Gamer Girls and Stream Sluts #2

100 thoughts on “Gamer Girls and Stream Sluts #2

  1. Honestly, I don't know why guys get horny for these chicks. I can find a free brazzers account online and whack off to a girl hotter than that for hours on end. Masturbation > Sex

  2. , , check them outSpacelord lol

  3. bruh… smite…. smite is fucking easy lol xp compared to league it's a walk through the park compared to it but either way I don't care xp Dota 2 makes both of them look easy as fuck

  4. Well dude… before i found your channel i had nothing heard about fake gamer girls and stream sluts. They are really a pain in the ass. Well, i took a look at some clips from these kaceytron. She is a stupid bitch but at least she supports trump. 😀

  5. From leafy's fake crap with darkness666 to these bimbos milking dumbass knuckle jockeys for dollars and then click baiters exploiting the exploiters for views. Who can blame them all for making dollars ? Beats working for a living.

  6. I had a guy come into my stream the other night and describe how he was whacking off while i had a sweatshirt on… good times!

  7. damn bruh love your stream makes me laugh a lot 😂😂 especially about the guy who pages 60$ to the girl streamer behind his wife's back, ahahahaha got me dead af on get your ass up and go to the gym which is true a lot of women take appeal to men by there physique first and how they socialize as well who they are

  8. idky streamers use that talking thing, people r gonna troll it one way or another don't fees the trolls

  9. Deer,space lord
    My friends told me about this twitch channel called the Buddhism hotline and what it's people call in and troll the hell out of him now me and my friends are watching this and we are thinking is this real because the host beats up his co host because some prank callers are trolling them so idk maybe you could look at their Channel

    Thank you

  10. LOL i just looked that Helena live up and straight away i see exactly what is going on in the videos xD

  11. I don't know how I ended up here from one of Kripp's videos with this Autoplay feature, but I did. I have to say, you seem a little scorn/jealous. I mean who gives a shit what someone else spends their money on. All I hear is hate. What is the point of raging at a person living their life the way they want? Let people be stupid, let the streamers earn their money however they can, and let Twitch handle their rules the way they see fit. Finally, let Youtubers make videos about what they enjoy and what they hate. Yes that even means you. I say you should make videos on whichever topic you have the desire to. I'm just one who disagrees with most of what you have said in this video.

  12. you just blew my mind about twich. i don't use it, but you just opened up the curtains. thanks for making this video. what was the original intention of donations on twitch? is it for a thank you for showing gaming advice?

  13. you got it right, theirs a place for everything, and when your in your 30's and wearing leggings you said, i'd call them cammeltoe wear, whats the reason? a target audiance a lot of very horney kids, shes stalking children! and the channel to sell Winnebago's is DDF BUSTY, and the place most little kids like to go is, wow better than cam girls its right there beautiful art!

  14. I agree with you and i think all those girls ho you had in the vid and more but not all girl streamers do this only for fking money! The frist or the 2nd girl i dont remeber she's name is Helena and she is form greece and belive me that she does in her streams is nothing you must see her in real life is so discusting and anoying and do everything for money
    #respectthegoodgirlgamers! #loveyouspacelord! 😀 you are awesom man!

  15. I don't really care if they're sluts or not they got some nice tits though PS: Britney Vanti is an annoying bitch

  16. Dude , you got a illuminati symbol as your logo. I wish you'd change it.Good vid bruh fuckin keep it up, the brain is like a muscle in that it needs regular exercise aye .

  17. @spacelord I agree with your point but I do think it is a bit ironic that you say a girl is looking frumpy while applauding her for not going over the top with how she dresses. Subconsciously your mind instantly went to her appearance.

  18. Well everyone who streams or makes youtube videos are attention seeking "whores" and do whatever they can to get views / donations. Some are good at a game and get viewers for that reason while others are funny and some even just play on sex because they are neither good or funny. In the end its all the same attention seeking whores either its guys or girls who stream. So lets not point the finger at anyone out of envy. I dont like attention and wouldnt really stream but I feel some kind of envy when I see dumb whores earn insane amounts on money for showing tits on stream. Guys who view and throw money at those sluts disgust me. Maybe im just getting older but I just prefer a good old fap at xhamster.

  19. Some Good shit brow. Just simply "RESPECT". Absolute agree. There should be more people like you pinpointing the problems that we have now days, rather then just encouraging them. Love it. Keep up the good work!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  20. Jesus, what is with the 'Asian End' in the End of the Video. I don't mind the Boobies. But the Lipstick… Gosh! I am pretty sure, she is a beautiful Girl. But why does she makes her self so ugly?! Her Lips look so big, you could have same some Guys from the Titanic with them.

  21. why is there 3.6k dislikes??? im confused.. is there still any doubt that these gasl are doing??? Are there still some white knights out there defending their fake bullshit? Guess some people will never open their eyes.

  22. hey guys follow me I play on the xbox one a lot arcade games and gears of war, and battlefront! follow me and ill follow back!

  23. A good description of the difference between Dodger etc. and the stream sluts is that Dodger and the real ones are trying to look their best the way anyone going on camera in front of people would want to do, male or female, while the stream sluts are doing that as well, but they take it to another level with highlighting their tits and using their bodies to get some money.

    While Dodger is attractive, she brings some content related to the topic, rather than using her body as the topic like stream sluts do.

    If people wants tits and ass, there are better sites for those than YouTube and Twitch. These sluts' existence takes away from women who play video games and in general, they take away from the site hosting the streams/videos and they ruin their own name. Do you think a future employer will look them up and take them seriously? I seriously doubt it. Because let's face it – their careers will be rather short. Be it a few months, a year, whatever. But it'll come crashing down for them all in a rather short amount of time. And when they have to go out to look for another job, nobody will take them seriously. Unless they can find some rich idiot willing to sustain their lifestyles.

  24. Yup, you get a sub from me dude. I'm gonna start doing streams, I've only done one. And I have a few videos, but eh. I suck at games sometimes, but its all good fun.

  25. im still wondering if other countries also have such nice youtubers/streamers like german top lets player Gronkh. hes just nice and goodminded with every sentence he says and im just sad only germans can enjoy him.
    are there other countries with similar good hearted native youtubers/streamers?

  26. I feel like I always watch space Lord late at night while playing games and shit, I think it's nice to hear his shit about stream sluts and to zone out

  27. because of you, i got into smite. i can't go to the gym, but i eat healthier and i go for frequent walks. thank you man you saved me from diabetus

  28. These girls are annoying. I can;t figure out why people would pay to look at their cleavage when there is an abundance of FREE porn just a few clicks away. Seriously, are that many people that hard up for the hint of some tits? Pretty sad and pathetic of people.
    Then how many of these girls will turn activist and claim they should be respected for their thoughts and opinions?

  29. I support you, good sir.The "gamer girls" you mention are disgusting and are ruining what is actual female gamers are.Btw, the videos are awesome, hilarious and truthful.I salute you.

  30. Don't Press On The Read More Button You Wont Miss Much

    But since you did i hope you have a great day

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