Game Theory: YouTube is Ruining Gaming!

VO: Please welcome Keanu Reeves.
(crowd cheering) Keanu: I gotta talk to you about something. Cyberpunk 2077 *crowd cheering* Walking the streets of the future is really going to be breathtaking.. MAN IN THE CROWD: You’re breathtaking!! *laughter* Keanu: You are breathtaking! You’re all breathtaking! You guys wanna know the release date? CROWD:
*in unison* Yeah! Keanu: Yeah, then check this out! …then check this out … *twisted* then check this out *ominous* then check this out *growing in intensity* ṭ͚̣͉͇̭͋͗̑͘ͅh̴͖̫̮ë̗̯̰̅̈͌̍nͥ̿̂̽͂̅̀ ̥̥̆̾ͦcͮ͊̎̒ͥ̇҉̲͕h̻̬ͭ̓̄̽͌̂ḙ̺͖̥ͮc̞̲͓͔͑̈́ķ̦̟̱̳̯͍̃͆̇̅̓͊ ͎͈̰̔̑ͩ̓̔̄ṭ͖͎͖͎͜h̩̘͇͚͞i͞ṣ̳͞ ͙͉ͦ̂̏ͪo̟û̵̝̦̮͍͎̞͊t͎̫͖͒͑͗͋ͭ *error message sound* …then check this out. (Game Theory Intro plays) Hello Internet! Welcome to… a very special episode of Game Theory apparently Because I am sitting on the couch and in front of the camera which means that you know today’s episode is gonna get serious. Real business talk today ladies and gentlemen, we’re getting meta. So, as most of you know, E3 just happened. It is the year’s most famous or at least most infamous hype events. “I wonder what this game would have looked like had we released it long ago” *© E3 cringe* Where all the biggest games get announced about half a decade before they eventually get released. And I know a lot of us tend to get cynical about events like this, myself included. What, with all the misleading trailers and impossible promises that get tossed around, I gotta be honest… I really enjoy it. It’s one of the few times that we gamers are truly able to unite around the pure joy that this industry is capable of bringing. Are they lying to us? Are a lot of the games gonna be bland uninspired retreads of stuff that we’ve seen a thousand times before? You bet they probably are, but they might not be. And that my friends is what matters. Our faith that this industry can be better. No matter how many times we gamers have been kicked to the curb we still hold out hope right here. Showing that, you know what, we’re not dead inside. I’ll be honest I was pumped seeing Banjo-Kazooie make his triumphant return I was thrilled to get my hands on new Final Fantasy 7 remake. Heck, I even got goosebumps seeing the return of Master Chief despite not being the biggest Halo stan. When you see how much these characters… these titles mean to people, the audience, their communities, the huge reaction that these announcements get… It’s electric. In gaming, where 95% of the year is spent ranting about bad business practices and nitpicking new releases to death, it’s just nice to have one week of hope… and sarcastic retweets, but you know, mostly hope. But, you know what, as I wandered around the show, blissfully ignorant of the growing conference stank that was building in the hallways, Something did leave me a little bit worried. It actually happened while I was watching the Bethesda conference. Bethesda, where they did a solid job of recreating that apology scene from South Park. Hello. I’m Todd Howard. president and CEO of Bethesda. Fallout 76 is a tragedy that should have never happened We’re sorry :’c We’re sorry

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  1. Rumour has it that the Adpocalypses were politically motivated. I'm assuming most know about the Carlos Maza affair, but we might get to that. The first one happened because one ad appeared on a neo-Nazi channel. The story goes that mainstream media is losing viewers to online news sites and channels on YouTube, so they went directly to YouTube's advertisers, note: advertisers and not YouTube, and basically said "Do you know your products are advertised on Holocaust Denial videos?" They panicked and pulled all their ads. You can see it since viewership for mainstream media channels saw a boost, but alternative channels dropped. There was also that outcry with the Kendall Jenner Pepsi ad, causing Pepsi to pull out. And the PewDiePie Is Over Party certainly didn't help

    The second and third Adpocalypses were pretty much the same reason, but still noteworthy. The second was around the Toy Freaks channel, in which the owner pretty much exploited and abused his kids, showing videos of the kids in pain or vomiting. The third one revolves around MattWhatItIs spreading rumours of a paedophile ring on YouTube. At the same time, there was further exposure to alleged pro-paedophile channels stirred up by channels who are rather controversial n their own right.

