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Merry Christmas What is it? Ooooooh Scented candles wow ummm. yeah, I really like them Hiiiiiiya! What the fu – Yuck! Who are you?! Just shhhh shhh shh What are you doing? What? Since when has Doug ever expressed that he was into scented candles? Oh I don’t know I just – No, you don’t know No you never know And you – Doug if that is your real name? It is How did you let it come to this? What? To letting poor sweet innocent Samantha believe that gerugh…. Scented candles would be something you would actually enjoy GOD DAMN IT!! What are you doing?! Sir! Please stop this! No I will not stop How can you expect me to stop when gamers – all around the world are pretending to be something they’re not Did he say gamer…? Yes he did, Samantha. Because… I’m a gamer Oh my god…. Yep… Yes Yes Doug Yes, join me, yes! And together we can – Me too! What? What? I’m a gamer too! What?! Huh…. Yes, this is exactly what I expected to happen… Yes, this is all going according to plan Wow you are really going for it Yeah, yep, you’re really getting in there, okay? ummm ahhh That’s all right – on with the show So I got you a couple of Tridents, so here is… One… for…. you… And One… For you. I’ll just put it in there Okay Well I guess my job is done You’re still going Okay, uh I guess I’m done Sorry what? Just it – you’re all good? Okay Merry Christmas and I’m out!! Hey guys Merry Christmas, and thank you for watching the final episode of Gamer Santa Can we just say a huge thank you to MSI for sponsoring this video And if you want to win some sweet MSI prizes head over to their page and tell them why you’ve been a good gamer this Christmas For example #deargamersanta. I just completed Dark Souls 3 or #deargamersanta I have logged into steam every single day this week Wow! Or #deargamersanta I finally made it to Diamond 1v1 in Starcraft 2 That’s a lie! Merry Christmas Merry Christmas

100 thoughts on “Gamer Santa vs Scented Candles (Awkward Christmas Presents) | Viva La Dirt League (VLDL)

  1. Eee is warm up there? I mean outside? Is it warm and pleasure at Christmas? In December? Is it? Is it summer up there, just the same time when here, central Europe is so fucking cold and snow and day is short? Wtf im doing here, in Poland?! Hot and pleasure weather just for 3 months per year, fuck that! It's not even summer! Yep, i gonna move to New Zeland right now.

  2. …ля, я один думал, что Роуэн с Бритт встречаются?))) Это видео немного озадачило меня XD Похоже, Бритт не только красавица, но и действительно талантливая актриса 🙂

  3. Wow was Britt single then? Like she have a bf now a cute one so lol idk she would do that if she had a bf . and lucky Ben probably fucked her later lol

  4. BEN NOOOO!!!! I already didn't like your characters cause you, they're dicks and now I envy one of them…..

  5. I remember I made it to diamond 1v1 in starcraft 2 in 5 games. I just won every game for different reasons so they placed me 100th place in diamond league or whatever you call it. Long time ago though.

  6. This video isnt accurate. If your gf looks like Britt, you openly celebrate whatever shitty gift she gives you because your gf looks like Britt.

  7. The fake kissing was so backward lol see them rolling around eachothers lips then actually kiss then go back to kissing around the lips hahahahahha

  8. It must suck to be a gamer in New Zealand, the ping to all the big servers in North America and Europe must be sky high!

  9. That dude… is the luckiest dude… of all time. I would literally jump off a cliff and let somebody stab me in the throat to make out with her. Of course, I would have to have been recovered from the… stabbing… still worth it

  10. So close to giving this video a thumbs down just on account I'm not the one on the couch with Britt 🤔 but I give it a thumbs up because she's in it tho……I'm so torn!

  11. who wrote in the extended kissing scene… well done sir… well done… especially if you were the one doing the kissing.

  12. She could give me her dirty sock, wrapped in another dirty sock and I'd be OK with that. Most guys would be, as long as it were her dirty socks, and I don't even like socks. Fuck, I'd marry her but my wife might object. I guess you can't have everything. Whatever.

  13. If Britt gave me scented candles I'd be the happiest man in the world. And immediately show her my undying gratitude. Again and again and again..

  14. My wife always trolls me by giving me a shitty gift like a day at the spa or some weird shit and then surprises me with the true gift that I wanted mostly toys

    last Christmas
    she just gave me a sock and just trolled me hard
    I literally anticipated for a good gift for like a week after I got the sock
    not socks
    a sock

  15. Finished the entire souls series

    All but blood born because i still believe its not a souls game

    Btw demon souls is part of the souls sieries

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