Galaxy NVIDIA GeForce GTX 295 Video Card

Alright, the GTX 295 from Galaxy. It has a big green spider on it. And I think that they highjacked
Spiderman pretty bad there. I think they changed the red for green,
and they are officially thieves. But, regardless, they made an
awesome video card. And, here it is the GTX 295.
Just like the rest, the GTX 295 has a cool rubbery finish on the outside, that kind of matte flat black
that looks really cool. It’s got the big spider graphic on it, and just like all the other GTX 75s
it is extremely heavy, and it has a lot of cool
features on this card, so let’s get to work on these. Now, if you don’t know
what the GTX 295 is, it’s pretty much a combination of
a GTX 280 and a GTX 260 multiplied by two. It’s got elements from both cards,
and then two of them. So you can do quad SLI on these things, as you see you have an
SLI connector right there, so if you do two of these together
it’s four-way SLI, or quad SLI. You got an 8-pin right over here.
Right over here, there you go. And a 6-pin for power.
It does require a 680W PSU, so make sure you’ve got enough
power to run these things. The box has 46 amps on the 12 volt rail,
so you do need quite a bit of amperage on your PSU. Now, another thing
that is really cool about these cards, is they have a slightly different interface.
They’ve got two DVIs, and then they have a very nice
and easy to use HDMI, which is really cool.
You don’t have to worry about getting a new convertor,
and if you use the provided loop cable then you pretty much don’t
have to worry about anything, including audio, because it will
do 7.1 channels of audio through the HDMI out to your
big TV for high-end gaming. And, that’s what this thing
can do on 1080p set. This video card will play any
video game on the market and absolutely destroy it,
even Crisis, I’m not even kidding guys.
This will play Crisis. It is 55NM,
it does run very hot. This thing takes 289W TDP, okay?
So this thing can run real hot. Thermal threshold is over
100 degrees centigrade. So it can real real hot. Make sure
that you’ve got a case that holds it. That’s pretty much it as far as that goes.
Let’s talk a little bit about the specs. Now, this card it heavy.
There is a lot of good hardware in there. If you notice, take a look
here at the cooling Ports, look at that, that’s a big
cooler in there. Those are fins.
Imagine, this is two PCBs, there’s a printed circuit board here
and there’s a printed circuit board here, and there’re two chips,
one chip on each board. And then the coolers are
attached to both of them, it’s fan sucks in air from over here
and blows it out through here. So, a lot of hot hardware on here.
Now as far as GPU’s go, there are clocked at 576 MHz.
The shaders, of which there are 480, that’s 240 per GPU
are clocked at 1242 MHz. The memory, which is ridiculous,
is 896 MB of DDR3 per GPU. That means that a total of 1792 MB of DDR3,
and that’ clocked at 1998 MHz effectively, which is about 999 MHz clock read.
You’ve got two 448 bit interfaces for the memory. There is two,
one for each GPU obviously. You’ve got 56 ROPs in total
which is 28 per GPU. Got 160 texture filter units,
which again is 80 per GPU. You got the dual link DVI’s
that I mentioned earlier, which will do 2560 X 1600
maximum with dual monitor capability. And, besides that you’ve got
all the great stuff that you’re known for getting from NVIDIA,
pure video HD for blue ray and HD decoding, you got DirectX 10,
you got Shader Model 4.0, you got OpenGL 2.1,
you got HDCP so you can stream stuff over
from your HDMI to your television, you name it,
it’s got it. It’s got the audio loop cable
in the box, it’s got the VGA to DVI
connector in the box. And, it’s got the MoleX 2-6 pin
in the box as well. Okay, lots of good stuff on here.
It is 3DVision certified, it is CUDA certified,
it’s ready for PhysX, it can do all of that great stuff. And on top of that it’s got
a lot a lot of good appeal because it’s a one card,
basically got SLI built inside, and it’s a powerhouse, you don’t need
to have multiple video cards with something like this. If you have one
of these, it’s more than you need. It’s absolutely incredible, a great board,
it’s a Galaxy GTX 295, it’s NVIDIA card, it’s the new,
fastest card on the market, and it rocks. If you have any questions
on it email me and I’ll see you guys next time. For more information on the
GALAXY GTX 295 type in
G458-0295 into the search engine
of any of these major retailers. For Computer TV,
I’m Albert. (C) 2008 SYX Services, Inc. All Rights Reserved
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100 thoughts on “Galaxy NVIDIA GeForce GTX 295 Video Card

  1. that's not maxed that's without AA
    no antiastopic or anti ailisings?
    that's like on very high and eveyrhing else is 0 doesn't count as maxed ;/

  2. then just wait 5 years =o
    they are doing this on purpose they want people to spend money on watercooling systems ;/.. and over-clock
    their projects are like already ready for the next 3 years or so this is how buisness is done they can't release the best or else they will go bankrupt this r tactics ;o

  3. thats not to bad, it looks evil to put on though compared to as single pcb dual card waterblock

  4. whats better to play Age of empire 3 TO FULL GRAPHICS ?
    And to starcraft 2?
    285 or this one?
    thx for answer

  5. lol Logan was only fun …but no real tech knowledge…i mean logan knew a little but was not enough for the tech savvy audience this show congregates.

