Game Theory: Is Link’s Quest in Majora’s Mask Pointless?

Run! RUN! THE MOON IS FALLING! Omg WE’RE ALL GOING TO DIE!! Or are we? Or are we?(wink) [Intro music plays] Hello, Internet,
Welcome to Game Theory! The show that – at one time – fostered thoughtful, intellectual debate in the comments, And now…well…Google+. In less depressing news, let’s talk about Death. By moon-fall! In Majora’s Mask, you’re constantly working against the clock to prevent THIS [the moon] from crashing towards Earth, Killing everyone and everything… or rekilling them, I suppose – it’s a long story, we covered it in the last episode. Anyway, Link – who may or may not already be dead – Is rushing around like Bill Murray on Groundhog’s Day to stop this thing [moon] from falling. The question I pose is this: Is he wasting his time? Now, I don’t mean, “Are his attempts to stop this glowing piece of radical rock futile?” But rather, does this moon falling into this planet necessarily mean insta-death? 1 hit kill? Game over? [It] SEEMS like it should be a no-brainer, right? Giant space rock hurdling towards planet=DEATH! But I can tell you right now, The biggest threat to Link, toilet-hand, and this Wiggles reject isn’t a falling hunk of space rock, but we’ll get there. Episode, GO! First, we need to figure out what sort of damage this falling moon would actually cause. To figure that out, we need to know how much energy it generates. To do THAT, we need to know how large it is, and how fast it travels, but to figure THAT out, we need a sense of scale. So, a lot of questions to answer here and the first one, a sense of scale, is, as any loyal theorist knows, ALWAYS one of my “favorite” subjects to address on the show. But this time? I’ve got it covered. Hyrule Historia tells us that Ganondorf is 230cm – or about 7’6″ – tall. By comparing character models and double-checking against scenes with Link and Ganondorf together, We’re able to calculate that young Link is about 4’2″ tall. BUT, if you’re skeptical about the book and character comparisons, another fun way to figure this out is to go diving. In Dr. Mizumi’s lab in Ocarina of Time, there’s a diving pool with meter marks. Using the Iron Boots, you can sink yourself to the bottom and literally measure yourself. Adult Link, at full height, is about 1.5m – or 5′. Pretty darn short. – But remember, it’s not about size, it’s about how you use it – Now compare adult Link’s height to young Link’s height – and again, you get just over 4′ tall. Which is pretty cool, ’cause now we officially know the heights of 2 Nintendo mascots – Samus and Link. I wonder if we can use that information, at some point, to calculate ALL their heights. Accurately, of course. Wario, I’m looking at you. Knowing this, we need to find a way to compare Link’s size to the moon. Meaning we need a screenshot that has the camera positioned to capture both Link, and the FULL WIDTH of the moon from a relatively neutral angle. The widest cinematic shots of the moon ALSO include the outer wall of Clock Town. And, if you look, those markings can serve as a guide. Young Link is just at the height of that lowest dot. That gives us our comparison. So, when I took this into Photoshop, the moon was 150 grid marks across, And the space up to that first dot was 3 grid marks tall, Meaning that the moon is 150/3 – or 50x – Link’s height. Since we know Link is 4’2″ – or 1.27m, We know the moon is about 208′ – or 63.5m – wide. It’s cool to know the numbers, but just to put that into perspective, OUR moon is nearly 55 THOUSAND times larger – with a diameter of 3,474km. So, Majora’s moon is really just a little baby moon. Little moon in training. Goodnight, moon. Moon Jr. Junior Mints. Moooon over Miami. Moooon… uh… mooon… there’s a joke here, and I can’t figure it out. I got nothin’. BUT, while knowing its diameter is all well and good, we need its MASS to calculate the damage it’ll cause. And THAT means we need to know its volume first. So, to avoid it getting too math-y, we’ll run through this part quickly. Volume of a sphere is 4/3πr^3, meaning Majora’s moon is 134,000 cubic meters, And we’ll just have to assume that the moon is the same density as OUR moon, which is 3,346 kilograms of mass per cubic meter. Fun fact: OUR moon is actually the 2nd densest in the solar system – next to Jupiter’s moon, Io. The more you know. Anyway, since mass=density*volume, Majora’s moon is about 450 MILLION kg. Sounds like a lot, right? That’s about the same as 75 Great Pyramids. Definitely massive, but NOWHERE CLOSE to our moon. In fact, OUR moon is 1.6 QUADRILLION times more massive than Majora’s moon. Take that, creepy face! Not so scary now, huh? So, Majora’s moon might not be that massive, but remember, it’s not about how big you are – it’s how you use it. Maybe this thing is packing a ton of destructive energy. To know THAT, we need to figure out how fast it’s falling. Think about it this way:
