Gamer Girls of India | Ep 3: Mysterious YT | Shazia Ayub | First Interview

This has been a life-changing journey for me. I’m who I’m today’s because of PUBG. My life has changed and that’s why today sitting here. What a game! Hats off. I love this game so much. As a child I was very pampered one. I’m still very pampered at home. Even though I’m the eldest one. I have a younger brother. But it seems like I am younger than him. So, my family members, including my grandmother would never allow me to do household work. They treat me like a queen and love me a lot. So, first time my dad bought me a cassette game. I think it’s 8bit. He bought it from Ajmer. Somewhere, I remember. He didn’t give me. He said, “first prepare for your exams and then you can have the game”. So I got into preparing for exams because I wanted the game so badly. And when I started playing my first games was Mario, Road Rash, Tank etc. I was crazy about these games. I don’t know what I want to be. But all I want to be is someone known. I wanted to be famous. I don’t know how all this happened. You can call it destiny. Or else, if you have seen the movie ‘The Secret’ In which they have shown ‘you get what you always wanted’. So I feel something like this has happened with me. I don’t know whether to say ‘I was or I’m ‘ because, I think I’m an interior designer even now. I do have an experience of three years in interior designing. But then I was not happy. I wanted to do something on my own but then it didn’t workout. But overall, I was not satisfied as an interior designer. Somewhere along the line I didn’t enjoy it. I didn’t even know about all this that gaming could be a career Gaming will not be considered as a profession by any family. It’s like doing something you love Totally, like you’re satisfied,you’re enjoying and you’re nailing it. It’s like that. It’s amazing,it’s satisfying! Even,when I’m talking about games. I’m getting goosebumps. It’s satisfying. I could die for PUBG. I mean it’s like that. Because, PUBG is something that has changed my life. Whether you believe it or not. I am known as Mysterious YT because of PUBG. whether it’s on mobile, Emulator, PC whatever I’m here because of PUBG. I can’t express my happiness and thankfulness. My Clan name is ‘Intoxicated’. My role is like, I can be a sniper, mostly I’m the middle-man to be honest. I’m a Sniper and the middle-man. I love sniping and just gave me chance I gonna give head shots. Oh my god! To be honest, if I don’t stream everyday. I feel incomplete. They have become a part of my life I spend as much time as I would at home with them Spending 8 hours a day in streaming is not a small thing. Hello everyone. Welcome to another live stream of Mysterious YT. Anyway hello Ruchi Singh. Yes you’re first. Hello Harry King, Maps Gaming, Madhav. There are a lot of people! Suppose if I’m having a bad day. Even if I don’t want to let them know, but they’ll be like, “Mysterious, Are you not feeling good? What’s wrong? They connect that well! so,I love them so much. Whatever I am, it’s because of them and I’d also like to thank my haters for making my stream popular. Being a streamer is not really easy. I might look very active in front of the camera. But I haven’t slept properly in the last six months. Ever since I started streaming, I haven’t slept properly. If you’re a streamer, your personal life gets compromised. You don’t have time for people,friends and not for yourself also. So, I shopped for Eid after it had passed. That’s my life. I don’t know why people say this. I think female streamers get harassed a lot compared to male streamers. Whenever I do live streaming I was being body-shamed and abused. How can you say that this is so easy for me? You would know if you were in my place. how I read those comments, How I handle my bad days. It’s not easy. I mean, you have to control your anger and yourself. And if you still think girls have an advantage then it’s a good thing. Then, We should get an advantage since we suffer more than men. I got so many friends from PUBG, and it has even gotten people married. Yes really! When we’re playing we talk about other things as well Oh you did this? You did that? So it’s all about connection. It gets stronger. After finishing a game, sometimes people think, “I liked playing with that person” That game gets over, but the topic is not over yet. Right So you want to play again. I have shared personal details with some people. I thought I have to. A lot of times I even got emotional to my buddies. They get connected in that way since, they know so much about me. I think the life of a streamer is very open. You can’t really hide much. I was in depression. When I started playing PUBG. It helped me get rid of depression. Now my parents will get to know that I was suffering from depression. because I’m not that open to talk to a lot of people regarding all of this. Well since, I’m saying it. I’M SAYING IT. When I started,this I don’t know if I should say this but I just had 999 rupees in my pocket. or you can say, in my bank account. Due to some reasons, I have borrowed 5,000 rupees from my friend. Without knowing whether I’d even be able to pay her back. I really don’t know but I just told her that I need to buy a few things to start off. Definitely, I will pay you but I don’t know when.You just have some faith in me. She gave me the money and I would like to take her name. Her name is Gauri. Thank you so much Gauri. I paid her back within few weeks. Then I discovered that I could do it. I have that potential and people like it. I want to be an inspiration to other people. Do not give up hopes. Go ahead. Do whatever you like. Don’t step back. If someone discourages you. then explain to them that it’s my life and my career and I will live the way I want to. So keep supporting me like you always did and subscribe to my channel. Don’t forget to subscribe Tech2 The hate that you have been spreading about emulator players and your judgmental attitude. This’s not justified guys, really not justified and I’m here to explain why?

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