  6. neither, a 260 will smoke either of them.

    a 260 is over doing it tbh. if you're just playing rts get a 8800 or 9800gtx

  7. no… it has nothing to do with your monitor…. physx is just a technology used by Nshitia (haha i do like nvidia…) but it has nothing to do with your monitor setup….

  8. but how much is the price.?
    Because i could sell the ATI 1650X and get some money but i dont have many

  9. I've read that in Crysis Warhead the GTX 295 gets better FPS at 2560×1600 than the 4870×2 gets at 1680×1050.

  10. mine i have a p45 motherboard, i used my gtx 295 as my primary and my gtx260 as my physx card. i used corsair 1000w

  11. could you install two Operating System, and have one video card hooked up to one, and another to another, and then have 2 monitors hooked up, and like 2 copies of an online game like World at War, and play like as if they are two separate computers? lol, hope ppl know what I mean 🙂

  12. i think u can do that

    and u can do it with one graphics card

    linux ubuntu can do that, i know that for shure

  13. he makes it sound surprising that it runs crysis XD. its the most incredible card the world's ever seen, no shit its gonna run crysis. cant wait to be able to get one of these! running 2x GTX 260 core 216 right now, but ill drop those for one of these. i dont even wanna imagine sli for one of these!

  14. I don't know, so you have your friend play against you without having to haul his PC over to your place… lol

    but there would be a mouse conflict with that, lol

  15. what about the Revolution 700 Deluxe from palit it is said to be the fastest card out even better than any 295 out. is it ture or just hyped up B.S?

  16. beducorn your so right. Most people usually spend money they don't have. And almost all games can play on cheaper graphics cards and they'll still look very good with decent framerates. Plus when you buy a REALLY good videocard like this….Theres just going to be another in like a month. I think the Nividia GT300 is coming out soon so….

  17. Really, well i just want to have 1 or 2 video cards that would EXTREME KICK ASS Every game in the highest visual setting and everything to the Maximum. PM me please!

  18. 2 4890s can beat GTX 295 no way in hell unless u are getting 93 Fps on very high with 1680×1050 or 50 with 1920×1080

  19. Whoa whoa whoa! You want a bench off, son? mutha-trucka I run dual 7300 GS's!


    Naaw but in all seriousness, I have an 8800GT that rocks the world =]

  20. Yea those are pretty cool. I've got $360 right now so I'm going to buy an Antec 750w PSU and a Q9550 =]

    Then I'll eventually get a 4890

  21. needs to be the same type of card like 2 9800s would work but i don't think it would work and besides there is no point in putting in a 9800 if your getting a 295 if i where you id sell the 9800 hope that helps a lil

  22. u guys need to do the 2nd gen 295 plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz i back of u my old 295 is the first gen and its fried
    well Ive gone through 4 of them and i have heard i em not the only one that have a probs with the 1st gen 295

  23. 680 watt psu needed. dont forget u also have fans, CPU, Ram, drives , hard drive. other things to power. id say 750 watt man u will be safe 😀

  24. Hey what do any of you think is better the EVGA 295 or the GALAXY? I am building by first PC in a month or so and just wondering what is someone's preference.

  25. This card will run on 2560 x 1600 high end monitors with something like cod 4 running 70fps. I got a 8800gts 512 and doing dual monitor in horizontal desktop, (each monitor is 2048x 1536 res), i've run games of 4096 x 1536 which is playable on just 1 card. This baby here is all your ever need and will run the future uhd tvs which will be 1600 p (2056 x 1600). Awsome card.

  26. i bought this card on tiger direct and when arrived it to my home, there wasnt hdmi port, just one dvi to hdmi converter and i connected to my lcd tv and really looks bad trugh the hdmi

  27. my tv is not the problem because whith the xbox 360 looks prefect trhough hdmi, and with this video card the dvi to vga adapter looks really good and with the dvi to hdmi doesnt

  28. i don't understand . nvidia is letting ati go better than it.. it must be a strategy. cus the're not publishing any new series/

  29. lol zhiheng u are so ……. Nvidia is better than Ati becouse Nvidia have +physics +shader clock and the new nvidia GF100 have GDDR5 dx 11 and a lor of new shits

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