Game Theory: Gamers, You’re Getting Played

100 thoughts on “Game Theory: Gamers, You’re Getting Played

  1. I total just used this video as a APA citation in my college class! thank you GT for doing the research for me. Turns out my professor is a loyal theorist!

  2. I'm searching for one of your meta theories where you talk about clickbait and fake news but I don't know if it's on game theory or film theory so I think I will end up rewatching a bunch of videos… but that will still be fun ^^
    (Btw I consider your voice relaxing)

  3. Headlines inspiring more people to play it? Well doki had a headline or two and it is popular, but I love it not just because it had a headline, but because it is fun

  4. What about Sonic? I meant the good Sonic not like bad classic and stupid Boom Sonic. Also ROBLOX

  5. Marionette ideas himself
    Why because used with magical gave all robotics alive and turned evil with eyes black.
    " you are a puppet "? Mean (let me help you all robotics. You'll go there kills guard people kids) and (helped with robotics animatronics).
    Why because Marionette trying touched robot's body itself puppet helped robotics.
    Ex: Foxy says (huh go on oh no guard run! I can't stop itself my Body. I not want hurt you or I'll kill you guard people kids)
    What happened to robotics have problem. Was Marionette did it.
    Someone who told robotics wanted kills kids guard people some robotics too.
    We can't help… because of Marionette gave all robotics used with magical, puppet, plushies.

  6. *releaf sound*thank god im no being controled (because i just play pokemon, mario, kirby, the sims 4, just shapes and beats, undertale, slime rancher, and deltarune)


  8. Gta puppet: play me play me play me
    Me: okay xD
    Me: okay I think is enough
    GTA puppet: don't leave…
    Me: I have to go to school high school
    GTA is my favorite game

  9. I grew up playing Carmageddon 1 and Diablo 1 when they just came out, i had a demo of both in a shareweare cd-rom called "TOTAL GAMES 1"

    gosh, i loved it!!

  10. "this puppet may be scary but I know a scarier one, you"
    me " I know i have twig arms but geez matpat"

  11. Is this what Pokémon is doing right now with not extending the national dex to Galar? Creating an uproar for media attention?

  12. Anyone: fnaf sucks you suck and you should go die in a fire me: EXCUSE ME! ILL BE BACK..I ALWAYS COME BACK

  13. Mat: Max *Clifford*….
    Me in Clifford the Big Red Dog fan-girl costume: WHO CHANTED THAT HOLY NAME AND SUMMONED ME?!

  14. I was kinda confused because the thumbnail and the intro had the puppet and I was like "oooh fnaf video" but I don't really care

  15. I found an interesting theory on Reddit that FNaF 2 takes place during the week of the Sister Location cutscenes where we see Michael's corpse being piloted by Ennard walking around and slowly decaying. That would explain the complaint about odor and why the Puppet comes for him in FNaF2 but not FNaF 1.

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