually runs Crysis and other demanding games fairly well on high settings at high settings at a 1680 x 1050 resolution or below, which means most people will be ok.

    The higher cost graphics chips are meant for people with 1080p and higher resolution monitors.

  8. Oh, they also stopped doing benchmarks after Logan left. Just google the card, Tom's hardware does excellent benchmarks.

  9. Guys the gts 250 is much faster than a 260 gtx
    The texture fill rate Is all it Matters and on this card is very high
    Gts 250 Texture fill rate per second 47.2 Billion = (More than 3-7fps on crysis on every setting)
    Gtx 260 Texture fill rate per second only 36.9 Billion = less 3-7 fps on Crysis

  10. It doesn't matter if you have different types of DDR on your ram/graphics card 🙂

    it isn't a compatibility issue unlike other parts.

  11. i have one 6 pin pci connecter on my psu but not a second. and i also have like 6 female molex connecters but no male connector in my pc. does this card come with 2 male connecters or female? because to give it the power it needs i need to fill the second 6 pin slot and i can only do this if it comes with a male connector!

  12. yes it can i have a bfg oc1gig version and it crysis defaults to the high settings lot of people have been bashing this card but so far its a great performer and at under200 a great card

  13. The GTS 250 and 9800GTX+ run at the same frequencies – gesh when will you start doing some research TigerDirectBlog !!!
    GF 9800 GTX+ 738Mhz core, 1836Mhz shader, 1100Mhz memory 512MB 256-bit 128 shader units.

  14. do you think I can run this at 450 watts with a 33 amps in 12v rail? without problem? or crashing during games? I only have a one pci-e 6-pin plug.

  15. yeah u good, this card pulls less power than a GTX+

    it does about 160 on the full load, hell even less. I doubt this card will use more than 14 amps.

  16. dude this uses around 23-24 amps ….u sould document before cause u may make someoane to badly choose his psu

  17. dude, a GTS 250 DOES NOT USE 23-24 amps.

    A fuckin 9800 GTX/8800 GTX/8800 ULTRA Doesn't even use 20 amps.

    a 250 uses around 15 amps tops.

  18. buy gainward gts 250…….it never reaches over 65 degrease and fan is silent and never excedes over 60% of RPM

    my spec:
    intel pentium 4 LGA 775 1mb L2 3.2 ghz
    gigabayte i945gzm-s2
    2×1 gb ddr2 667(800) mhz
    gainward GTS 250 512 mb ddr3
    chieftec 550w PSU
    cooler master gladiator 600 case

    i am realy happy with results of this card even with my old cpu and mbo

  19. Hey guys what do you'll think of this system-
    Processor- Quad Core Intel Q8400

    HD- Seagate 500 GB @ 720MoBo- Biostar T-Power I45
    RAM- Kingston Hyper X 4 GB
    Graphics- Zotac GTX 260

  20. Guys…..GTX 260 is better than GTS 250..
    GTX 260 has more no of stream processors and memory bit interface than 250GTS

    GTS 250 is nothing but new 9800GTX+ with 55nm and it runs cooler than 9800GTX+ with increased clock frequency,,,,,

  21. PhysX isn't all that. Either is CUDA. I'd rather have a card that has a better price/performance. ATI can run PhysX but until someone can crack it, Nvidia has it blocked.

  22. go for the GTS 250 1GB DDR3, it performs much better than the 512mb variation and is a bit newer, and a bit mroe reliable the way for those of you who don't like the cooling fans on the card you can always replace them and that'll resolve it obviously.

  23. This card is a bad one to recomend. For £119 I got a zotac gts 250, 1gb wig core clock 850mhz, memory clock 2300mhz and shader at 1890mhz

  24. hey dude why dont you test gigabyte gts250.its a great graphic card.core clock from 738MHz to 765 MHz .clock raises as you play games but when you are not playing them it lowers the clock to save power.1GB GDDR3 memory, very big and cool get 1vga port,1dvi port and 1 hdmi port.important thing test this one:GV-N250OC-1GIrev2.0

  25. @Roybalboa your ram and ghz is low…. but on my comp….

    i have 3.0ghz core i5 8gb ddr3 ram 1tb hd…. and same card….

    i get over 60fps on all those almost constantly. so for you most likely 40+fps all times…. so yes you can for sure l;]

  26. i got this card for my birthday and it owns. i can play modern warfare 2 on the highest settings for the graphics and it has NO lag. i recommend this card for games like mw2 and WoW

  27. The good old G92 which comes to show that you can't keep a good dog down. I got two and they are fantastic gpus. Plus they have the edge over most cards when it comes to textures.

  28. I have a Gigabyte GeForce GTS 250…and i think is better than this Galaxy version.

    I have on it, DVI port, normal blue thing port and the normal Gold plated HDMI port. I don't have S-Video, but i don't think u really need it, at least i don't. In rest…i got only a HDMI adapter for DVI and 3D glasses, and those power cables… But it looks cooler than this and i recomand it! And yea, is very good for a graphic card.

  29. Hey is this card bigger than the 9500GT? I currently have a 9500 Geforce Galaxy with one gig of video memory.

    I want to update to a one gig version of of this card, but I'm afraid it won't fit in my tower. Can anyone help me out? If my tower can fit the 9500 GT, can it fit this card?

  30. i have a galaxy gts 250 1gb but it has a different cooler and it has a vga,hdmi and dvi. whats up with that. my cooler is just a round heat sink with a loud fan siting on top. ohh and only 1 6-pin PCI express adapter….

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