Consider a bowling alley. If you’re having trouble knocking down pins, there’s 2 solutions. 1.Throw a heavier ball at the same speed,
2. Throw the same ball – same mass – at a faster speed. Both of those are doing something to increase your overall destructive kinetic energy. So, in this case, Termina might not have a massive moon, But maybe it’s TRAVELING fast enough to increase its destructive potential. So we need to figure out the speed of its fall. By watching from Termina Field, on the final day, I was able to calculate that the moon falls 27 Photoshop grid marks during the world’s last 5 hours. Since this was from a different camera angle, I had to re-calibrate my numbers, Meaning that the moon traveled 27′ – or 8m. This means the moon – in Termina time – is traveling 1.6 meters per hour, Or a whopping 0.001 MILES per hour. That’s 30 times slower than a SNAIL. Ho-ho-ho! Scary! But it gets even MORE underwhelming when you look at the energy it’s producing. Kinetic Energy=.5mv^2 Knowing that the mass is 450million*.004m/s – Just so you know, I had to convert that 1.6m/h into a more standard format to work in the formula – That equals an ASTOUNDING… 36 Joules of energy. 36. Now, you might be asking yourself, “What does that equal?” Well, wait for it… In the second you just waited, your body just released TWICE that amount of energy in the form of heat. 1 Joule is what it takes to lift an apple – AN APPLE! – up 1 meter. So, basically, you’re lifting 36 apples. According to a paper published by the University of Leicester, It would take 2.25*10^32 Joules of energy to destroy a planet like Earth. With such a low amount of energy, this “terrifying moon” crashing into Termina would ACTUALLY be stopped by Clock Town’s clock tower – if it could handle that weight. But if THAT wasn’t ironic enough, there’s more. None of it matters. By the time Link starts his 3-day journey to save Termina, It would already be too late. Whether or not the moon is powerful enough to destroy Termina, Hyrule – or Earth, for that matter, Most people would be dead LONG before it happened. Here’s why: Moving a moon – any moon – closer to a planet will increase the gravitational pull that moon exerts onto that planet. And with that, comes some pretty extreme consequences. You see, first and foremost, the moon’s gravity is responsible for the tides. So, if it were slightly closer, the tidal bulge would grow. Low tides would be lower, and high tides would be higher, Meaning that any low-lying coastlines would be flooded. If the moon got MUCH closer – say, 20 times closer, It would exert a gravitational force 400 times greater than what we’re used to. A mighty tidal bulge would be created, hitting the land, and causing TREMENDOUS flooding, with major cities disappearing underwater. In other words, the land of Termina would be more Wind Waker, and less Majora. Someone call the King of Red Lions over from the adult timeline! But, if the rising tides don’t take you, the irreparable shifting of planetary orbits will. You see, as the moon gets closer to the planet, and the gravity exerted from one body to the next gets stronger and stronger, The delicate balance between the Earth – or whatever planet Hyrule and Termina exist on, and their respective moon – gets thrown off more and more. This, in turn, results in its orbit changing. And with a changing orbit, the climate of the planet ALSO will see a shift. WILD fluctuations in weather occur. With changes in gravity, and with weather, and with climate – that also means that we’re going to see more natual disasters. Increased earthquakes, tsunamis, hurricanes, tornadoes… The list can go on and on. It’s like a giant astral game of dominoes that hinges on an INCREDIBLY fine balance of gravitational pull. Despite us talking at the level of PLANETS here, when you look at it this way, it’s incredible that some perfect natural balance was found on Earth, For us to be able to survive and live here. One little shift in the gravitational equation here or there, and we wouldn’t be here today to talk about the hypothetical effects of a hypothetical moon crashing into a hypothetical WORLD. To sum up:
The largest threat that this moon poses to Termina, ISN’T it crashing into the Earth like an asteroid. Between the shifting waters, the fluctuating gravity, the destabilized rotation in orbit, the altering climates, and the intense weather conditions, Link would be LUCKY to survive long enough to see the moon touch down. With Termina’s moon hanging SO LOW in the sky THAT EARLY in the game, In a realistic portrayal, the damage would already be done. No amount of repeating the same 3 days would change that. But, hey! It’s just a theory! A Game Theory! Thanks for watching! Welcome back to the
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That’s all I got.
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100 thoughts on “Game Theory: Is Link’s Quest in Majora’s Mask Pointless?