    And the fourth one is probably the one we all remember mostly, and that is the back and forth between Carlos Maza and Steven Crowder, who, on several occasions, directly attacking him based on his race and sexuality. Now, he was right to take some kind of action for it, but YouTube overreacted and ended up demonitising about a dozen channels that were political in nature, including ones that had advertising deals directly with advertisers.

    So, overall, there were dodgy channels on YouTube, but the site overreacted and did blanket bans and demonitisation of a lot of channels, stuck stricter regulations for advertisers, and stuck an algorithm on that's meant to look for certain dog whistles, instead of setting up a human-run censor system to individually analyze videos with claims.

  2. I'm seriously scared, Doom Eternal is literally going to be one of my favorite games, then Dying Light 2 after that! And to stack, even more, I'm hoping of making games myself, since I want to help the community as I was helped while I played games, but maybe with a tad bit less of sucking me in, and allowing people to walk from my game so they can live a life. Let's hope this get's fixed, or I'm protesting! I will walk up to the Youtube company building and scream till it's fixed, or my vocal cords need surgery!

  3. The coolest part is that Matpat's prediction was right. NONE of the newest releases came close to being the newest trend. But without a new trend, gaming channels needed something to fall back on. and they did: Minecraft (again). And even not counting the new Minecraft trend, I've noticed a lot of gaming channels are falling back onto old classics and making long term series. I guess we're lucky mario maker 2 came when it did…

  4. Smh. Everyone on this platform is now looking at this as a job opportunity to make easy money. Now they are complaining that they are going broke because they are gonna get demonetized. That’s what happens when you depend on some platform made to just bring the community together. You tubers need to stop being lazy and get a real life.
    But that’s just a theory
    A IRL Theory.

  5. are we even done yet? video title: VIDEO GONE SEXX__XXUAL
    YouTube devs: sure lets add that
    video creator: bruh I knew this would get kids attention!

  6. I used to HATE this guy and only because of not liking him cause of his content and lately I felt pretty stupid about it and other people’s content cause well freedom of speech. That’s the beauty of where we live and anyone cause say they’re opinion and put it out there. There’s a really GOOD quote from Detroit:Become Human where Alice says why don’t we just talk to each other which I really like. I deal with alcoholism and depression and one of my favorite games was Red Dead 2 and the character of Arthur. There’s a REALLY good video out there called Arthur Morgan Good Man ☺️

  7. Its so funny and kinda sad how everyone is saying Pewds is beating Fortnite with Minecraft but since Minecraft is still family-friendly it won't really change anything 🙁

  8. YouTube needs to be replaced by a group of millennials that want to better the way we consume content- benefiting the creators and advertisers both equally, instead of literally giving advertisers the ability to take earnings away from creators just because they (corporate adults) can’t handle adult themes…. oof

  9. I mean as someone who has high moral standards (is against profanity, violence, needless sexual exposure to an underage audience and drug use) I am kind of glad that companies aren't supporting creators of this kind of material. Call me crazy but I think it's not impossible to make fun games that are family friendly and that don't promote violence or mature themes. There are already plenty of games like that out there. While I understand the vast majority of games are not for kids and are made for mature audiences, I don't believe there should be a double standard concerning morality. What is wrong for a kid is also wrong for an adult. For example if a parent always tells their kid not to curse, smoke or have sex outside of marriage and yet they themselves do and have done that all of the time, is that not hypocritical? Maybe our society should have higher moral standards because as it is, people in America seem to have little to no moral standards and a huge lack of discipline. You are not entitled to act however you want but you should treat others with respect and understand that people have kids. When you're in public maybe you shouldn't be yelling f bombs because people have children that they don't want to be influenced to speak in an unintelligent and immature way. It all comes down to America being much too liberal and individualized (not thinking about the health of our society as a whole but being selfish). I don't think we should be 100% conservative with everything but if we're far too liberal then we become like spoiled brats believing that we should be able to act however we want and that is just obnoxious.

