Game Theory: The Mystery of Minecraft’s Haunted Discs (Minecraft)

100 thoughts on “Game Theory: The Mystery of Minecraft’s Haunted Discs (Minecraft)

  1. F u mat pat, I was walking to the kitchen and had my earphones at high volume and when you Sayed Herobrine you triggered my fight or flight instinct

  2. Disc 11 I think it was something or someone desperatly trying to escape some anomaly and he/she recorded for others as a warning message

  3. What I think is the tape is in the creeper and when he’s chasing a person he blows up that’s why the skeleton is still chasing that’s why it’s sounds so far so the human picks it up and takes disk 11 and tries to look at it and while he’s running I don’t know why it’s in there but hmmm

  4. Any game developer: I’m gonna make a family friendly game!


    Any game developer:what why?


    Edit:also I’m not hating just saying

  5. You kinda tricked herobrine making him think he was the question but it was the discs it’s why he jump scared in the first place

  6. Okay, this might be out of left field, it might not, but could it be possible that these race of builders might not have been made for this world?

    Portals do exist, so I think it would make sense that if you, as a builder, have knowledge of building a portal, or even knowing what a portal looks like, there must be some sort of portal that takes them back to where they belong. You could say that these builders were obsessed with magic and all that jazz, along with the darker stuff, but why would they need to go through these portals anyways? They have everything they need in the over world.
    Maybe there's another world that hasn't been introduced or revealed to us yet.

  7. Mini midget theory:

    Cave sounds could be flashbacks to some trauma. What’s the the trauma? I don’t know. It may play in the dark because the trauma happened in the dark? …

  8. Disk 11 is just steve smoking weed in my room and running away from cop and visit you guys home to smoking weed and running away cop Steve wants to your mom home to smoking weed and want to your cop home want to jail

  9. Hey, great theory bro! I was really shocked how you figured out about these discs. What I think about disc 11 is, that the guy was dreaming. Because when the discs starts, its like the guy is running, coughing and doing something with the metal. But when he stops running after the gravel or dirt sound, its sounds like an alarm beeping. So that is what I think about this.

    BTW a great video bro 🙂

  10. Hey guys, ik this video is a few months old, but when Mat says something about a metal object being clicked (12:02), I think it might be Flint and Steel (like they’re rubbing it against one another to catch fire) since the sound of flipping pages happens after it. If we truly are in a Dark Cave, you’re going to need light to see around, especially papers.

  11. "Music Disc 11 was added July 30th, 2010"

    Hold up pal, you got your dates mixed up.

    Music Disc 13 was added on July 30th, 2010, along with Cat.
    11 was added on November 18th, 2011, with the release of Minecraft version 1.0.0.
    Yes, I know this mistake has likely already been noticed, but just putting another comment out there to make sure everyone has the facts straight.

  12. Perhaps this is an achient builder who is inflicted with wither explaining the coffing and that they are looking for a stronghold to escape the wither

  13. My theory is disk 13 and 11 made by Nicolas that was running away from some of the hostile mobs and basically the stuff he just explained about like the creeper in the skeleton was what happened to Nicolas that was trapped in a cave and the creepier broke disk11( I made this theory Before the end of the video)

  14. what would happen if you played disk 11 and thirteens audio files at the same time on a spectrogram? or a combination of other disks?

  15. I wish he mentioned the fact that both those discs (11 & 13) can only be found in dungeon chests and all the other ones can only be found from a skeleton killling a creeper

  16. 13:05 this is when I was born, am I technically disc eleven now?
    14:15 this my middle name. I'm getting pretty creeped out now.

  17. idk but the running on grass sounds more like placing dirt blocks. My guess is the miner was walling off what was threatening him?

  18. My theory always have been that the endermans where humans and they did find something that mutated them as the tipical enderman that we know. And they keep exploring, and rebuilding their civilization in the world that they found, with the technology (or magic) that they have know. When you hit a enderman and he teleports back to their world I always understood from that long scream "help". Mayne they found what they where looking they didnt control it how they wanted to do it. Idk I have a lot of theories I want to share maybe I'm wrong, but it's cool to let out the theory.

  19. Disc 11 is just Surfin Bird after Stewie and Brian destroyed Peters annoying song with a baseball bat lolz 😂 lol just kidding and high fives to anyone who remembers this part/gets the reference 🙌


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