Gamer ? (What does it mean ?)

Good ! Much fun ! can i become a youtuber too ? Very good ! What is this sh** xDD Can i chat here ? can i talk with fouzia ? let’s see, i’ll create a facebook account i miss u fouzia i’m coming just i need to create a facebook account it said u can create a facebook account only if you will become a Gamer Gamer ? What means gamer ? tell me what means gamer ! explain to me after this video is updated tell me what means gamer ! How to be a gamer i’ll be back and i’ll find your response ah my beard ! my beard is going to be old What is this ? the camera is on !? who turned on the camera ? Go to hell Hsan xD i knew that you are bad i don’t want to comeback to youtube ! wait, why am i talking in dark i don’t want to comeback to youtube ! necessarily? Hsan ? yo guys it’s GlaDSTar in a new video in this video i’m going to talk about a special thing it’s “The Gamer” ! And What means Gamer ? What is the Gamer ? So easy The Gamer is a person, or a creator who wastes his life In trivial things He is a person who spends a day or a month or two months in home Eating, playing and sleeping He can also be otaku And being gamer and otaku in the same time is difficult because every time you watch an episode of anime you want to watch another and every time you play a game you want to play another That’s why being gamer and otaku in the same time is difficult Being Gamer has pros and cons Let’s start with pros When you become gamer you will make a lot of friendships in your virtual world you can become creative you’ll learn a lot of things you’ll have another sight for life what it means ? it means that i can see the apple like a watermelon ? Go away ! Go away !! Not like that ! it means that u can change yourself to a positive way or negative i can’t explain , but of course every gamer is understanding me when you become gamer there is a thing will change you will love staying at home ofc before, we all wanted to get out to play in neighbourhood , playing football… Now you’ll like to stay at home There’s something I didn’t understand is when my friends and I are playing in the street my mom always says Go home, Do ur homework and now she says the opposite Now , u sit in the house Everything’s good , Ur mom comes Get outta here and entertain ur self Go hang around with ur friends Are u without friends ? I noticed something The sentence : Go study would be always said everywhere In the kitchen , In the room etc And now let’s get back to the drawbacks of gaming It’s always linked to the room To the chair , To the desk and the monitor Others have children , and he is still bronze Don’t worry u will be always stuck in bronze always He stays isolated from the social life He only has virtual life When he wants to talk to his neighbor he doesn’t visit him , he just sends him a message To play together Even though he’s a nearby neighbor Also he will lose his childhood friends and memories Even his relation with his family will weaken , not like usual I mean Except an only one family member , ofc u knew him , Ur mom u know why ? Because she prepares food This will absolutely have a negative effect on him, his life and his health Yes yes Yes Let’s continue, he can also become ill He may pass out or he may face nervous breakdown always headaches and eyes aches that’s why I’m wearing glasses Even in the summer, when his family intends to spend holidays in the beach He was so excited and now it becomes disinterested This is the end of the video , I hope that u like it And a final advice : do not abuse anything Live ur life and entertain urself till the end Because at the end u will regret all the lost time That’s all , do not forget to share subscribe , good bye

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