  10. ok but what if you make a soundless video and put a link in description which bring you to an external site where you can put the sound to your video, would you still get demonetized ?

  11. No worries. Google will get their asses sued off by the gov't and then they will be busted up because of monopoly laws! Just be patient.

  12. And this is why I will never monetize with my gaming channel(s). 99 percent of my gaming collection is violent video games, & most of them are M for Mature. (This is a bit of an exaggeration but still very close.)

  13. nintendo e3 direct: almost about end
    me: ok some good games
    zelda botw sequel: i am releasing in about 2-3 years
    me: loses 75% of my sanity

  14. You know this pewds effect effects me because I only get game based on whether I like this random encounters musical or not

  15. Hey Game Theorists, If you don't thing Youtube has an agenda, you're wrong. They do it in gaming and they do it in certain countries (United States). Check out Steven Crowder and what they did to him. They'll do it to anyone.

  16. The only thing Youtube is good for is making gamers crave for more of what they are not recieving. Watching and playing violent games doesn't make you violent, they can't compare millions of gamers that feed the gaming industry (and also the stupid companies that won't let their advertisements near the greatest games) with the two lonely cats that have issues and can't disern between a game and reality. bleh. Ultimately they are losing more and more the public for their ads and stuff, even becoming agressive putting ads into your soup but then again, people can ignore it, or get enraged, and enraged people often fire back at them giving the companies the middle finger. This situation will come to a point sooner than later for more platform that care for the creators, to access the competitive market and make a place for themselves. People want what people want, and they'll have to learn eventually to suck it up :l time will tell.

  17. #TakeAStand

    We need to take a stand! YouTube is destroying game creators! Our favorite games could be lost, inly a blurry memory! We need to stand up for what we, gamers, a community, think is right. Who's with me?!?!?

    Now to those lost games and creators of those games, I give you this: 💓💕💖💗💝💞💟

  18. Youtube, fortnite, multiplayer games, toxic loot boxes and cash shops, developers who put loot boxes in single player now. This is all thanks to online gaming and greed. Epic made billions of fortnite slutty cosmetics. 😂 gaming is a scam now.

  19. Screw those sensitive and "political correct" sponsors!
    Destroyed system where is everyone wins. Golden Rule: DON'T FIX WHAT ISN'T BROKEN

  20. Its like that thing with movies where Christian groups made it impossible to make violent, sexual or non Christian films till everyone stopped caring and dropped them

  21. Looks at this video: "NOTHING CAN BEAT FORNITE"

    Me from the future: look again buddy chuckels MINECRAFT IS BAAAAACCCKKKKK!!!!

  22. I agree with Mat Pat. These Google and Youtube corporate execs are morons. If they claim they're in the business of making money. Then, they will stop censoring stuff that would make them money. But, hey… I'm not a member of the board. What do I and countless others know? Even though some of us has been trading stocks and some of us went to school for business administration. sarcasm noted

  23. I've seen this. It's like my fav YouTubers are struggling especially when getting demonetized just for swearing which sometimes is just their personality and makes the content funnier. Seriously leave our gamers alone. Gaming won't be fun if you don't let them do their job.

  24. music is so damn overrated, those videos have like 100B views, and do you know why it's so succesfull? they scream literally the same thing in the video over and over and over and over again, i don't even think it deserves to be searched more than minecraft

  25. If a gamer gets demonetized for playing a game (and no longer play that game for that SOLE reason of being demonetized)… they aren’t a true gamer to begin with.

  26. 183*5=915. 594 does not even come close to 915. You have to view 183 closer to 200 so you have to make 183*5 as 200*5 if you want to just quickly say something. So triple the number is the better option since 200*3=600 a close number to 594

  27. Here's my gripe, if I'm trying to enjoy a multiplayer game, it's really boring when everybody uses the same exact tactics because a bunch of youtubers dictated that it's the meta.

    No overenthusiastic manchildren, I will not like comment and subscribe, and hit that little bell icon so you have nice engagement statistics to show G fuel or whatever so they can pay you to play video games and hock their crap.

  28. This video gives reasons why YouTube needs to change the platform because it's affecting video game sales. God how can this get any worse?

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