  1. There’s a problem here.
    Isn’t the moon in majora’s mask smaller, than are moon in which it would mean that all the tides changing and all that would be wrong, and would only happen if in that world their moon was the same mass as ours.

  2. i just want something if all things in life has a construction
    in ocarina of time did we see the other moon face or zelda world has 2 moons?

  3. You know what I find amusing? The fact that, even having the power to travel back in time anytime you want, all of us got killed by the moon at least once

  4. Does that mean that actually the Adult timeline is after Mojaras Masks Moon Crash bcause the World would be flooded?

  5. If the mass of that moon is so low, then WHAT tidal forces would it be exerting? All the stuff about the tidal forces is assuming the moon is as dense and massive as our own moon.
    Also, the moon clearly wasn't an issue because Link wasn't there to stop it while in the Temple of Time.
    This seems like more evidence that the entirety of Majora's Mask after Link falls is on another plane of existence, i.e. purgatory.

  6. Death is a slap on the wrist… Or maybe not. I'm pretty sure a slap on the wrist releases more kinetic energy than Termina's moon falling to the ground…

  7. Yeah but the moon is still absolutely minuscule and would have a much smaller gravitational pull. I don’t think it would have much of an affect on tides or the orbit.

  8. What if Majora's Moon isn't the actual moon but instead a moon created by skull kid and because of that it doesn't have a gravitational pull instead Earth's gravitational pull is pulling the moon to the earth… Think about it if it was the moon it would be a lot bigger and the fact there is a area in the moon would help prove that's not the real moon but instead a fake plus it's showed that Majora's Mask has many powers such as flight,transmogrification and many others so it's believable the moon was created by skull kid with the mask and the mask has control over the moon as shown in the end of the game where Majora's mask went into the moon and caused the moon to continue crashing down

  9. I guess when you mentioned the effects that happen when a moon gets that close to earth you conveniently forgot your previous point about how small the moon is in LoZ. A 'moon' of that mass would have nowhere near the effects you said in the video.

  10. If there moon is way smaller as our moon and there planet is probaly the size of our world then the moon would just fall on the surface like a rock and wouldn't realy have an impact wiel it's getting closer and only would do damage underneath wer the ridiculously small moon would've landed . So you would just have to get everyone away from where the moon is going to land and then no one gets hurt if you fail

  11. I have a debate. You say that this moon crashing down will effect earth in catistrofic ways, even though this is scientifically correct there is one problem. The ending. In the end after you defeat Majora the moon fades out of existence. That would mean 1 of 2 things. Termina would be decimated as soon as link leaves, or that was not the real moon. It doesn’t show another moon after in the credits, but I have more evedance.
    You see when the moon fades it turns into a purple stream that goes to god knows where. We also see a purple smoky image of majoras mask somewhere else. When you defeat a boss. This means that maybe this was just a moon boss, witch is why it turned into the purple smoke.
    You learn in the games the bosses are just the giants with evil masks on them. When you defeat a boss, the mask falls off, freeing the giant.
    What if this was the case for the moon? What if the real moon was tainted by majoras mask and turned into the falling kind? this would explain a lot, ceince majoras mask is, well, an evil mask! So maybe the smoke went to the place where the moon was supposed to be before the events of the game and reformed as the normal moon? Who knows? Maybe the moon was never to be seen again! But hey, that’s just a theary, A GAME THEARY! On a unrelated note, the evidence of the gravity solves a mystery! Witch is why the great bay has foggy waters! Maybe tirmina is on the scrunched up side, where all the grime from the schreched out side from the back came!BUT HEY THATS JUST ANOTHER THEARY, AN UNREALATET THEARY!
    I spent 6 percent battery life writing this comment.
    Please like so Matt patt can see.

  12. So 3 days will destroy the Earth? If it weren't 3 days, I might believe you, but… It's not enough time to properly do anything.
    And, hey, don't compare the moon and Majora's Mask's moon after proving that they're different.

  13. I came back to this video after a handful of years and a highschool physics class and I'm glad to say I can finally understand most of the math lmao

  14. After 6 years I've finally found a solution… solution to the tiny moon joke….(don't judge). Moon cupcakes…. like mini cakes…ugh nevermind. 6 years and I got nothing. Lol

  15. But does the moon have enough mass to affect the planet orbit or even the tides because it's so small in comparison to ours…??

  16. the moon probaly would do nothing. slight changes in orbit may ocour, but the moon is more like a astroid aint it?

  17. wouldn't majora's moon have a much lower gravitationnal effect since it's mass is literally quadrillions times lower than ours ?

  18. Wouldn't the moon be ripped apart by earth's gravity since it is so close to the planet because that's how Saturn got its rings after all
    Edit: it's called the Roche limit and if a moon goes over the limit then it is ripped apart by the larger objects gravity (the planet link is on) and since the moon would definately not have a very big gravitational pull considering how small it is, I think it would be ripped apart by the planets gravity. Although that said I'm not sure if the fact that the moon is going straight into the planet rather than orbiting it affects whether it would be ripped to pieces or not

    But that's just a theory…. a GAME THEORY, thanks for reading

  19. It uh is well how do I say

    NOT A REAL MOON it quote :is just a little baby moon

    So the efecets would be delayed and not start until the moon touched lock town

  20. i will put a pointless theory for no reason just came in my mind
    i saw a theory that majora wasnt the villain but that link fiercy (i dont remenber his name)was so i tought
    people started saying majoras mask was villain too bcuz it tried to crash the world to the moon but what
    if the moon crashing was skull kid doing it

  21. The estimated amount of mass within that small of a volume would not result in a spherically shaped moon (think of the two moons of Mars). The density must therefore be far greater than our moon.

  22. But the moon in majora is way smaller than our moon so it might not actually effect the earth because of its sise like it's as big as the clock town

  23. Idk about the game but the 3Ds remake u can fight majora and wins so he dos not die but in game cube maybe not trying to say ur wrong

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